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Best foundations for dry and sensitive skin

Dried out, flaky skin is never a good look, especially when worn with the wrong foundation. If you find your makeup is dehydrated or you suffer from sensitive skin that needs a boost, check out with foundation for dry skin. Your skin will not automatically adapt to fit your every need; you will have to go with your next best options that finding the best foundation for dry skin.

Women with dry skin usually don’t have to worry about their foundation fading, breaking down or wearing off before the end of the day like their oily skinned counter tops. Dry skinned women are usually less prone to acne as well, so they don’t have to worry about their foundation breaking them out either.

Dry skin presents its own challenges when it comes to foundation. Since dry or dehydrated skin is usually dull, a foundation with a matte finish can actually make you look older and more wrinkled than you actually are. Foundation can also have a habit of clinging to dry, flaky patches, making your skin look splotchy and uneven no matter how much you blend it in.

Women with sensitive skin also have dry skin. Sensitive skin can be irritated by skin care products, certain foods and medicines and alcohol or smoking. The  basic symptoms of sensitive skin are dryness, broken capillaries, burns easily, flaky patches, reacts to hot and cold and is prone to wrinkle easily. This skin has a thin and translucent look and can develop infection easily.

Look for creamy bases you can use which contain most moisturizing agents and added ingredients that treat and hydrate parched areas. They also blur visible wrinkles and sun damage like hyperpigmentation.

Some causes of dry skin that you should know

  • Soaps: Although you should be washing your face with soap twice a day, certain soaps can dry out your skin. Know that bar soap tends to dry out your skin more than liquid soap. Liquid soaps or cleansers can actually work to moisturize and hydrate your skin.
  • Medication: Be aware of any medication that you are taking, and consult with your doctor if your skin is becoming excessively dry, as your medication could be a cause.
  • Sun: Although we love getting our rays during the summer time, direct sunlight can dry out your skin by reducing the amount of natural oils that your skin produces. This leads to flaky skin and wrinkles.
  • Water: This might sound odd, but instead of hydrating your skin, water can leave your skin dry and tight when exposed to water or hot water frequently.

We are going to give you some foundations with the brands you are probably familiar with, and a few high-end foundations just to keep things varied. Some of the foundations are Bobbi brown, Covergirl, Mac, Nars, Revlon, YSL.

Sheer coverage

BB or CC cream is similar to a tinted moisturizer in consistency. BB is more Hydrator. CC packs wrinkle fighters like peptides and brighteners like vitamin C. For a second skin finish, squeeze a dot on your fingers and then diffuse starting at the center of your face. Lumene illuminating anti-age BB Cream SPF 20, Strivectin clinical corrector anti-aging face tint broad-spectrum SPF 30.

Medium coverage

Serum foundation has enough pigment to cover where you want it, but with a light, silky feel. It glows boosters like glycerin and botanical oils. Apply on your using a flat synthetic bristle brush, dot on cheeks and forehead; blend using broad strokes. Bareminerals bare skin pure brightening serum foundation broad spectrum SPF 20, Japonesque color collection foundation brush.

Full coverage

Luminous, long wear liquid foundation. This is a heavier base that moisturizes well and stays put all day. Apply with the pointed end of “egg shaped” sponge, dab base around eyes, nose and mouth, buff to the edge of the face with the round side. Neutrogena nursing long wears makeup SPF 20, Sephora collection the Perfector airbrush sponge.

How to apply foundation for dry skin

Wash your face with a liquid cleanser that uses a medium sized portion of moisturizer. Take some ice cubes or a towel soaked in cold water and press it over your face for 3-5 minutes. After hydrating your face with cold water, massage it using a moisturizer. Let it dry, then apply a moisturizing primer over your face and neck and then apply your foundation. You can apply some mineral based pressed powder to finish, if you so choose.

Care for sensitive skin

Skin Cleanser

Proper care of sensitive skin is not very easy because the sensitiveness of each person differs from each other. Hence there cannot be any standardized remedy for all women with sensitive skin. The choice of products suitable for one’s skin has to be chosen by the trial and error method. The skin cleanser that is used on sensitive skin should be alcohol free. It should have a moisturizer and ingredients that will help maintain the pH level of the skin. The ideal toner for sensitive skin would be one that will leave the sensitive skin smooth and moisturizes.


It is recommended that women with dry and sensitive skin should not use a toner because it tends to dry the skin more. If one does use a toner it must be seen that it does not contain alcohol, it must be hypoallergenic and it must be recommended for dry sensitive skin.


Dry skin needs to be moisturized every day to keep the skin hydrated. Moisturizers for dry skin must be fragrant free and must include ingredients like almond oil, chamomile, essential oils, olive oil and jojoba oil


Women with dry and sensitive skin should use a mild exfoliate twice a week to scrub and clean their sensitive skin.


Foundation is a skin colored lotion applied on the face to give the skin an even appearance to cover the flaws  and sometimes also to change the color of the skin tone. The ideal foundation for sensitive skin should be silicon-based, hypoallergenic liquid which contains SPF 15. It must contain no preservatives, dyes, oils or irritating agents.

Foundation for sensitive skin

Cover girl flawless finish foundation is perfect serum for keeping the skin hydrated throughout the day.

Giorgio Armani is a foundation serum packed with silk particles and fibers which gives a glowing finish to the skin.

Foundation for dry skin

Hourglass is the perfect foundation for dry skin

Hyaluronic acids and matrix are having anti-aging properties. This helps to keep your skin hydrated. The foundation results in smooth fine lines and even give a natural amazing look. You should choose the product that matches to your skin type.  This works best for your dry skin tone with Hourglass veil foundation. It is better to go for liquid foundations instead of creams as liquid foundation results you in proper application with easy equal level of spreading on your skin.

Koh gen do best foundation for dry skin

The 60% of people go for hydrating moisture to get rid of dry skin. The Koh gen do is the best foundation for hydrating moisture. This in turn applied to get rid of dry skin. If you won’t choose for proper foundation and use unmatched foundation on dry skin, then it makes you look flaky and patched skin. So, make sure while purchasing any cosmetic product. The moisture rich foundation when applied with gets it with full coverage of a cream foundation and that is hydration and appearance of a sheer liquid foundation.

Lamer foundation for dry skin

The Lamer foundation cream is a medium coverage foundation. This gives you all and equal benefits for all skin care. This results in skin firmness, clarity and mega moisture. This results in a beautiful and natural glowing skin with an outstanding glow to your dry skin. This is even more beneficial even when they are

Best foundations for dry and sensitive skin

The dry skin is due to lack of adequate amount of moisture. This helps to create a greater problem than the sensitivity. Thus, the dry skin becomes dull and flaky, if you apply foundation to it, then it will make you look beautiful.

Make up for ever HD invisible cover foundation

There are best 26 shades, but it’s impossible to find the right foundation for your skin tone. Make sure to choose oil free and moisturizing foundation. The formula that you need to check with it is skin imperfections and perfect smoothness for looking great and is some harsh lighting.

Mach studio sculpt foundation SPF 15

The foundation cream can deliver moisture with its gel formula. This offers buildable coverage without looking cakey or artificial. Thus, the report is a heavy feeling with at least you know to be covered. The SPF 15 presents in it and is available in 19 shades to match with any of the skin colors.

Almay clear complexion makeup

This has an affordable foundation that works well with a wonderful dry skin and also for other skin types too. This is really working well with your skin type and also even in humidity. This means that preventing dry out is the only drawback that it stays for all you have to work with an extra hard that is to remove it at the end of the day.