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Dental care: Best home remedies to treat toothache/cavity pain

Someone mentioned that tooth pain is next to labor pains. Cavity pain is caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay usually happens, when the bacteria that are stuck to your teeth savoring on the sweets or chocolates you had produces acids. When this damage happens and reach the nerve, tooth already might have begun to decay. Therefore, it is essential to keep our teeth clean. Wash your teeth before bed too. By doing this, your teeth get cleaned from the food you had in your dinner. Most people resort to a dentist for a quick solution. Follow these home remedies to get relief from the ache.

Home remedies for cavity pain

Cold treatment to reduce numbness

Cold treatment is nothing but, placing a bag of ice or frozen peas on the teeth for a while. You can also place the ice bag on your cheek where you have the pain. Rub an ice cube near your hand. Place an ice cube between thumb and index finger for 5 – 7 minutes that help to decrease the pain of a toothache as it is L14 pressure point. Keep an ice cube in your mouth to reduce toothache.

Peppermint tea to give a cooling effect

Peppermint contains menthol that gives a cooling effect. It is used to curb most aches that we suffer from.

  • Prepare tea with peppermint by just adding a few leaves of peppermint water and boil. Sweetness might aggravate the pain, hence avoid sugar.

Hydrogen peroxide for dental problems

Hydrogen peroxide helps to reduce dental problems. This gives temporary relief on your toothache that can prevent foul taste and fever.

  • Gargle using hydrogen peroxide solution and spit it. You may do this repeatedly. It numbs the pain.
  • Repeat this process 3 – 4 times a day.

Salt water to gargle

Salt water is a very good healer. It gives an immediate healing to the pain, follow this as many times as you can. Salt helps to ease toothache. Prepare a solution that contains 2 – 3 teaspoons of salt in a glass of warm water. Mix them well. Swallow some salt water and swish it off in your mouth as mouthwash. Then spit it out after some time.

  • Add salt to water and rinse your mouth, repeat this as much as you can.

Toothpaste removes germs and bacteria

Make sure you have a toothpaste that is for sensitive teeth. Do not use strong ones that may even have adverse effects on the tooth ache. Brush your tooth helps to reduce toothache. You must use soft toothpaste and stop using old or hard toothbrush that harms your tooth cavity.

  • Use toothpastes that are specially made for sensitive teeth. Yes, it works.

Tea bags reduce cavity pain

Take a tea bag and stick it in your mouth. Prepare a fresh cup of tea and use that tea bag to reduce toothache pain. Make sure not to tear while removing tea bag. Tea bag helps to relieve numbness due to the presence of tannins in it.

  • Do not discard those tea bags. Keep the warm tea bag to the cheek or on the tooth for relief.

Ginger relieves from irritation

Ginger in combination with peppermint or grounded red pepper in the water helps to relieve the tooth pain. Prepare a paste with red pepper, ginger and water. Apply this paste on the affected tooth and causes irritation.

  • Make a fine paste of ginger, add little water to it. Moist the cotton swab and keep it on the tooth.

Cloves best for cavity pain

Cloves help to get relief from toothache due to the presence of antiseptic property. Grind a clove and apply clove powder on the affected area.

  • Make a powder of the cloves. Add olive oil and apply it to the affected tooth.

Wheat grass juice to fight with bacteria

Its anti-bacterial property helps fight the bacteria.

  • Take the juice of wheatgrass and use it as a mouth wash. It even prevents the bacterial growth.

Onions to prevent numbness

Onions have anti-microbial, anti-septic properties. Onions helps to decrease the pain and raw onion kills bacteria. This helps to stop the pain and can provide relief from germs that causes infection.

  • Chew onion helps to numb the pain.
  • Alternatively, you can also grind the onion and apply the paste to the tooth.

Guava leaves acts as a mouth wash

This is something new, isn’t it? Guava leaves help to reduce inflammation that is high in analgesic and antimicrobial properties. Guava leaves give natural cooling effect. Boil guava leaves in water and add some salt into it. Strain the solution and use this solution as a mouthwash.

  • Chew the tender leaves of guava, the juice affect the tooth and the gum.
  • You can also boil the leaves in water, add little salt and us it as a mouth wash.

Baking soda for infections

Baking soda relieves the pain. Baking soda is used for beauty, hair and skin problems. This is used to heal a toothache also. Take some baking soda and add a little amount of water to form a thick paste. Apply this paste on the affected area.

  • Prepare the mixture by mixing baking soda with water and gargle.

Vanilla extract for dental pain

  • Vanilla has soothing effect, you get this in the stores. Just dip the cotton and put it on the affected tooth. You could repeat this till you the pain is numbed.

Zinda Tilismath unani dental treatment

An effective Unani treatment. You get these in small bottles.

  • Put a few drops on a cotton swab and keep it on the tooth. It is a little strong, but has food effect.
  • Put a few drops of this solution on a betel leaf and chew.
  • You could also add a few drops in tea or coffee and drink.

Try garlic for oral care

Garlic is rich in antibiotic property which is best used in medical treatments. Apply a mixture of garlic powder with salt on the painful tooth. This helps to decrease the pain of toothache.

  • You can also try crushing garlic on the tooth for a few minutes and wash off with cold water. It numbs the pain.

Oil pulling best Ayurvedic home remedy

Oil pulling is the best and ancient Ayurvedic medicine for oil pulling. This acts as a swishing around some type of oil in your mouth. You can use typically sunflower oil or sesame oil. Simply, take a tablespoon of any one of this oil into your mouth. Swish the oil around slowly for about 15 – 20 minutes. This problem helps to vanish within days. Thus, it reduces with an activity which is one of the most interesting toothache remedy. Thus, oil pulling is the best benefit which is especially recognized for promoting oral health.

Ginger and cayenne paste to relieve from toothache

Ginger and cayenne is the best natural home remedy and spice to get both potent painkillers. Take equal parts of these two heats packing spices with required amount of water to form a thick paste. Mix them well and roll over the paste into a saturate. Place it on your tooth and avoid your gums and tongue to get in touch with it. Leave it until the pain relievers. As long as you can stand it with the concoction, this is likely to burn out. Try these spices separately as both are potent and pain killers. Thus, the main chemical components such as cayenne and capsaicin are found to help with a block pain and massage them out from reaching the brain.

Turmeric to treat cavity pain

Turmeric has lots of benefits and has a natural treatment. Turmeric is the natural herb that helps to relieve from cavity pain, posses’ anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. Take a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a small amount of purified water with required amount of paste to make a healing paste. This is applied to the area with a cotton ball. Place it in your mouth. Turmeric in combination with honey or cayenne can also be used to treat toothache. Ingesting turmeric or a turmeric supplement would be beneficial to relieve from cavity pain.

Leaves and roots to treat toothache

The plantain leaves, peppermint leaves, ginger root and garlic help reduce pain. This is best and similar to temporary treatments. Thus, the leaves have an anti-inflammatory property and also some of the roots have antibacterial properties. This helps to relieve pain, to sore areas. You can use dried peppermint leaves or peppermint tea with plantain. Chew them a bit to release the anti-inflammatory agents. This holds the pieces of leaves over the sore areas.

It is advised not to savor on sweets during tooth decay. So, people who have a sweet tooth much be careful. Remember, these are home remedies and you can kill the pain for immediate relief. It is a good practice to see a dentist once in a while to get your teeth checked and get them cleaned. Dentistry now a days have become a cosmetology. You must be careful about who you are visiting. There are honest dentists out there too who can help you out. Each one of us may have gone through such bad times when tooth aches do interfere with our daily routine. Bacteria may damage the tooth to a greater extent, hence, at a certain point when you feel that it is unbearable and the tooth needs extraction. Please visit a good dentist around.