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Home remedies for pinworms – Ways to get rid of pinworms

The pin worms are generally observed in the gastrointestinal tract and especially in the intestinal wall that may affect the people and even organisms. Pinworm make in the entry of it in the human body with the help of contaminated food or even with contaminated water that are transmitted through mosquitoes, even though nose and skin or touch and sometimes through sexual contact too.

Causes of pinworms

Sleeping in an unclean sheets or clothing can cause pinworms. It can also occur due to unclean bed or wearing unclean cloths that are contaminated with eggs in another way to contract a pinworm infection. It is better to handle contaminated sheets and clothing as the eggs easily become airborne and can be inhaled or swallowed. So, keep hygienic!

Pinworms may cause due to eating unsanitary foods. The eggs are eaten during meals or indigestion due to contaminated food as eggs travel in the intestinal tract and hatch.

Symptoms of pinworms

The main symptoms that cause pinworms are:

  • Urinary tract infection: Pin worms can penetrate the vagina or through the urethra, that result in a urinary tract infection. It is more commonly seen in females.
  • Bleeding: Bleeding is also one of the rare issues as the worms to not invade the wall of the intestine. It is rare that some minor bleeding from intense scratching may occur.
  • Itchiness: Itching results due to the worm travels out of the intestine and lays eggs around the rectum at night. Due to this sleep often disrupted to some degree. Itching occur in and around the vagina.
  • Insomnia: Insomnia is the most serious complications. This infection can be treated with particular bladder; otherwise more serious problems may occur.

Some more symptoms that cause pinworms are as followed. The symptoms a person experience while having intestinal problems due to pin worms are stomach pain, bad breath, feeling of hunger constantly, restless type of sleep, itching, weakness, frequent headaches, fever, pain in legs frequently, etc.  There are many medications available in pharmaceutical stores to get rid of pinworms which disturbs the intestine. Along with that you can even add home remedies to your treatment too. Following are few home remedies to get rid of pinworms that upsets our stomach.

How to get rid of pinworms naturally

Coconut to treat pinworms

The coconut is one of the finest remedy in battle with pinworms. It is a very strong type of parasitic agent. Both the coconut as well as coconut oil can be treated as a best herbal medication in the process of treatment against pin worms which causes the intestinal abnormalities.

It is recommended to have crushed coconut in the morning as breakfast. After three hours drink a glass of warm milk with castor oil mixed in it. Repeat this process till you get rid of pinworms.

Warning: Castor oil isn’t good for people suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and for the children who are below the age of five.

Garlic to prevent pinworms naturally

Garlic is the best home remedy for any disease with its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, it also comprises of anti-parasitic property to which can help in dealing with pinworms. Garlic comprise of sulfur amino-acids that is parasitic in nature that can help in killing microbes from the body. Take almost two to three cloves of garlic and eat it. Note that stomach is empty while having raw garlic. Try this for almost a week.


Or you can boil two crushed garlic cloves and mix it with milk and drink this mixture with an empty stomach. Try this for a week.

Proper hygiene to get rid of pinworms

Proper hygiene is the most important remedy to get rid of pinworms. So, start with proper hand washing technique with soap and warm water. Make sure to clean under the nails, wash before every meal. Wash after each use of the bathroom and immediately upon wakening. While cleaning infected clothes or sheets, try to wear gloves and even a mask to prevent inhalation of the eggs. It is better to wash with hot water.

Papaya best Ayurveda treatment for pinworms

Papaya has been used all over as the best medication in Ayurveda, which is helpful in many different ailments which also include eradication from pin worms. The latex of the papaya comprises of enzyme papain, which can be considered as best in destroying the pinworms. Papaya seeds comprise of caricin that help in expelling off the pinworms.

Take a fresh raw papaya juice and honey. Mix it with warm water. Drink this juice on an empty stomach. After two hours of after taking this juice, drink warm milk comprising of castor oil. Try this treatment for almost two to three days.

Warning: Do not try this remedy for children below 7 years.

Pumpkin Seeds herbal treatment for pinworms

The pumpkin is best recommended herbal medicine in the treatment of pinworms. The pumpkin consists of component cucubitacin which has anti-parasitic property that kills the parasite.

Take two tablespoons of pumpkin seed in three cups of warm water. Leave it for half an hour. Allow it to cool and then drink the mixture. Try fasting a day and then drink the juice of dry prunes to help in cleansing the intestine.

Apple cider vinegar to prevent pinworms at home

Apple cider vinegar is also the best substance with a wide range of health benefits. Take a teaspoon or two of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it daily. The acidic nature in it creates an inhospitable environment for the worms. It also helps your body to get rid of them naturally.

Carom Seeds to treat intestinal pin worms

Carom seed can be considered as the best in treatment of intestinal worms. The carom seeds comprise of thymol component which has great ability in inhibiting the growth of the unwanted parasites in the intestine. Carom seed and jaggery mixture can be considered as best mixture together in the treatment of intestinal worms.

Take a small piece of jaggery in the morning in an empty stomach. Then, after waiting for at least 15 to 20 minutes, then eat a half teaspoon of crushed carom seeds with a glass of warm water. Try this at least once daily for almost two weeks that are best and complete the treatment of intestinal worms like pinworms.

Onions best natural treatment for pinworms

Onions are natural occurring of sulfur that helps to get rid pinworms from the body. Take a medium size onion and cut it into medium slices. Soak slices, onions in a pitcher of water over night. In the morning, drink the liquid three times a day to get rid of pinworms from your intestine.

Use medications, if the problem is serious. You can even use home remedies which are best in getting yourself rid of pinworms which may upset your stomach. So, try them and make yourself fit from intestinal worms like that of pinworms.

Grapefruit is best for pinworms

Grapefruit seed extract is the best and most effective home remedy to treat pinworms. This is the most available product in drugstores. This is available in the form of a pill or liquid. The pills are usually taken three times a day. If you are the liquid form, then you may mix 10 drops of liquid in a glass of water. Drink this solution 3 times a day. This helps to improve after a week. This is advisable and is too immediate visit your health care provider.

Wormwood treatment for pinworms

Wormwood treatment is best and contains a potent worm killing chemical. This is safest natural home remedy for pinworms. This is the most active substance in wormwoods, which can kill other parasitic organisms beside pinworms. Wormwood can weaken the parasite’s cell membranes, thereby killing the worms gradually. Add a few grams of wormwood in a cup of hot water. Make your child drink it in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink this wormwood tea for every three hours to improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

Maintain a perfect diet

This is the best way to get parasites that can tend to multiply within our body. This is due week immune system. Following proper diet is the best way to strengthen your child’s immune system. This will ensure that your diet will give your child meets with a requirement. Growing children can have plenty of vitamins, proteins and essential nutrients and minerals in your daily diet. This keeps your body strong and helps to fight off the infection that causes bacteria. This includes fiber into your child’s daily diet. There is a toxic material that is passed regularly from the body. Pinworms and their eggs are living in the intestinal tract that can be removed quickly from the body, if the child’s motions are regular. Thus, the parasites thrive on such healthy foods and are rapidly growing in number.

Clove and flax seeds are good for pinworms

Crush the clove and mix them with flax seeds. This gives a proper ratio of 1:10. Thus, it is better to add them for a health benefit and worm fighting power. This mixture helps to treat pinworms and is the best home remedy which is more effective than other home remedies. Add a mixture to food once a day and consume it alternate three days of use followed by three days off. This gives better results.