Benefits of facials on your skin

We all are aware of the fact that the largest organ of our body is our skin. To keep our skin healthy, we need to take care of it, and care begins with different methods among which facials are an essential way to keep our skin in good condition. A facial is a spa therapy and massage that leaves your skin clean, soft, young, transformed, and well maintained. Facials help clear clogged pores, treat parched skin, and remove dead cells. Facials involve massages which help in blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. They help to relax facial muscles which can slow the arrival of wrinkles, heal puffiness, improve sagging in the face and renews skin cells. There are over one hundred muscles in the face and facial massage helps to relax these muscles. This is particularly effective for wrinkles that result from muscle contractions, such as laugh lines and worry lines.

Benefits of a facial

  • Facials help to reduce the impact of sun exposure, pollution and other environmental factors.
  • Facials make you feel relaxed, pampered and your skin will feel simply amazing.
  • Regular facials are the key to clear, smooth and radiant skin throughout the year.
  • At a minimum, you should get a facial treatment done four times per year, as the seasons change.
  • Monthly facials improve elasticity, give your skin a smoother texture and improve the hydration of your skin.
  • Facial will help to remove dead skin, which aids in the absorption of other creams or lotions used to combat wrinkles.
  • Facial massage increases the blood circulation to the muscles of the face, which helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Facials Stimulate blood circulation, detoxify, stimulate sebaceous production, relax the nerves, release toxins trapped between the tissues and muscles, oxygenate skin tissues, hydrate by bringing nutrients to the surface layer of the skin, ease muscle tension.

Guidelines and step wise facial method

  • Always look for a professional who is a licensed esthetician with special training in skin care as an inexperienced person may actually cause more harm than good by not being able to massage the muscles properly which can lead to skin sagging and wrinkles becoming more prominent.
  • Do a little bit of research and discover some salons and spas which give massage to the arms, neck and shoulders as well, in order to combat stress.
  • The basic facial procedure starts by examining your skin. This will help the professional to assess the skin and determine the products that will be of the greatest benefit.
  • Steam is then used to open the pores and remove impurities from the skin. A gentle cleanser is applied to clean the skin, followed by a toner that is appropriate for your skin type.
  • A suitable scrub is applied to your face and neck area accompanied by massages in order to remove dead cells, black heads and white heads especially in the t-zone.
  • There are different kinds of massage mediums available in the market such as creams, oils, lotions and gels. A product consistency is determined by the professional based upon the client’s skin type.
  • Clients with dry skin may benefit most from a cream or oil.
  • Acne clients may benefit most from a gel.
  • A variety of skin types benefit from a light lotion-like product that absorbs nicely without leaving a heavy residue.
  • Avoid facial massage if you’re suffering with acne as there is a high risk of cross-contamination and overstimulation.
  • Finally a facial mask is used to soothe and refresh the skin as well as to add moisture and at the end of the massage, a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type will be applied.
  • After the facial treatment is completed make sure you do not expose yourself to the sunlight or pollution. It is highly recommended to get a facial done in the evening before going to bed as the skin gets time to absorb the facial effect and relax itself.
  • Avoid any other treatments on your face, especially bleaching in order to maintain the facial glow, for at least one week.