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Snake gourd curd chutney / Potlakaya perugu pachadi recipe

Those who don’t like the smell of snake gourd vegetable can try eating this delicious snake gourd curd chutney. Adding curd kills the smell of the vegetable and adds a creamy flavor. Snake gourd is the most popular nutritious vegetable which is used in Indian cuisine. Preparing of this tasty dish doesn’t take much time. Both snake gourd and curd lowers the temperature of the body. Snake gourd vegetable consists of natural laxative, expectorant and antibiotics. I have fried the snake gourd pieces and then mixed the curd for making potlakaya perugu pachadi. While eating this tasty dish you can bite fried onions and snake gourd vegetable pieces.

There are lots of varieties of snake gourd vegetables that grows in different shapes like long EX, hybrid snaky, india short, hybrid white glory and hybrid thai extra long. Snake gourd vegetable consists of rich minerals like Magnesium, calcium and phosphorous that is most useful for your body growth. Choose the best snake gourds when you visit the market. To enjoy the flavors you need to select the best snake gourds.

The water and salt consistency is more in snake gourd vegetable so make sure to add less salt while preparing any of the snake gourd dishes. I have followed the same and prepared this tasty snake gourd curd chutney.

Snake gourd curd chutney / Potlakaya perugu pachadi

Snake gourd curd chutney1


Preparing time: 10mins

Cooking time: 15mins

Serving: 5


Snake gourd curd chutney ingredients


  • Snake gourd – Medium size 1
  • Curd (fresh) – 2cups
  • Tempering seeds – 2tbsp
  • Oil – 3tbsp
  • Onions – 2
  • Turmeric – ½ tbsp
  • Red chili powder – ½ tbsp
  • Salt (Required)
  • Coriander leaves
  • Curry leaves

How to Make

Step 1: Take a crystal salt in hand and rub the snake gourd completely with salt.

Step 2: This will remove the skin of the snake gourd. Wash it with water.

Step 3: Now cut the snake gourd into small pieces.

Step 4: Chop the onions also.

Chop the onions also


Step 5: Take a pan on stove give a medium flame.

pan on stove give


Step 6: Add oil to it. After oil getting hot add tempering seeds.

add tempering seeds


Step 7: Fry them for 2 mins and add half of the chopped onions to it.

half of the chopped onions


Step 8: Fry it nicely for 5 mins.

Step 9: Add the snake gourd pieces to the frying onions.

snake gourd pieces to the frying onions


Step 10: Add salt, turmeric and curry leaves to the snake gourd pieces.

salt, turmeric and curry leave


Step 11: Cover the pan with lid and turn the flame to simmer.

pan with lid


Step 12: No need of adding any water because the snake gourd will release some water while cooking.

Step 13: After 10 mins turn off the flame. Let the snake gourd get cool.

snake gourd get cool


Step 14: Open the lid and add remaining onions, coriander leaves and curd to the pan. (don’t add curd when the snake gourd is hot).

onions, coriander leaves


Step 15: Mix all the ingredients well. Serve it to a bowl and taste this curd chutney.

Tasty snake gourd curd chutney is ready.

gourd curd chutney

Snake gourd vegetable consists of low calories and rich fiber so those who want to maintain diet can eat this tasty snake gourd curd chutney. Use only the fresh curd for making this chutney because the taste lies in curd only. You can eat this potlakaya perugu pachadi in both rice and rotis. Snake gourd is well fried along with seasoning items like cumin seeds, curry leaves, blackgram dal and mustard seeds. Most of the vegetables are not consumed by the person who is suffering for fevers but this snake gourd vegetable is well preferred and best served for the person who is having fever. This controls the body temperature and gives easy digestion. Eating of Snake gourd vegetable gives lots of health benefits like control diabetes, manages jaundice and heart problems.