Facebook introduces ‘say thanks’ in video cards to thank your friends

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site, clearly knows how to make an occasion memorable with small things like creating “Look Back” videos back in February to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

The social networking website has today launched Say Thanks that will create a personalized video card for your friends on Facebook. All you have to do is to choose the friend you want to thank personally.

Building on a similar idea, the social networking giant introduced a new “Say Thanks” tool that helps users express gratitude to their close friends in a short video message.

Say Thanks lets you choose a theme, photos and posts to generate the video. Once you are happy with it, you can share it with a message on you and your friend’s timelines.

You can create a Say Thanks video for as many FB friends as you want, are it a family member, close friend or a co-worker.

“Millions of people use Facebook every day to connect with the people and things that matter to them most. Your friends are at the core of your Facebook experience, and we are always looking for new ways to help you celebrate those friendships,” Cameron Ewing, Design Manager and Nick Kwiatek, Engineering Manager at Facebook, wrote in the company’s blog on Wednesday. “Today we’re excited to announce Say Thanks, an experience that lets you create personalized video cards for your friends on Facebook.”

Here’s how it works

To create a Say Thanks video, you have to select a friend from the drop-down menu and voila, a video will be created and ready to share.

You could also select from four different themes and choose the photos and posts that represent your friendship.

For “old friends”, Facebook gives an option to select up to 15 photos that will be used in the video. Users can also upload new photos if the pre-selected ones are not satisfying.

Under the “friends” theme, users can select only seven photos and the video lasts for 45 seconds with a “Thank You” message. The video with “old friends” theme lasts for one minute.

Facebook will generate a preview of the video, and if you are satisfied click “Share” and the video will be posted directly to your Timeline. Your friend will be tagged in the post, so it will show up on their Timeline as well.

Say Thanks is available globally on both desktop and mobile. You can access Say Thanks at