Trending hairstyles for long hair with bangs and different haircuts

Long hair has been in a fashion for a long time right from the age of our grandparents. But today due to pollution and business in maintaining, very few people are seen with long hair. But, even then few ladies have still managed to maintain and retain long hair. The hairstyles for them are ample with the hair stylists as you can go ahead with a variety of alterations with the help of this particular long. Whether you want some open hair styles or top tied bun will be your choice. We are here present to provide you with the best hairstyles according to your need. You can now have a look at some of the fascinating hairstyles that can be adopted by ladies with long hair. Lets have a look at some interesting hairstyles that can be adopted by ladies with long hair.

Trending hairstyles for long hair

Sleek side part hairstyle

Sleek side part

If you have long hair and wish to show the viewers that you actually have long hair, this is the time to keep it untied with a side part. This will be ideal for all those who have thinner variation of hair and a silky variation as well. This is very simple and attractive hairstyle.

Waves behind ear hairstyle

Waves behind ear hairstyle


You can now create some waves over your hair with some alterations. You can use some serums and irons to create curls. The elegant touch will add dignity with a new definition. You can check the picture right here to discover more.

Fashion back pin hairstyle

Fashion back pin hairstyle


Another great style to be adapted for ladies with long hair is the back pin style. You need to put little curl on your hair and pin up the same at the back. It will create a spectacular look with the hair open wide and the front portions tied with the pin at the back.

Messy bun hairstyle

Messy bun

Since you have long hair, creating a bun at the back will be quite easy. Today the messy bun has become a great style as this will create a spectacular view. You may or may not use a comb for getting this hairstyle done. But a messy bun is a style now.

A long simple braid hairstyle

A long simple braid hairstyle


If you want to keep your hair really simple, a braid placed at the back must be tied in a simple way. This hairstyle goes with both traditional as well as western wear. This will not only make you look good but also will keep your hair well maintained.

French braid into bun

French braid into bun

This is a particular hairstyle where you have to make a French plate with the entire hairstyle, and there after a bun should be tied top up over the head. In order to make the French plate, you need to flip your head upside down. Now twist it and make a bun at the top of your head.

Messy side braid hairstyle

Messy side braid

A classic side braid looks really wonderful, especially when you are willing to look different from the usual variety of hair styling. If you wish to make your braid fuller, go from teasing of your hair ideally. Teasing must be made from the roots to the end portions.

Beach mermaid waves haristyle

Beachy mermaid waves

If you want to look too much casual, this Beachy mermaid looks will be ideal. For this, you need to make few sections of your hair and then wrap them around wand iron. You can also use a hand spray to get the hair sprayed and also go ahead with the loosening of your curls with the help of your fingers.

Creative side braid hairstyle

Creative side braid

Today, the fashion artists and hairstylists have come up with different types of innovations through braid. This creative side braid will add value to your costume and the attire. You can also add a twist to make this look much more creative.

A fishtail haristyle


A fishtail

Fishtail is another variety of hair style that is adopted by many people who have a long and lucrative hair. Some people confuse braid with fishtail but both are quite different. If you look at the braid and the fish tail side by side, you can easily adopt the wider changes.

Long blunt with bangs hairstyle

Long blunt with bangs hairstyle


Some people have a misconception that blunts cut means making the hair shorter. But, this is not at all a true face. If you have long hair, adopting long blunt cut will be easy as well. You can now adopt the blunt hairstyles along with side bangs to look gorgeous.

Simply straight hairstyle for long hair

Simply straight hairstyle for long hair


This is the time when you need to make your hair simply straight. This is where your flat iron will be of a great help. All you have to do is heat up your flat iron that is having a ceramic finish. Do not forget to use your serum as otherwise you won’t get a lustrous finish with your flat iron.

Simple curls hairstyle

Simple curls hairstyle


If your hair is too straight, this is the time to adopt a different hairstyle. Use the curling iron with the help of which you can create actual curls over your hair. This will create a spectacular view of the people who will be watching you and your hair for a long time.

Pull back bun hairstyle

Pull back bun

 Use your comb to make your hair look neat and accumulate every single hair together to form a bun at the back. You need to pull your hair back and make it look tighter and denser. You can also use the hair clips and other accessories in order to make your bun look really attractive.

A side bun hairstyle

A side bun

Today, the side bun has become a great fashion, especially hen the hair is little longer in length. You need to take all your hair together and hold it on one side with the help of your hand. Now use your hand and create a wonderful side bun without any hesitation. This will be a marvelous hairstyle for all those who have been attending the fashion shows or those who themselves participates in the cat walk in the ramp.

A loose and easy up do hairstyle

A loose and easy up do hairstyle


If you are going to have a different look with your hairstyle, go for an easy and very simple up do. At the back portion of your hair is lifted right at the back with the hair bangs falling from both the sides of your hair, you will absolutely look different and creative. This hairstyle can be well adopted whenever you are too much busy in accomplishing your task. This is a very simple hairstyle which will depict your eternal beauty.

Layer cut hairstyle

Layer cut

Long hair goes really well with the layer cut as the length of your hair won’t get reduced and even you can get a spectacular look with the hairstyle that you have adopted. This will be ideal if you have either a straight hair or some waves in your hair.

Side braided messy up do hairstyle

Side braided messy updo

This is an exclusive up do that can be tried by people around with long and attractive hair. Whether you are going to attend the wedding reception or marriage of your relative, this style of side braided updo with messy hair will be ideal. After adopting this up do, you will feel really relaxed and free. Try it today and enjoy the result.

Loose puffs with big curls

Loose puff with big curls

Look, how beautiful the lady is looking with this trendy hairstyle. The front portion of the hair is bulged up to gain density and makes puff. Also the end of the hair must be abided with big and simple curls. The lady will look really pretty with dazzling platinum and diamond. People will definitely look at you once you adopt this particular hairstyle ideally on your spectacular dominant feature. This would definitely bring out your lost beauty.

Trendy hairdo for long hair

Amazing Hairdos For Long Hair Trendy Hairstyles 2015 2016 For Curly Hairstyles For Long Hair Curly Hairstyles For Long Hair 2015 2016

The above picture is a top best amazing hairstyle for long hair. Puff hairdo buns or any hairstyle related to puff became today’s trend. So, style your hairstyle with this fashion trendy hairstyle. Curly hairstyle with puff makes you look gorgeous and is the best way to look different on any occasion. The hairstyle with curly hair makes you look different and try this suitable hairstyle for teenagers, and girls in the wedding. Comb your hair and mid part front hair to form ear locks and fringe on forehead.  Puff your hair in the mid of head. Brush your hair back around the puff and pin them down the puff. Leave the remaining hair loosely. The curly hair with wavy hairstyle, make you look young and pretty.

Fashion fall hair style for long hair


Best fashion and trendy hairstyle that you should try to look something new and good. This hairstyle appearance is typically used in a fairly sized hair. The combination with this size is also considered to be facilitated and is the whole setting which is very different. This hairstyle makes you look better and impressive. The combination of the hair size gives comfort when you are going to try for winter hairstyle for long hair. So, try this best impression and comfort desired hairstyle for a better look. Comb your hair and side swept front section hair to one side with fringe to form a bang. Leave the remaining front hair on the other end. This hairstyle best suits for layered hairstyle. Leave the long wavy layered hairs on the shoulder and remaining on the back. This hairstyle makes you look with the increased hair volume. This hairstyle is good and impressive which leads to desired comfort.

DIY best simple wedding hairstyle with mid puff


This hairstyle best suits in wedding. The loose curls make you look like a princess. The hair mousse and a touch of Hairspray. This hairstyle best for all night and is beautiful with a delicate hair pin. The half up and half down hairstyle is easy to wear and is the best way that helps to charm the wearing of your hair both up and down. Mid part your hair and form a two bangs to fall on the forehead. Mid puffs your hair like a hair band behind the bangs and secure it with pin to form a crown. You can choose according to your choice that either braid two strains of hair from both sides of your head or tease the hair on top of your head. Leave the remaining hair loosely with end curls on your shoulders. This can be secured on the way with a beautiful crystal pin.