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Home remedies for Verruca – How to get rid of Warts

Verruca’s is a skin problem which is usually called as warts that can be observed on any part of the body but the most common habitat of organism causing verruca is on hands and feet. They may develop in cluster or may cause harm singly by giving you rough skin which can sometimes also cause black spots. The virus that causes the warts is the papillomavirus. It can be spread as it is contagious, by the means of even small cuts or scratches.

Verruca can be of different type like flat verruca, common verruca, plantar verruca, etc. It may sometimes vanish in 6 months or sometimes take a long period of at least 2 years. To get rid of such embarrassment you can get results sooner for that you need few home remedies.

Home remedies to get rid of warts naturally

Garlic home treatment for verruca

Garlic can be considered as the best Ayurvedic medicine as it has three major properties like antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal which fights against many different types of infections.

Take few pieces of garlic cloves and crush them. Apply it on the influenced zone. Cover it with bandage. Leave it tighter packed for almost 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. Repeat this treatment twice daily for a week. Larger warts may take longer time period to heal. If the smell of garlic isn’t favorable, you can even take garlic supplements too for a week or two

Apple cider vinegar to vanish blemish

Apple cider vinegar another best herbal medicine which too has the antiviral, antibacterial as well as antifungal properties that helps in getting rid of Verruca’s.

Take almost two sections of apple cider vinegar with one section of water. Apply this solution or paste on the influenced zone using a septic cotton ball. Cover the area with bandage or cloth. Repeat this type of home remedies for few weeks, it will turn black and vanish off which will leave a small marks that too will vanish in few days.

Vitamin C treatment for spot

Vitamin C has citrus extract which is highly acidic in nature and help in getting rid of warts virus which cause them.

Take vitamin C tablets and crush them in bowl. Add a little amount of water to it and prepare a smooth paste out of it. Apply this paste on warts and tie it with a cotton cloth. At the initial level it may cause some burning type sensation but will quickly go away taking away the pain too. This is an easy method which gives better results.

Euphratica leaves smoke for wart out

The smoke to wart out may be something different and is an old indigenous, Chinese home remedy. This treatment involves treating plantar warts in a smoke box, which is filled with smoke coming out from burnt leaves. The popular euphratica tree is the effective and conventional medical therapy to treat cryotherapy. The populous euphratica is the type of popular tree that is found in some parts of the world, mostly in the areas of China and the Middle East. Euphratica leaves are burnt to create smoke, which is filled with antiviral compounds called as salicylates.

Purchase euphratic leaves and dry them. After they gets dried out and light them on fire in a controlled environment. Let the leaves burn for a few minutes and cover them so that the lack of oxygen snuffs out the flames. You should carefully place your feet for about six inches over the smoldering leaves. Let the smoke infuse the bottom of your foot, where the plantar wart is left for at least 15 minutes.

You should be careful not to burn or blister the soles, which are present on your feet and make sure the flames are extinguished. Make sure not to close the embers.

Hot water soak to prevent varruga

The best home remedy easily performable at home is hot water soaking method. Soak warts in warm water, this will soften the warts and help in healing them as soon as possible. It will also fight against virus infections. Plain water is best but addition of vinegar or Epsom salt can be better and effective.

Before applying this remedy make sure to clean the affected area for best results. Make sure that the water isn’t too hot.

Baking soda to cure wart

Baking soda has antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It works best in combating viruses that may cause warts.

Take baking soda and add it to white vinegar and make a thick paste of it. Apply the paste on warts twice a day for better results.


Mix baking soda as well as castor oil together forming a paste. Apply it on wart and cover that area with cloth. Leave it overnight and in morning remove the cloth. Apply this remedy for almost several weeks till the warts vanish

Aloe vera natural ways to remove verruca

Aloe vera is best for skin issues and has anti-inflammatory property which is effective and easily available for warts treatment.

Extract gel from the aloe vera leaf. Apply it on warts with cotton cushion and cover it with cloth or bandage. Repeat this process twice or thrice over the wart daily. If you cannot get the fresh aloe vera leaf, use the aloe gel which is easily available in market in any drug store.

Try this home remedies and get rid of Verruca’s that can be a great embarrassment if not treated well and make your skin look dull.

Pumice stone for verruga

The pain in the affected area is predominantly due to the thick layer, removing it with some rough textured thing may reduce the pain. Pumice stone is the home remedy that comes handy to remove such thickened skin. It is used only to remove the thickened layer of the skin and not the wart itself. Soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes and scrape the thickened skin off. Then use a corn remover that you get at the pharmacists, place it on the corn as directed on the cover. This helps to remove the wart.

Salicylic acid to cure blemish

Salicyclic acid is active and effective as cryotherapy for treating warts. There are different types of salicyclic acid treatments such as cream, gel, paint or plaster. Salicyclic acid can destroy healthy skin, so take care while applying it on your skin. You can use petroleum jelly or a corn plaster to cover the skin around the warts to protect your skin before applying the treatment. Before applying this treatment to your wart, it is better to use an emery board or pumice stone to file it down a little. Repeat this once a week for better results. Every time you treat your wart, soak it in water for about 5 minutes to soften it. Continue the treatment for 12 weeks or longer as you observe the skin becomes sore, and seek.

Caution: Don’t use treatment that contains salicyclic acid to treat warts on your face.

Cryotherapy clinical treatment for wart

The treatment should be followed under trained nurse, doctor or podiatrist. Apply liquid nitrogen to the verruca for a few seconds to freeze and destroy the affected skin cells. This helps to recover from verruca. A sore blister will form after treatment and follow by a scab. It will fall off 7 – 10 days later. It may take more than one application for the verruca to resolve and obtain better results. Some plantar warts also resist even after three applications.

Cautions: It may usually take 5 – 15 minutes and also causes pain. Mostly large warts usually need to be frozen a few times before they clear up. You need to wait few weeks for each treatment.

Cryotherapy methods

One method is liquid nitrogen sprayed directly onto the wart or applied using a stick with a cotton wool on the tip. Other method is mostly preferred for small children and treatment around the eyes.

Second cryotherapy method

This is not usually recommended to treat young children as it is painful. It will be difficult to stay them in the same position while having the treatment. It may take three months.

Side effects

  • Your skin may become darker or lighter.
  • It will cause pain and blistering.
  • Your nails may develop as an abnormal change in shape or structure is cryotherapy is used to treat warts that developed around the nails.

Duct tape to treat plantar warts

Duct tape covering on wart is an effective home treatment. Duct tape is an effective treatment for the plantar warts. Applying duct tape regularly to plantar warts. This is low cost and eases of application due to lack of risk. Clean the bottom of your foot with rubbing alcohol. This is securely attach with a piece of duct over the plantar wart. Leave it for about 24 hours at a time, just before replacing it with a fresh piece of tape. Repeat the cycle for about 2 – 6 weeks. The duct tape methods is used in conjunction with the application of natural antiviral methods. There is no scientific evidence proven with a study backing up the use of duct tape that helps to get rid of warts. This can report to other nonporous tape, like electrical tape that works as well as duct tape for plantar warts.

Oils treatment for spot

Some oil helps to treat verruca. Oils such as thuja oil, lemon oil, and tea tree oil are effective in removing verrucas. Apply them gently on verrucas and leave it for some time.

Boost your immune system to get rid of warts

The plantar warts are a manifestation of viral infection that infers through the immune system, which is not strong enough to fight it off. It is better to focus on a way to boost your immune system, which is a logical and sensual approach to get rid of plantar warts naturally. Consult your nutritionist, naturopath and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine or chiropractor, which is the best way to boost your immune system. Eat more fresh fruits and veggies that helps to remove warts. Cut down refined sugar, reduce alcohol consumption, and quit smoking for better results. Always practice a good hygiene that is proven to boost your immune system. Include supplements such as Vitamins C and D, zinc, Echinacea and olive leaf extract to boost immune system.

Tips to prevent verrucas

  • Don’t share towels, socks, shoes and similar items with someone who has a verruca.
  • Always keep your feet dry, clean, and change your socks every day. Also maintain good foot hygiene.
  • Don’t scratch verruca as it will encourage the HPV and spread to other parts of your foot or body.
  • Cover verruca with a waterproof plaster or anti verruca guard sock when you took part in communal activities like swimming.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in the public places.