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Top best home remedies for urinary incontinence in women

Poor bladder control and frequent urination is called urinary incontinence. There are medicines and also surgeries to treat this problem. However, home remedies come to a great deal of help. You may also need to change your lifestyle if it is haywire. Women are more prone to this problem than men, the reason being, the physical stress of pregnancy and decrease in estrogen post-menopause.

The most common causes of urinary incontinence are due to timing debilitating, and some urological disorder. Inconsistence is due to weakened pelvic floor muscles, menopause, urinary stones, constipation, enlarged prostate, overactive bladder, etc.

Home remedies for urinary tract incontinence

Keep away from alcohol and caffeine to control UTI

Alcohol and caffeine consumption is most worsening and is an oaveractive bladder. Thus, both can stimulants and diuretics and can be increased due urination along with powerful urges to go. This is best in cutting out caffeine that doesn’t just mean in skipping your morning cup of coffee. A gradual decrease of caffeine prevents common withdrawal symptoms like headaches.

  • Cut down on alcohol consumption and caffeine. Alcohol worsens the bladder. If you are a regular coffee person in the mornings, it is not good for you. Avoid soda, tea, chocolate.

Pelvic exercises to strength muscles for urinary problems

Pelvic muscles help to reduce leaks and urges through the Kegel exercises. Thus, the Kegels work by squeezing pelvic floor muscles as you’re trying to stop urinating. It is recommended to perform Kegels 3 – 4 times a day for good results. It is a cone shaped weights that can insert into the vagina.

  • Pelvic muscle exercise is a very effective one. I personally know this because during pregnancy, urinary incontinence is a known issue. I practiced yoga, where we were taught Kegel exercise. By contracting your pelvic floor muscles, you can hold the control over the bladder.

Keep fit with proper diet for bladder infections

Overweight poses are a number of health risks that includes overactive bladder. This is due to the fat around your abdomen and hips that places extra pressure on your pelvic muscles. This increases urination, and there is another one more reason is that the pregnant women may also feel increased urination during her second and third trimesters.

  • Cut down those extra pounds if you are over weight. A few extra pounds on your belly puts pressure on the bladder, hence, the urge to urinate. Exercise and also take proper diet to keep fit.

Increase magnesium intake foods to prevent urinary inconsistency

Magnesium is the most essential and relaxation throughout the body and muscles. This helps to reduce the spasms of bladder muscle and also allow full emptying of the bladder.

  • Epsom salt is rich in magnesium sulfate. This also allows the body to absorb magnesium through the skin. Soak some Epsom salt and take a bath with warm water and 1 -2 cups of Epsom salt. Leave it for about 15- 20 minutes. Repeat it 2 – 3 times a week.
  • Increase your daily intake by eating more foods that are rich in nutrients such as yogurt, bananas, seeds and nuts.
  • Take 350mg of magnesium hydroxide supplements daily 2 times for 6 – 8 weeks. This gives positive results.
  • One of the important minerals to ease this problem is to take foods that are rich in magnesium. Potatoes and bananas are rich in magnesium. You also get the magnesium hydroxide pills, consult your physician before taking help of this pill.

Vitamin D to strength muscles

Vitamin D helps to increase the strength of the muscles. It also helps to fight against urinary incontinence. The highest level of Vitamin D has less chance to face pelvic floor that causes urinary incontinence. Daily consume Vitamin D rich foods like fish, dairy products, seafood, and egg yolk. Vitamin D also helps to cure some other diseases like cellulites or hangnails. Take foods that are rich in Vitamin D.

  • Dairy products, eggs and fish are rich in Vitamin D.

Quit smoking that affects the bladder

“Mostly smokers tend to cough more than the non smokers and long term, chronic coughing which is considered as a risk factor for developing stress urinary incontinence and or pelvic organ prolapse”, said by Dr. Zimmern.

  • Yes, smoking is definitely injurious to health. Nicotine affects the bladder and so is the incontinence.

Vinegar controls frequent urination

Vinegar is the best and great natural treatment for urinary incontinence that works effectively. This is a great tonic for health and eliminates the harmful toxins from your body. This also fight against and beats off infections that are related to the bladder. Apple cider vinegar assists in weight loss.

  • Due to the frequency of urination, the skin gets wet and may arise other skin irritations. Clean the wet areas with soap and water. Then, use diluted vinegar as a disinfectant. Clean the area with the help of diluted vinegar.

Foods to avoid

You should avoid citrus fruits like tomatoes, hot peppers and spicy dishes that causes irritation to the bladder.

  • This is something that has to be figured out by the person who is suffering because, only that person can check if he/she is allergic to some foods. However, avoid alcohol, hot spices, chocolates, tomatoes, sugars and corn syrup.

Applesauce, oat bran, prune juice

  • Take a cup of applesauce, a cup of oat bran, and 1/4th cup of prune juice. Mix all the ingredients and refrigerate. You can also store this mixture in ice trays. Gradually increase the intake of this mixture. Remember, this is one type of fluid intake. Continue to take water or any other liquids too.

Drink more water

Just because, you have the problem of incontinence doesn’t mean you must decrease the amount of water intake. If you avoid taking water, you may dehydrate which is not good for the nerves.

  • Drink a lot of water. By taking water, the toxins get flushed out while urinating. Coconut water is also good.

Bladder training is important

  • Prepare a chart with your timings of visits to the washroom to urinate and also when you leak. In a couple of days, you can determine what is causing leakage mostly and you can avoid leakage and end up going to the bathroom before even the leak happens. This way, you can train your bladder to hold the urge for longer periods gradually.

Pills under suggestion

  • Doctors suggest anticholinergic medicines. These pills block some of the nerves in the bladder muscle. Taking medicines along with bladder training is effective. Botox injections relax well for muscle, which in turn holds more urine. This can last up to a maximum of 9 months in the bladder, however, this may be repeated too.

Surgery to control bladder problems

  • I believe that the surgery is the last resort. This is usually an outpatient surgery. The Surgeon implants a device that stimulates the nerves near the bladder to control spasms with electrical signals. There is also a procedure to place the bladder in a “sling” which is a piece of tissue to hold the bladder. An alternate procedure is to the pull the bladder up to a more normal position.

Incontinence products

  • The panty liners, adult diapers and plastic-coated underwear are a few products available in the medical supply stores. Protective bedding such as plastic mattress protector might be helpful.

Yogurt to reduce urinary incontinence

Yogurt is the best ingredient to reduce urinary incontinence. It also helps to cure bladder infections. Eat yogurt that it contains sugar. But, don’t eat flavored yogurt that contains live cultures. It helps to control urinary infection. Yogurt is good for health and is used for beauty treatment also.

Apple cider vinegar for incontinence

Apple cider vinegar is better for health, beauty, and skin problems. It is rich in toxins the helps to prevent infections in the bladder. This is an excellent ingredient to lose weight. This is because of overweight on the abdomen and hips which are the causes of urinary incontinence due to pressure. Take 1 – 2 teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar and mix them in a glass of water. Mix them well and add a few drops of honey to taste. Mix them well and consume it 2 – 3 times a day. This remedy helps to reduce urinary incontinence.

Baking soda to prevent urinary infection

Baking soda reduces the urinary infection. But, high amount of baking soda causes many other health problems such as thirst, dizziness, seizure, and muscular tics. Don’t use baking soda for the people having hypertension and also avoid pregnant women.  Take baking soda and mix it in water. Mix it well and drink this water once a day. This helps prevent urinary infection quickly due to the presence of Vitamin C property.

Urinary incontinence is also a post-delivery problem. I have gone through this problem. I followed the kegel exercises and it is better now. Try and see which remedy suits your schedule.