Summer skin problems and its home remedies

In summer, temperatures are high to spend more time outdoors. Sun damage leads to premature aging of the skin, wrinkles, marks, dry skin, and even skin cancer over time. Sun rays impact your skin, especially when you are seeking to cut through the cosmetic labels. Summer is harsh on skin. So tanning, sunburns, rashes, dryness, acne or pimples and lot more issues.

Summer is prime time for all kinds of creepy-crawly sensations, often accompanied by mysterious lumps, bumps, cracking, crusting, swelling and oozing. It can leave your skin susceptible to oiliness and breakouts, redness, dehydration and pigmentation.

Skin problems that your face in summer

Hydration: Your body, tends to lose a lot of moisture during the summer, so it’s important to regularly replenish the water. So drink plenty of water and liquids that you stay soft and moisturized.

Sun protection: You have to protect from sun rays that fall directly on skin increases skin tan. Sun rays are strong and have an adverse effect on your skin. So you have been out in the sun for a few hours to touch it up again so you are well protected.

Apply toner: It’s important to keep your pores closed and the skin cools by using a toner. Look for a brand that suits you to try rose water. Its natural cooling properties that make it out excellent toner for the hot season.

Water based moisturizer: Skip the moisturizer routine that altogether is essential for your skin to remain hydrated. If you find your regular moisture too oily, go for a water based one.

Ditch those aerated drinks: People that have the tendency to reach out for an ice cold aerated drink to quench their thirst on a really hot day. It is important to remember that these drinks are full of sugar that it is not good for your skin or your figure. Instead, drink some water, fresh lime, fresh fruit juices, or coconut water to stay hydrated. This is best to minimize the intake of diuretics like alcohol and caffeine as they reduce the water from your system.

Cleanse your face: Daily cleans your face 2 times that have been come to home all day and feel like your skin is clean. Cleansing and moisturizing your skin before sleeping is an absolute must.

Exfoliate: It is important to exfoliate your skin in the summer to remove dead skin and improve blood circulation to the face. Choose from any of the cosmetic scrubs available in the market or make one at home.

Remove tan: Due to heavy sun exposure the skin gets tanned. In order to decrease this you have to go for effective homemade face pack.

At this time you have to eat healthy, exercise, enough sleep will give you glowing skin to hold true for the whole year. So along with all the tips you can enjoy the summer.

Homemade beauty tips for summer

  • Aloe vera gel keeps the skin hydrated with its moisturizing effect.
  • Apply sun block creams or a sunscreen lotion is a must. Apply a sunscreen lotion 30 minutes prior to step out and keep re-applying it every 2 – 3 hours. So try to use SPF 40 or more for effective use.
  • Apply papaya or cucumber or aloe vera pulp on face and neck and arms to get rid of tanning. Lemon juice diluted with water and applied over skin that helps you to get rid of tan well. It is most effective and a quick fix for all skin types.
  • Winter lead to formation of dead skin cells that layer on your face. It is important to get rid of them for your skin pores as they are open.
  • Don’t use a body scrub once a week, so that tanning, dead cells and dust is removed from your skin. Even exfoliation services at the spa can yield good results as well.
  • Apply gel based products if your skin is sensitive to control acne or pimples.
  • Excessive skin tan can opt for de-tanning treatment at salons, as it is effective depending on your skin sensitivity that suit you.
  • Cooling face masks also help your skin refreshed in summers.