Hairstyle ideas for round face – Best haircuts for round face

You can easily view many women who have a round face shape, but choosing an appropriate hairstyle is an important factored altogether. Most of the women wish to keep their hair long and attractive, but without adopting a proper style, getting an attractive look becomes a trouble. Thus, you must have been always looking for the hairstyle that will go with your round face backed with long hair. Let us have a look at some of the interesting hairstyles which have been adopted by the celebrities with elegant look. With rounder face shape, you can easily adopt a variety of hairstyles. 

Hair style for round face women with long hair 

Cure simple hairstyle for long hair with bangs

1. Cute-Long-Hairstyles-For-Round-Faces

Try this simple, stylish hairstyle with cute long hair. Mid part your hair and try it with bangs. The hairstyle look special and layered haircut makes you look stylish and simple. This hairstyle is good looking with trendy haircut. The hair on shoulders with layers looks beautiful in light brown blonde hairstyle. This hairstyle best suit for round face shape and is beautiful.

Long hair with a trendy haircut

2. haircuts-for-long-hair-and-round-face-55cd5a5da80da

The layered haircut with a stylish look gives a special trendy look. Try this trendy look with a teenager looks beautiful. The hairstyle is simple and beautiful. Thus, the hairstyle looks good with light brown hair color. This hair is beautiful with side swept bangs covers half of the face and gives a stylish trendy look. The hairstyle gives a trendy look. The long hairstyle ideas are best that is beautiful with a trendy look.

Wavy blunt bangs long haircuts for round face shape

3. bella-thorne-wavy-with-blunt-bangs-long-haircuts-for-round-faces

Try this stylish hairstyle with blunt bangs and is beautiful with a fashion look. The front blunt bangs look great with a trendy look. The stylish wavy haircut looks good. The stylish hairstyle makes you look trendy and are beautiful. The haircut best suits for round face shape. This is great long haircut with a different hair color idea. This wavy hairstyle with blunt bangs long haircuts is great for round faces.

Hairstyle ideas for women

4. hairstyles-for-round-face-women-2014

The straight hairs with perfect haircut that make you look great. Try this haircut with straight dark black hair that gives a trendy look. This stylish hairstyle makes you look beautiful. The front blunts hairstyle with side swept bangs shoulder length hair looks good. The stylish hairstyles that make you look trendy for round face shape. This hairstyle best suits for round face to look elegant.

Cute ponytail hairstyle idea for round face

5. Ponytail-Hairstyle-for-round-face

The top & curly rolled hairstyle best suits for round face. Try this stylish hairstyle for parties and other occasions. The side swept bang in front makes you look good. This hairstyle is stylish and trendy. This simple hairstyle makes you look good and beautiful. The stylish hairstyle makes you look good. The bouncy hair with tight up ponytail hairstyle with rolled curls attracts the people.

Soft and wavy hairstyles

Soft and wavy hairstyles


If you have a plump face with broad cheek and round facial appearance, go for the soft and wavy curls over your long hair as this will hide your cheeks and give rise to an extra-ordinary slimming hairstyle. You can do a centered parting of hair with soft waves falling over two sides of your face. These are basically the face framing layers that will change your look.

Bulky Bun hairstyle

Bulky Bun hairstyle


Generally bulky ladies tend to get round and fuller face. Not all ladies would like to keep their hair fall down as it creates irritation over their skin. Also, they feel really hot to make their hair falling down from the face and back touching their neck. You can easily go for the hairstyle named s bulky bun as this will create a gorgeous look for you whenever you have plans to attend a cocktail party or an official gathering. This is a wonderful hairstyle that helps making your face look longer.

Lose up do hairstyle

Loose up do hairstyle

If you are pregnant and have put on weight, do not worry about your looks as certain hairstyles can make you look really attractive even if you have put on much weight. This Loose up do is one of the wonderful hairstyle that will bring out your femininity even when you are pregnant. You can also bring out some strands from your face, which can also be the wet locks with the application of gel. You can also use a round brush and a blow dryer to create the perfect style.

Up do with long diagonal bangs

Updo with long diagonal bangs

If you have a round shape face, it means that you need to make your cheeks appear longer in shape as those are the portions which make your face look broader. You must have seen this style being adopted by many of your favorite Hollywood stars. This will help your round face look slimmer in appearance. This is also an easy hairstyle which can be done easily by you. Rather, you won’t require help from a professional.

Voluminous half up and half down style

Voluminous half up and half down style

Plump ladies with long hair would also wish to have a trendy hairstyle. This voluminous half up and half down style will add volume to your hair and at the same time would lengthen your round face. You can lift the front portion of your hair with sufficient lift along with a support of up do at the back. The bangs that are constructed with the rest of your hair makes you look really pretty with the balance of your round face.

Messy wispy up do hairstyle

Messy wispy updo

Sometime we don’t have much time in hand in order to give a neat touch of hairstyle after creating it. This messy wispy updo hairstyle will be a wonderful combination for all ladies who have a round shape face and long hair. You will simply have a ravishing look with your messy updo hairstyle.

Long and curly hair look

Long and curly hair look

If you are having a bulky body structure with a round face, this curly long hair looks wills ideally suited you. Even if you have gained pounds in some years, this is the time when you can flaunt the beauty in plump look. The curly locks falling over your face will make your heavy cheek well balance with coverage. This will help you look very attractive and adequate body shape along with roundish face. Try this today and get yourself look attractive in front of the crowd. Your round face will look really attractive with this exclusive hair cut.

Long layers hairstyle

Long layers

Round faces complements really well with longer layers as the hair strands forming in each step will cover your cheek bones and even the bulging appearance that is formed in the lower portion of the cheeks. You can now ask your hair stylist to get you a long and layered hairstyle.

Seventies shag hairstyle

Seventies shag hairstyle


This is a hairstyle where the round faced lady can get very attractive geometrical layers which will be step in with attractive face cutting without making your face look very round. The layer will go through the Accenture on your chin and cheeks. It is really important to keep your hair straight with this particular hairstyle. Thus, you should apply a thermal styling spray and get your hair dry with blow until all the moisture is sucked.

Long tresses with mid layers Long tresses with mid layers

If you have long plain haircut, getting a mid layer cut will be ideal. The long tresses along with it will look really amazing. The round face will get a softness with this hairstyle which will be accompanied with the framing of long faces. After towel drying this hair, you can apply mousse and thermal spray.

Side swept layers with waves

Side swept layers with waves

Just after cutting layered in your hair, use a comb to make a side swept design. The hair that has fallen down to your shoulder and even below that will be portrayed with creation of waves. You can easily do it at home with the help of your styling iron. You can either ask your fringed to do this for you or go to the hair stylist.

Long mermaid shag Long mermaid shag

This can also be known as a long and curly hairstyle where you can look like a flirty lady who is also accompanied by no fringe or shag. This is one of the cutest hairstyles which can also portray a glamorous look of yours in front of the mass. You can make it look much more attractive by using curl cream and serum.

Classic long hair style Classic long hairstyle

If you have long hair, you would hardly wish to cut your hair short. This is the time to adopt your long hair in a stylish look. This classic long hairstyle will absolutely go with your round and plumy image. A side swept bang with little heat and styling iron application can make it look really amazing.

Best fashion braided hairstyle for long hair


The hairstyle is best for a wedding. Try this braided beautiful hairstyle for wedding. This hairstyle creates a great way to have a pretty look for face and can try a new hair color. Start your hairstyle with dry hair and parted to one side. Curl your hair into section by using a medium sized curling iron tool of your hair. Once your curling is completed, then start a French braid which is started from the outer edge of one eyebrow and are ended behind the opposite ear. Safely secure the braid with Bobby pins. Finally, use Hairspray to hold the hairstyle tightly. This hairstyle best suits for the loner faces and can form framing layers with a great look.

The Bardot or top hair bun for round face

The Bardot or top hair bun for round face




The long bob hairstyle looks stunning and is perfect for every round face woman. You can try this up do hairstyle that can make your face look wider. This hairstyle makes you look chic and flattering. This also adds more volume just like a crown. Try this hairstyle to make your face look longer and off less wide. Side swept bangs helps to cut across the face and make you look full cheeks like a slimmed down. This hairstyle works pretty much better than any hair type. This hairstyle is great for the round face shape. The top fact is that you can be a master within ten minutes with this stylish hairstyle. You’ve got yourself to be a new favorite style. Side swept your front hair to form a bang. Then, prepare an up do bun in the middle of the head. Secure your bun with Bobby pins not to move or loosen.

Best cute easy hairstyle for women with round face


The hairstyle, hairdo, or haircut is the best styling terms to be used to style your hair. The fashion of hair is an aspect of personal grooming with cosmetics. The braid hair is often elaborately and carefully dressed in special ways to make her look beautiful. Simply part your hair into three sections. The front section is used to form a crisscross bangs to cover the forehead. Second section part hair is rolled and pinned as a crown. Pin it securely not to move and loosen. Third parts of hair are rolled and are free to hang up to the shoulders. Pin the remaining hair up with full of curls. In the front section, while making bangs, leave the ear locks that form as fringe.