Fashion trends for college going girls – How to dress up for college in India

Youth is the most energetic, enthusiastic and fashion loving category of any country’s population. They like to try out the latest fashion trends, styles, music and of course the shoes. College fashion has been  merely about dressing up just another day. A fashion trend has the perfect variety available for youngsters, a collection that is not only inspired by their moods and trends, but is also a glamorous as their dreams and hobbies. Move aside plain Jane, as it’s time to welcome the most stylish outfits and accessories. Here, you can see how to dress up for college in India.

Here we have clothing tips for college going girls. College life is stressful and you are going to want to be comfortable more often than you’ll want to be stylish. With several students across the city are making their closets more vibrant by sporting trendy outfits, the trend of presenting yourself well seems to be the high point. The norms on how students dress differ from campus to campus.

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Some college campuses are more “Abercrombie” than others. We know that you are preparing for the first day in college by updating your wardrobe with stylish outfits. In most cases, though, there’s not going to be nearly as much pressure to fit in with the latest fashions as there was in high schools.

But picking outfits that don’t grab unwanted attention must top your list! With several dress codes being imposed, it is important to stay stylish yet abide by the rules of the college. Choose what kinds of clothes should you bring to college? We have some practical fashion tips.

College going girls  is deeply interested in  the modern trends and  latest fashion in the way they carry themselves, the accessories they carry and the shoes they wear. They are interested in getting rid of the old fashioned clothes and shoes and want to develop a new wardrobe that is in latest trend. Here are a few tips for the modern college going girls.

Bring comfortable clothes

You may be the type who doesn’t mind a little discomfort in the name of fashion, and that’s fine. Dress codes are really a tough one to abide by. But there will be days when because clothes are a must, like during finals or the day after a nasty breakup, so make sure you have them on hand. As youngsters you would love to sport funky tee shirts and western casuals for college. Think T-shirts, sweats and cozy jeans. Also, bring comfortable things to sleep in that won’t embarrass you in front of your roommate. Kurtis is very much in for college wear. You can pair them with colorful leggings and the right accessories to go with.

Wear comfortable walking shoes

Unless you enjoy being miserable, this is mandatory. Platform shoes, particularly the trend of wearing outlandish styles, were popular fashion trends on the disco scene among men and women. Ladies, please don’t walk around campus in high heeled pumps. This isn’t the city – it’s a college campus, and you’re going to be constantly constant. You should try for formal or simple shoes in weekdays. Save the cute heels for the weekend.

Bring low maintenance clothes

Time is at a premium in college. If it needs hand washing, don’t bring it. Maintain the clothes according to change in fabric as they may damage due to careless washing. If it needs ironing, don’t bring it.

Bring weather appropriate clothes

Here are some suggestions for winter warm clothe that are great for the campus. Keep in mind that you’ll be walking around campus all the time, so if your school is in a cold climate, bring a heavy coat, scarf, gloves and waterproof boots. You need to wear whatever you need to keep warm even if it messes up your outfit. If whomever it is you’re trying to impress likes you less with hat hair, this isn’t someone worthy of your attention.

Bring weekend clothes

Go ahead and bring the cute stuff. You’ll probably want to save it for the weekends, though. So be dressed in something special than normal days which makes you look simple and beautiful.

Don’t come to class half naked

This may be appreciated by some of the male students, but this is not the way to be taken seriously in the classroom. Come to class looking a little more professional. One can look most attractive and fashionable with the very simple style threats. Even outside the classroom, if you wear a navel baring shirt, wear baggy pants. If you wear a micro mini skirt, pair it with a big sweater.

Bring clothes you can layer

You’re going to be coming in from the cold into overheated classrooms, and in from the heat into classrooms fit for a polar bear. While being in college and the semester is nearing then what you are running for and nothing can suit you better than a satchel.


The very first and the one trend which a college girl should consider following religiously is the handbags designs and styles. Handbags may do the magic the dressing sense does matter, because without the right dressing sense and right colors.


The latest trend of shoes in the current year is stylish pumps, heels and pointed shoes. You can also go for the formal shoes with some wear as college goers will never go for something which is formal from the head to foot. For both girls and boys stylish shoes are very well available in the market.

Stylish College Bags  

College bags are an important item in the college accessories. Bags are the symbol of the person’s taste and style. The latest trendy bags are the cross body bags, shoulder bags and knitted bags in bright, bold and neutral colors with attractive details on them.

Trendy wrist watches

 The most suitable wrist watches in 2015 for college goers include strap wrist watches, jewellery, watches, bold dial watches and bracelet watches! Bold and striking floral prints and patterns are in fashion for college going girls.


Jeans is the most popular stuff among college students Jean jackets are also in fashion for college goers. They look decent and gorgeous. Tight fitting jeans with narrow bottoms are back in fashion. Lycra leggings in fancy prints are the best option among the college goer girls.


These leggings can be full length or ¾ length ones. Knee length Capri pants made from denim are the latest fad among college goers. These can be worn with trendy shirts or t- shirts with quotes.

Striking bright color

Similarly, clothes in striking bright colors are in great demand this year. Tunics which look like frocks and have large, colorful prints are in vogue. Ethnic wear like Salwar Kameej or Churidar kurta are still admired.

College goers must remember that fashion can be followed, but one must be comfortable in those clothes and the style must suit their physique. Do not follow fashion blindly!

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