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Home remedies: Natural homemade tips to get rid of cold

We cannot be at rest if we are affected by cold. It’s really bad feeling to do our daily activities with cold. We feel so low and will be unable to eat, sleep or do anything properly. Totally worse situation and we have to take the medicines for cold and which ever we get from the nearest medical store is a drug. But to have quick and safe relief always natural remedies are the best. Because even our kids get affected by cold and how can we make their health worse with a lot of chemically build up tablets and syrups. There are ways to fight cold by simply using few home based tips.

Top best home remedies for cold

Spice tea for cold

Spice tea is rich in Ayurvedic home remedy to get rid of common cold. The dry roast and grind them with a quarter cup of coriander seeds. Take one and half tablespoons of cumin and fennel seeds with a quarter teaspoon of fenugreek seeds. Boil them in a cup of water. Add one and half tablespoon of spice powder and one and half teaspoon of rock candy. Let it slim for 3 – 4 minutes. Add two tablespoons of milk by bringing them with the solution. Boil and strain the solution. Sip it slowly while it is hot. Drink this spice tea and repeat it daily for best results.

Lemon juice as cold treatment

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C that is great for detoxing the body.  This is great for digestion and fights off colds and flu. Take a fresh lemon and squeeze it out by adding some lemon slices to water. Prepare homemade lemonade sweetened with honey. Take 2 – 3 tablespoons of raw honey, 2 organic lemon juice and freshly squeezed, water to dilute and some lemon slices. Squeeze some lemon juice and add honey into it. Dilute it with water to taste and then add some ice cube into that lemon. Drink it frequently for best results.

Radish to prevent common cold

Spicy radish helps to trick it out for common cold. This helps in delightfully crisp, spicy and vegetable. This is rich in anti-septic and vitamins and minerals. Horseradish is better with decongestant that is regular with the garden radish that works well. The best way is to treat sensitive that can spice out and reduce common cold. This makes you feel by eating a couple of little gems that is pleasantly surprised with yourself clearing up in no time. Take 2 – 3 radishes and eat them twice a day that helps with congestion.

Water / Fluids quick removal of cold

Dehydration is something which is accompanied with cold normally. So first and Foremost we need to be properly hydrated when we have cold. So, take lots of water and juices too. This will keep the moisture in the throat lines. The cold has to be treated before another infection develops. Keep the infected away with proper drinking of water.

Honey best natural home remedy for cold

Take a spoon full of lemon juice and a half cup of honey, prepare a fine mixture and drink it. Try this for three or four times in a day. Honey is so good for cold and also sore throat. And it’s also one of the favorite and secret food of all singers. Honey keeps throat clear all day.

Ginger works better

Ginger can be of great help in providing relief during cold. Even raw ginger juice mixed with honey is good to get relief from cold.

  • Chew the raw ginger (little) few times in a day.
  • Add ginger to your regular tea, it helps to unblock the nostril. For this you can also try the dried ginger or ginger powder. If you don’t like the taste instead of adding sugar, you can also add honey to your ginger tea. This combination is really good for colds.

Eucalyptus oil and steam and natural tip for cold

Heat the water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil until you smell the strong dose of it. You need to cover yourself up so that the vapor does not diffuse while you are inhaling the vapor. Inhale the steam out of the bowl, continue this till you get the vapors and the smell of the oil. You have to make the steam reach two nostrils, forehead, temple region, chest, neck to give a good relaxation. This is a so old way to try at home for getting relief from adverse cold.
If you are forced to go to work or classes and cold hits you still there’s a home remedy for it. You can also put a few drops on the edge of the handkerchief you would use to breath-in the smell of the eucalyptus oil. It clears the nostril temporarily.

Try some garlic clove

Take some fresh cloves of garlic and put it in a mixer or crush it. Now mix a small amount of lemon juice on it. Add a 1/4th a teaspoon of fresh honey to this mixture and consume it a spoon full. Now drink lukewarm water and take a rest for a while.

Turmeric milk best simple tip

Turmeric milk is the best and most effective home remedy to fight against the cold. Turmeric is the healthy ingredient for better health. Add a tinge of turmeric to a glass of milk and consume it twice a day. It gives so much of a relief.

Gargle with salt water for instant relief

Salt water helps to sore throat. Gargle with salt water in order to get rid of moisten and scratchy throat. Take a heaped teaspoon full of salt and mix in warm water. Mix them well until salt dissolves in water. Gargle with this water several times a day to reduce cold. This helps to reduce tickle or irritating throat. You can also use viscous gargle with the kitchen ingredients such as honey, lemon juice, and hot water.

Pepper milk works instantly

Pepper helps to lower high blood pressure. This helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood. Pepper can lower high body temperature and fever. Add pepper to lukewarm milk, add honey to taste. Consume it before it gets cold. This clears the nose instantly.

Chicken soup which is a hot drink for cold

Chicken soup helps to prevent white blood cells. This can cause inflammation and prevents huge amounts of mucus. The hot soup helps to thin the mucus and helps adding freshly chopped garlic to your soup. This gives a powerful boost. Garlic helps to kill germs that are outright and can stimulate to release natural killing cells. Arsenal germ fights for immune system. Red pepper flakes helps to increase decongestant powder.

The instant chicken soup mix helps to a great deal. Take a hot chicken soup for some relief.

Wearing wet socks to bed

It might sound funny, but there is logic behind wearing wet socks to bed. Firstly, Soak a pair of socks in cold water, wash your feet with warm water, and put the soaked socks on your feet, of course you should wring the socks before you put them on. Put a pair of woolen socks on top of the wet ones. This should make you feel better by the morning.

Honey, lime juice and warm water

This remedy helps to get rid of cold and cough. Lime water is the best home remedy to digest. It helps to improve digestion and also acts on the circulatory system. Squeeze fresh lemon juice and add a little amount of honey into it. Mix them well in warm water and drink this solution to control cold and cough. Lemon helps in easy digestion and also helps to reduce weight. It is also best to decrease stomach fat. Lemon can remove stomach acids, fat from the body.

Chest massage to relieve from cold

Massage the chest with slightly warmed sesame oil. You can also use the same oil and massage your head too. 

I have seen my family members trying the tips and all of them are effective.

My favorite is eucalyptus oil, what is yours? Try and check.

Red onion juice of instant cough syrup for common cold

Onion is good health and reduces excess heat present in your body. Take an onion and peel its skin off. Then, slice them into pieces. Cover with sliced red onions with honey or sugar. Leave it overnight. In the morning, drink 1 teaspoon of juice. Repeat it 3 – 8 times a day for quick relief. Alternatively, blend red onion juice and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix them well and drink a small amount of it frequently. But, try to avoid large doses.