Homemade golden facial to get beautiful skin

There might be no women on earth who would not want to look beautiful. To achieve a beautiful skin we indulge in numerous practices, including food habits, handy home remedies, and expensive spa and parlor treatments.

So, among the numerous methods of making our skin look beautiful, here comes the most common practice of doing facials in order to attain a glowing skin. As far as facials are concerned, we have heard of and tried many fruit facials, but a gold facial is not something we are normally inclined towards as we feel it becomes a bit heavy on our pockets. There is also a myth that gold facial cannot be done at home.

Advantages of Golden facial

  • It can be done on any skin type be it dry, normal or oily.
  • It has toxin removal property. It repairs damage done due to oxidation.
  • It repairs sun damage and damaged skin cells. It also prevents sun tans.
  • Lightens the complexion of the skin.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Gold has anti-ageing properties which are good for your skin.
  • Melanin formation and pigmentation of skin gets controlled.
  • People of any age group starting from 20 years to 60 or more can apply this golden facial at home. The golden facial kit includes step by step instructions that make it easy to use. A single facial kit can be used for 2 to 3 times and larger files would last longer.

These are the points to be remembered before you are going to apply golden facial.

  1. Always test the contents of the facial in a small area of your wrist before you   put them on your face and check for any reactions.
  2. Tie your hair back, so they will not get in your way.
  3. Clean your face before starts you’re facial.
  4. Do not put the contents around the eye area.
  5. Relax when you have put the mask on, this will bring you better results.
  6. Do not talk when you have put the mask on, and it is better to lie down.
  7. Leave on the mask for the recipes’ recommended period of time.
  8. Wash clean with cool or warm water when you have finished the mask.
  9. Never use hot water to wash your face.
  10. After washing your face is better pad dry your skin.
  11. Apply your regular moisturizer when you are done.
  12. Choose a good quality or branded product to get good results.
  13. Never mix any other products when you do gold facial. The kit is self sufficient.
  14. Always clean your hands before you do this facial. If you do it in a hygienic manner you can use this kit for 2-3 times.
  15. Do not waste the product; gold facial kits are mostly very expensive.
  16. Give a specific time schedule to repeat the facial to get better results. After doing it may lead to damage of the skin.

How to make gold facial at home?

  • Get a gold facial kit: Purchase a good quality gold facial kit from the market. The kit mostly comprises of Gold cleanser, gold facial scrub, gold facial cream/gel, gold facial mask, and a moisturizing lotion.
  • Cleanse: Use the gold cleanser from the kit to clean your face. Wash off the cleanser with lukewarm water and pat dry.
  • Scrub: Apply the gold facial scrub on your face; do not forget your neck. Scrub your face and neck in circular movements, keep this scrub on for at least 30 seconds. Now wash off with Luke warm water and pat dry.
  • Gold Cream: Apply the gold cream given, by massaging upwards on your face and neck. This gold cream/gel contains gold foil, gold powder, wheat germ oil, saffron, aloe Vera and sandalwood. Leave it for some time, so that the ingredients are absorbed by the skin. Using a wet cloth gently wipe your face and neck.
  • Gold Mask: Use the gold mask given in the kit; apply it evenly on your face and neck. This gold mask contains turmeric, gold foil, and Aloe Vera. Let the mask dry. Only after it is completely dry, remove the mask. You can splash some cold water on your face after removing the mask and pat dry.
  • Moisturizing: Most of the gold facial kits do not have moisturizer. So you need to purchase a good quality of moisturizer separately. Apply the moisturizer evenly on the face and neck in circular motion. Now your gold facial is complete.
  • Avoid direct contact to sunlight or any kind of soap for at least 24 hours for best and long lasting results.

Precautions for healthy skin

Along with the gold facial you need to practice healthy habits that help you to maintain beautiful skin.

  • Take care of your face. Wash your face morning and evening. One of the best features a person can have is clean skin.
  • Always wear oil-free sunscreen to avoid sunburn or sun irritation. Always use a high factor sunscreen to protect your skin and keep it healthy.
  • Be gentle: Avoid injuring, scratching and smashing pimples to remove oil and blackheads.
  • Also, consider taking vitamins which will not only help you maintain your complexion, but give stronger hair and nails.
  • Eat healthy: Eat healthier foods like fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables. You can still eat other foods, but lower the intake of fat, sugar, and calories. Some foods have empty calories. Avoid them as much as possible. Try not to eat too much junk food such as potato chips, pizza, cookies, cakes, etc. Don’t starve yourself or try to force your body to be thinner than it naturally is; it won’t work in the long run and you could end up with serious health problems. Eat a healthy diet that includes fruit, vegetables, protein, and enough water.
  • Consume healthy liquids: Make sure to take in plenty of cool water each day. Water flushes away the toxins and gives your skin that natural glow. Avoid drinking too many caffeinated drinks and minimize alcohol intake.
  • Get plenty of fresh air and do lots of regular exercise: Both will give you a healthy glow. Exercise ensures fitness, releases pent-up energy that can be exhausting to deal with otherwise, and rejuvenates you. Exercise is an ideal way to reduce the frown lines. Exercise regularly to maintain your own level of fitness. You should know when you feel your best (not too much and not too little exercise).
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.