Effective home remedies to treat mucocele – How to treat mucoceles

A mucocele is a painless cyst which forms the inner side of the lip. This occurs due to the accumulation of clear fluids on the inner lip surface. Sometimes the disease may be small but due to our ignorance, it takes the face of huge, incurable disease. Mucocele is not harmful, but the pain is not what can be ignored. Mucocele are small bump inside the mouth, which can be observed on the lower lips, or the floor area of the mouth. Sometimes it isn’t painful, they have almost healed with time, but when painful it’s unbearable. It may result in excess saliva production of mouth which may cause speech problems and even in eating habits.

When you contact a dentist with a complaint of mucocele. A dentist uses a scalpel and other different types of equipment’s that may remove cysts.  Following are few home remedies which will help you in getting rid of mucocele.

Causes of mucocele

The best causes that lead to the mucoceles in the body are due to the blocked or damaged salivary gland. The ductal obstruct one of salivary glands also leads to oral mucoceles. This can be caused due to biting or plucking or sucking of the lower lip area. This also increases due to the increase in the collection of clear liquid in the inner lip area, which leads to a mucous cyst.

  • A repeated biting of the inner lip area
  • Some mouth infections, trauma, inflammation, burns
  • Oral lichen planus disease
  • Drugs that can thicken saliva
  • Lower lip piercing


Mucoceles are often inside of your lower lips, gums and roof of your mouth or under your tongue. Thus occurred on the floor of the mouth are called as ranulas. This is rare, but due to larger, that cause more problems with speech, chewing and swallowing.

  • Moveable and painless
  • They may be 2 – 10 millimeters in diameter
  • Soft, round and dome shaped
  • They may be semi-clear surface or bluish in color.

Home treatments to get rid of mucocele naturally

Tea tree oil to get rid of mucoceles

Tea tree oil is an effective home remedy to cure the mucocele. Tea tree oil is best to use a topical antifungal and antiseptic treatment. Take a few drops of tea tree oil and mix them well with a spoon of honey. Apply this on mucocele. Leave it on your mucocele overnight for better results. It is recommended to use tea tree oil only for topical treatments.

Castor oil to treat mucocele

Castor oil is best and effective home remedy to treat mucocele. Apply some castor oil on mucoceles. This helps to soothe the affected area and can make the mucocele vanish it soon. Mix some castor oil with honey and apply it on the affected area. Apply it by using a cotton ball. Leave it for some time and then rinse it off with water. If you like, then you can leave it overnight for best results. Repeat the process 2 – 3 times a day for better results.

Glycerin to remove mucocele

Glycerin is the most effective home remedy to treat mucocele. Glycerin is rich in antiseptic and healing properties. Glycerin works as great on mucocele. This process is best to take and is an effective home remedy to remove mucocele. Apply glycerin in straightaway on the mucocele. Allow some glycerin to sit on the mucocele for some time. Let them release from your mouth. Rinse it off using water to get rid of mucocele.

Orange and lemon juice to treat mucocele naturally

Orange as well as lemon is rich in Vitamin C. This helps to treat mucocele from swelling. The Vitamin C present in them helps to cure the mucocele. This the best choice to drink the juice. Apply the lemon or orange juice on the affected area. This way helps you to get rid of mucocele at home quickly and naturally.

Herbal honey treats mucocele

Honey can fight with the contamination as well as having antibacterial properties to which highly accelerates the mending process. It decreases the swelling too.

Apply honey directly on the cyst for almost a week till you find that there is a reduction in the inflammation. You may also apply honey on the cyst before going to sleep every night. This is regarded as the most beneficial remedy as honey, has many benefits.

Alum prevents cysts

The alum is a mixture of potassium aluminum sulfate, which is the very best and effective against ingredient available at home for curing mucocele. Alum can be as good as aloe vera gel.

Apply alum on the bursting cyst easily which will prevent the recurrence of cysts. Keep the alum on cyst and keep it off for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Warm salt water reduces pain of a cyst

Salt has pain, healing, germicidal and disinfectant properties. Consequently, you can utilize the fixings independently or in a powerful mix to cure mouth ulcers or blister.

Include two teaspoons each of salt to a glass of warm water. Blend it well. Use it as a mouth wash. Repeat it twice to thrice a day. Please do not swallow it. Within a few days the cysts will vanish.

Natural evening primrose oil 

Evening primrose has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties as well as it has potent type of therapeutic factors that will be used in the treatment of mucous cysts. It is same as alum.

Apply this oil on the cysts directly. Try this twice to thrice a day and within a few days the result will become visible. The evening primrose capsules are also available in the market. All you need to do it crush the tablet make a paste of it with water and apply the mixture on cyst straightforwardly.

Turmeric to get rid of mucocele

Turmeric comprise of a decent measure of a compound known as cucumin, which help in enhancement of blood stream through the body. Turmeric has calming properties that may help in diminishing the burning sensation and also help in getting rid of mucocele

Blend one to two teaspoons of turmeric in a glass of warm water and beverage it. Do this twice day by day for best results.


Make  up a paste of two tablespoons of turmeric and enough water and apply it on the influenced territory more than once every day for a couple of days. However, remember that this cure can help in getting rid of mucocele in a few days.

Baking soda to treat cysts naturally

Baking soda, which is also called as sodium bicarbonate is very helpful in the treatment of mucocele which can be many times painful. It is very much useful in those mucocele which are created with the acidic nourishment as baking soda kills the microbes which are causing mucocele in the mouth. Baking soda decrease the pain and irritation caused due to germs and microbes while using baking soda as a remedy of mouth ulcer you should note that it may cause burning sensation while use.

Blend baking soda with a little water to make a slim paste of it.  Spot it on the influenced territory. Repeat this a few times each day. Then again, you can just apply baking soda specifically on the influenced zone that is affected with mucocele.

Try this a few home remedies which can be useful in the treatment of symptoms and even mucocele in just a few weeks and have spicy food without any hurdle of mucocele.

How to reduce mucoceles with Ice pack

Ice is easily available at home, which is a highly effective treatment. This helps to relieve you from the pain which is associated with the cyst. Simply take an ice and rub them to the affected area to get relief from pain. Put an ice pack on the cyst which is best in curing mucocele. The ice pack can reduce the pain and burning sensation. You can also try to suck the ice if you want to reduce the pain and size of the cyst.

Plain yogurt treatment for mucoceles

Yogurt is the best probiotic which is available easily at home. This helps to reduce pain by adding yogurt into your diet. Yogurt has a healing property to reduce mucocele faster, which helps to prevent the recurring again. Yogurt helps to relieve from pain, discomfort while eating and drinking. This is effective in curing mucocele faster. This helps to prevent the spreading of mucocele any further.

Consume Vitamin C foods for faster relief

Consume large amounts of Orange and lemon juice. They are rich in Vitamin C that helps to restrain the mucocele from swelling. Vitamin C helps to heal the mucocele which can be preferred to drink the juice. If you can bear the pain, then you can simply apply lemon juice on the affected area. This helps to get rid of pain and also heals faster.