Ways to prevent cold sores | Home remedies to get rid of canker sores

Cold sores are the blisters that come anywhere on the body, face, genitals, lips. It is caused by a virus. There are 2 types of these sores. Type 1 is recurring problem than Type 2. They are caused by direct skin contact. These are very common in nature, most of us do not know it is a cold sore. When affected, you tend to get mouth ulcers, in throat and on the lips too. At times, you may also have fever. It comes as a blister and burst later making the area very raw. You need to be careful while treating it. You need to get enough rest and sleep, use good sun block creams, most importantly a good healthy diet.For facial sores, keep yourself clean, meaning do not constantly put your fingers on the sores, it would cause irritation. Oral sores, also come due to acidity. Ensure that you take good balanced foods. Few remedies are listed below are very effective.

Home remedies to get rid of cold sores

Cold treatment home remedy for cold sores

Use an ice cube and place it on the sore constantly till the ice melts. Ice cubes are to numb the pain and applied directly on the sore for as long as possible. Dab petroleum jelly that helps to keep bacteria out and lessen the tight, skin splitting sensation. This reduces blisters and gets too dry by using ice cubes. This works well on how to lick chapped lips that makes them worse. Continue it for an hour. Make sure this procedure has to be followed when the sore is new.

Healthy tip with tea bags to get rid of cold sores

Use warm moist pre brewed tea bags onto the skin. This is best for affected pinkeye. This can reduce canker sores, fever blisters, plantar warts. Tea bags are best for similar infections to reduce pain and helps to speed the healing process.

  • Apply warm tea bags.
  • Lemon balm tea. Put crushed lemon balm in a tumbler of boiling water. Moist the cotton swabs and rub on the sores through the day.
  • You may also use green tea bags on the sores.

Cold diary best ingredient for canker sores

Consuming cold yogurt is very good. It is not only good for the stomach, but good for cold sores too.

  • The antibodies present in the milk fight the virus.
  • Dab the cotton in cold milk and put it on the sores.

Oils to remove virus to reduce cold sores

The anti-septic property present in oils help to fight the virus. They dry the area and control further damage.

  • The cooling effect in peppermint oil helps to cure cold sores. Put the cotton swab dipped in the oil on the sore. Try this for a couple of days.
  • Make a paste of peppermint and apply to the sore.

Hydrogen peroxide for cold sores

Hydrogen peroxide is best to lessen canker sores. This hurts as bad and can grow up a bit. This is an effective home remedy to reduce cold sore. This helps in healing up speeding and makes it hard for surface sore to spread or worsen. This reduces skin blisters and infections that are least viral and keeps it clean to make it go away faster. Soak cotton in this solution and keep on the sore for about 5 minutes. Wash it with water thoroughly.

Honey on infected area for fever blisters

Honey is a natural wound healer that helps to heal cold sores by applying some honey on the small blisters. Repeat it twice or thrice a day. Do not lick the honey from your lips. Apply honey to the affected area. You may also mix lemon water with honey and apply it to the affected area.

Petroleum jelly to clear and cold sores

Petroleum jelly helps to speed up to the healing process of cold sores. This helps to opt out and reduce cold sores. Apply petroleum jelly to the sore post the cold treatment helps to prevent further irritation caused by the allergens in the air. Alternatively, you may also use honey to cover the cold sore.

Home remedies for oral sores

Garlic to treat fever blisters

Garlic has an enzyme to treat antiviral agents. This helps to treat fever blisters. Garlic is one of the best home remedy to get rid of fever blisters. This is rich in antibacterial properties to help disinfect and can decrease the healing time. Gently crush two to three garlic cloves to prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on fever blisters. Leave it for about 10 – 15 minutes. Repeat it 3 times a day for two days. Garlic is potent to sting a bit when applied.

Whole milk to reduce fever blisters

The home remedy helps to treat fever blisters with whole milk. Whole milk contains immunoglobulins and calcium. This helps to fight against the virus that causes fever blisters. This is a type of fat that is known as a monocarpic with antiviral properties. Milk helps to accelerate the healing process. Soak a cotton ball in cold whole milk and apply the milk on the affected area. Leave it for about 10 minutes. This can reduce the pain and soothe the tingling sensation. Repeat it several times a day for three to four days. Alternatively, drink a glass of warm whole milk with one teaspoon of turmeric in two times a day for a week. Turmeric helps to reduce the pain associated with cold sore or fever blisters.

Echinacea best natural herb for cold sores

Echinacea is a flower. This is available in the stores.

  • Mix this powder in water and boil it. Take this solution until the cold sore is suppressed.

Echinacea is a natural herb and best home remedy for cold sores. Echinacea has a strong immune building property that helps to cure cold sores. Take few drops of Echinacea tincture with some water. You have to read the instructions given on the bottle of Echinacea tincture, just before you take it. Echinacea tea bag is also easily available nowadays in the market. So, enjoy this tea in your mouth and let it cover them with sores by flowing over. You can also use Goldenseal extract to prevent cold sore instead of that you use Echinacea mixture.

Easy tip with vegetables

  • Vegetables are good for health, take salads like broccoli, cabbages and cucumbers.
  • Green vegetables contain Vitamin E. Take lots of them, make sure you consume them at least 3 times in a week.

Lysine to cool stomach

  • Lysine and amino acids are present in meat, fish and dairy products.
  • Consume milk, curds after our meal. Any acidic content will be neutralized by taking yogurt post your meal. It keeps your stomach cool.

Salt and lemon juice are a natural ingredient

  • Extract lemon juice, add salt. Use a cotton swab to apply to the sore.

Peppermint for cold sore

  • Either chewing peppermint or applying to the affected area is beneficial.
  • Make a fine paste of peppermint and apply it to the sore.

Vitamin C and E

Vitamins play a curial role to treat cold sores. Vitamin C helps to boost cold sores which are caused by white blood cells. Thus, Vitamin C helps to protect the body from infections. Vitamin E is best in relieving the irritation and reduces discomfort that arises and results in cold sores.

Flax seeds are the best natural home remedy

Flax has a type of oil, which reduces inflammation. It suppresses the irritation and fights the virus.

  • Flax seeds can be mixed with your food and consumed if you cannot have it directly.

Bananas and lemon juice

Bananas are rich in water content. They are rich in property of potassium that helps to protect you from dehydration. Enjoy eating water, fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries. Eat some watery vegetables like cucumber and bottle gourd.

Take some freshly squeezed 1 teaspoon of lime juice, a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Mix all the ingredients in plain water. Drink this juice several times a day to keep you hydrated.

Tea helps to treat cold sores

Teas such as green tea, white tea, and black tea. This helps to reduce cold sore and are rich in tannins. Tea has the property of anti-viral which can prevent cold sores. Drink some tea a day can directly reduce cold sore.  You can also directly apply the tea prepared by steeping or soaking tea leaves or tea bag in plain water. This extract flavor and helps to soften your cold sores.  Apply this solution directly to your cold sores. Otherwise, you can also use tea bag and keep it in a refrigerator. Take out this cool tea bag. Apply this cool tea bag on cold sores. Leave it over there for 5 minutes.

There are few things to avoid. When you get a facial sore, do not use cosmetics, it will only aggravate the problem as it contains chemicals.Oral and skin infections spread easily. Toothbrush is the source by which infection may spread easily. Hence, separate your brush from the lot. Avoid acidic foods such as tomatoes, vinegar in your food.Stay away from citrus foods. Take zinc substitute, multi-vitamin tablets also help, they do not cause any harm. Sprouts, broccolis, and all the leafy vegetables are good to curb this problem. I eat a lot of vegetables and cucumbers are my favorite in salads. Follow a healthy routine and stay away from these kinds of issues.