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Home remedies for rashes | Home treatment for itching

Skin problem is a common problem due to various reasons. It hurts when your beautiful skin carves rashes and it is bothersome, as it changes the shade, appearance and even the surface. The issues related to the rashes of skin is inflammation, psoriasis, sometimes hypersensitivities, vermin, skin break off and even contact with certain harmful plant etc. can hurt skin.

Sometimes the chemicals and other synthetic materials used on by us like shampoo,soaps,and lotion can cause allergies and cause skin rashes. Even skin rashes may be effect of some bacterial infection or even sometimes viral contamination.

So here are few home remedies which will help you in getting rid of skin rashes.

Natural home remedies for skin rashes

Clay for skin problems and to treat skin rashes

Clay is best and helps in itching with a number of skin problems. This helps to heal venomous stings and bites such as bees, wasps and spiders. This can draw the venom out of the skin that helps to relieve the pain. Green clay is most powerful to heal skin issues. Mix clay in a bowl or a cup of filtered water until it has a creamy consistency like peanut butter. The clay paste is applied on the itchy area and let it dry for rinse or peel it off. Apply the clay on a piece of clean porous fabric. Cover it with irritated area and is directly touching the skin. You may also use bandaging tape or wrap it with a plastic wrap to keep the cloth in place and can be protected with cloth. Leave it for about 4 hours or until the clay is hard and dry.

Peppermint leaves for itching and pain

Peppermint is best for bug bites and prevents itching. This helps to provide a cooling sensation and also relieves from skin problems. Take some peppermint leaves and crush them into ice cubes for a cooling double whammy. Apply ice cubes as it helps to numb the affected area and bring down swelling and inflammation. Peppermint leaves can remove all skin problems and gives relief quickly.

Oatmeal pack to get rid of body rash

Oatmeal is the best product for all skin problems. This helps to relieve from rushing in the morning. The simple thing that you need to do is place something on your stomach and is used for thinking it about dieting because of oatmeal remedies. Oatmeal has natural healing properties that helps to make the rashes brought with different factors to go away. Take a cup of uncooked oatmeal on your bath water. Soak them on the bath water for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off with tap water.

Neem leaves for itchy and irritated skin

Neem leaves have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to get rid of rashes with different properties. Neem leaves are effective with its medicinal properties. Crush some neem leaves to form a thick paste. Place it on the affected area of the skin. Rinse it off for about 30 minutes. Alternatively, place some fresh neem leaves on the water and use them for bathing.

Olive oil treatment for skin itching

Olive oil is best when it comes to skin issues for getting incredible skin lotion and encourages the recovering and advancing skin as it is rich in vitamin E and cancer prevention agents. It will calm your skin from irritation.

Essentially massage olive oil or a blend of a balance of olive oil and honey on your rash a couple times every day until it recovers totally.


On the other hand, you can add a bit turmeric powder to some olive oil and apply it a few times each day for a couple of days. Stuffed with antibacterial and mitigating properties, turmeric calms rashes and soothes tingling.

NOTE – Olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil help mend rashes actually. A mix of vitamin E oil and cod liver oil is another mainstream cure.

Baking soda to treat skin rashes

Baking soda use can cause irritation for some time but it help in getting rid of skin rashes. Additionally, it soothes the tingling and irritation connected with rashes.

Add Baking soda to water and apply the paste on the influenced region. Leave it on for a couple of minute then wash it off. Do this daily for a couple of days.


Blend baking soda with some coconut oil to make a paste and apply it on your rash. Leave it on for around five minutes and after that wash it off. Repeat this more than once every day until you see change. Do not leave preparing pop on your skin for a really long time as it may bring about additional bothering.

Aloe vera to heal skin rash

Because of its calming, antibacterial and antifungal properties, aloe vera is magnificent for treating various skin illnesses including rashes. Aside from mending, it additionally calms the skin, eases tingling and lessens redness. Concentrate new aloe vera gel from an aloe leaf. Apply it on the influenced zone. Leave it on for no less than 20 minutes, and afterward wash it off. Do this no less than three times each day until the rash clears. In the event that you don’t have crisp aloe vera gel, you can purchase aloe vera gel or concentrate.

Icy compress for itching

An icy pack can be best in lessening rashes, particularly those brought about by warmth, bug bites, poison etc. It helps in tingling, swelling and aggravation, and can be especially best if the rashes are turning to rankles.

Put ice solid shapes in a fixed plastic pack and spot it on the influenced range for a couple of minutes. Repeat for a couple times every day for a couple of days.


On the other hand, you can essentially drench a clean washcloth in super cold water and spot it on the rash for around 10 minutes.

Apple cider vinegar for irritated skin

Crude and natural apple fruit juice vinegar is another great home solution for treatment of skin rashes and cool the tingling. Additionally, its acidic substance that helps battle skin diseases that could be creating or exasperating the issue.

Plunge a cotton ball in apple juice vinegar and spot it on the influenced region. Leave it on for a couple of minutes, and afterward evacuate the cotton ball. Do this few times each day for a couple of days or until your rash clears.

Note: If apple fruit extract vinegar causes disturbance, take a stab at weakening it with water before applying it. On the off chance that the disturbance perseveres, then attempt another cure.

Try this remedy for getting rid of skin rashes and make your skin glow and smile. Take care of your skin as it too need care.