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Home remedies to clear nasal congestion/stuffy nose

Blocked nose is primarily because of cold and cough. It is because the blood vessels in the nostrils get inflamed during cold or cough. No matter how much you try to clear the mucus from your nose, it looks like your nostril is still blocked or stuffy. Isn’t it? Mucus keeps getting accumulated easily during cold and cough. This is not only painful, but also irritating and does not allow you to be at ease or comfortable. As long as the infection or allergy is there, blocked nose will be there. Forget about talking properly too. In such times, home remedies come in handy. Home remedies for stuffy nose or nasal congestion.

Home remedies for blocked nose

Quick relief with nasal sprays

Nasal sprays out in the market are very helpful. It is not of any antibiotic or something, but purely saline water. Saline water breaks the mucus inside the nostril.

  • Either purchase a nasal spray available with the pharmacist or you can prepare at home.
  • Use quarter cup salt in a 1 cup full of water. Stir well, it is a little tricky to spray the solution in the nostril. You need to stand by tilting your head sideways and spray the solution into one nostril, you may use the bubbly syringe to do so. The saline you spray in one nostril must come out from the other. For better results, use this solution 3 times a day.

Steam treatment simple, quick treatment

Take a steam bath, or inhale steam.

  • Heat the water, add little turmeric and inhale the steam. Cover yourself up with the bowl and breathe in and out. It works really well and the effect stays, at least for 5 hours.
  • Alternatively, you may also use eucalyptus oil. Add a teaspoon full of oil in the boiling water and inhale the steam, repeat the same process same as above.
  • You may also sprinkle drops of eucalyptus oil on the pillow before you sleep so that you will have a peaceful sleep

Massages to prevent stuffy nose

  • Massage the chest with a warm oil, eucalyptus oil, coconut or sesame oil. Give a hot sesame oil massage on your head massage.
  • Also slightly rub the oil on throat too.
  • Spray few drops of eucalyptus oil on a soft tissue or a soft handkerchief and inhale it. This would come in handy when you are at work or outside since you can’t really try the steam option.

Zinda Tilismath for blocked nose

This is a Unani treatment. You get these in small bottles. It is very effective too

  • Put a few drops on a cotton swab and inhale. It is a little stronger, if used for kids, hence, it may give a burning sensation.
  • Put a few drops of this solution on a betel leaf and smell.
  • You could also add a few drops in tea or coffee and drink.
  • Take the steam by adding about half bottles (for adults, and few drops in case of kids) to the hot water.

Drink plenty of water and fluids

Drinking plenty of water and fluids keeps you hydrated. This helps to keep your throat moist and breaks congestion. Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water a day in the form of herbal tea and fruit juices. Drinking water and fluids helps to thin mucus in the nasal passages. Keep yourself hydrated to make it easier for congested sinuses and can drain to relieve the pressure from a stuffy nose. Always drink a warm liquid that helps to open up congested sinuses. So, it is better to consume soups along with plain water. Include some herbal tea such as peppermint tea, cayenne pepper, ginger tea, etc., into your daily diet.

Brew hot ginger tea to prevent stuffy nose

Ginger is the best ingredient for people who are suffering with sinus problems. Anti-inflammatory property in it helps to get rid of stuffy nose. Drink a cup of hot ginger tea to open congested nasal passages. Take a 3 inch of ginger root and peel off its skin. Slice into pieces and add them into 2 cups of boiling water. Cover the vessel with a lid and let it simmer more for about 20 minutes under low flame. Soak a clean washed cloth in the brew and apply it on your face. Make sure that it is not too hot as a skin burn due to excess heat. Apply for about 15 minutes. You should lie on the couch making your head elevated that helps your sinuses drain.

Garlic is the natural best home remedy

Garlic helps to release secretion. This secretion makes clear the nasal passages. Garlic helps to breathe comfortably due to its antiviral property. Garlic can increase your immune system. Take few fresh garlic cloves and eat them on an empty stomach. You can just chew 2 garlic cloves that help to purify your blood and clears blocked nose. An alternative way is to use them is just by adding them in your food.

Alternatively, take 3 – 4 fresh garlic cloves and peel them off. Boil a cup of water with these garlic cloves. Add ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder into it. Stir it well and wait until it becomes warm not very hot. Drink this solution that helps to relieve from a stuffy nose.

Quick relief from nasal problems with tomato juice

The tomato is rich in Vitamin C properties that helps to boost your immune system. This is best that it works to open up the sinuses that can be removed the mucus and inflammation in the vessels. Take a cup of tomato juice, a tablespoon of chopped garlic, ½ tablespoon of hot sauce, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and little amount of celery salt. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Allow them to boil. Drink this hot tomato juice twice a day for quick relief.

Fenugreek seeds to prevent clogged nose

Fenugreek seeds are rich in property of anti-inflammatory, which helps to open up the sinus cavities and is rich in mucus. Thus, the hot and moisture fenugreek solution is thick mucus that clears your nasal passage and reduces the swelling of the blood vessels. Take a cup of water and add some fenugreek seeds into it. Let them boil for a few minutes. Switch off the flame and turn off the heat. Strain the solution and drink warm water. Repeat the process several times a day for better results.

Eucalyptus oil to get rid of stuffy nose

Eucalyptus oil is the most effective home remedy to get relief from a stuffy nose. Take a few drops of eucalyptus and essential oil on a handkerchief. Eucalyptus oil is highly beneficial that helps to get relief from nasal congestion. Eucalyptus is rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Put 1 – 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a fresh handkerchief and inhale the aroma. Repeat this a few times a day. You can also use this as eucalyptus essential oil on your pillow too. This also benefits to get rid of the blogged stuffy nose, this works well when you are in deep sleep.

Warm water to prevent nasal congestion

The warm water, which is the easy and quick home remedy to relieve from nasal congestion. If you are suffering with nasal congestion, then it is very important to aid a steady flow of mucus through the nasal passage. Warm water is great to help out from this problem. This will keep the nasal passage moist and also helps to prevent them from drying out. Use a humidifier that helps to open up clogged nasal passage. Having a hot shower for several minutes also helps to build up steam in the bathroom, Breathe in the soothing vapors. Repeat it twice a day to relieve from a stuffy nose. Wet a wash clean cloth in warm water and place it over your face. Leave it for 10 – 15 minutes. Repeat the process several times a day for better results.

Garlic for nasal congestion

Garlic is the best natural home remedy that can reduce nasal congestion. Garlic has antiviral and antifungal properties. This helps to fight against respiratory a infection that causes congestion. Take a cup of water and boil them in a bowl. Drop 2 – 3 garlic cloves into the boiling water and let them boil for some time by adding 1 ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder. Switch of the flame and drink this solution until the congestion clears. Eat a fresh garlic clove that helps to relive stuffiness and discomfort.

Apple cider vinegar to clear stuffy nose

Apple cider vinegar that is quickly clear to get rid of stuffy nose. This helps to thin the mucus. Apple cider vinegar is rich in nutrients and is good for your health with the increase in immunity. Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. Drink this solution to get relief from blocked nose. Alternatively, add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and add one tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm water. Mix them well and drink the solution for about 2 – 3 times a day to get quick relief.

Black pepper to get rid of nasal congestion

Black pepper is highly beneficial to get rid of nasal congestion. This blocks your sinuses. Black pepper induces sneezing. This helps to get rid of mucus and allergens in your sinuses. Take a little black pepper in your palm. Add 3 drops of sesame oil in it. Dip the fingers in the mixture. Mix them well and apply it under your nose. Breathe it on the strong aroma. This helps to make you sneeze. But, don’t suppress it. Repeat the process as needed for better results.

Stay hydrated with hot liquids

People mostly prefer to swear by drinking hot liquids that helps to relieve from stuffy nose. It is very important to stay hydrated. This makes you feel well and effective with hot liquids. It has a congestion that is mostly be chalked up which is placebo effect. Hot drinks are more intense taste, which stimulates the flow of saliva and mucus. This in turn soothes the nose to clear bacteria and viruses. Hot drink liquids relieve congestion and also soothe inflamed lining of your nose and throat. Take a cup of hot herbal tea and add 1 teaspoon of honey in a small shot. Drink 1 ounce of whiskey or bourbon for adults only. Avoid too much alcohol by limiting yourself.

Foods to eat and to avoid to prevent nasal congestion

  • Drink to drink a lot of water and other fluids.
  • It feels good to take spicy foods, you may have running nose too, and you can blow out the mucus.
  • For babies, it is good to have onion juice. Slice the onions and boil in water. Turn it off when you see the onions turn softer. Take the water and add little sugar and feed just one teaspoon.
  • Ginger garlic is anytime a wonderful spice for blocked nose or any ENT related issues.
  • Take a hot and sour vegetable soup, add pepper to it.
  • Add pepper to hot milk and drink.
  • Ginger tea gives an immediate relief. Prepare tea, add crushed ginger while it is boiling. It is done when you can smell the aroma of ginger.
  • Some say that citrus juices aggravate the nose issue, but it is actually good to have citrus juices, Vitamin C is good for a blocked nose.