Home remedies for blackheads – How to get rid of blackheads

Common and annoying, blackheads occur when your pores become clogged with excess sebum (oil created by the sebaceous glands that keeps skin supple) and dead skin cells. Squeezing blackheads is not the best way to get rid of blackheads as this process of removing blackheads can infect your skin getting it inflamed. Excess oil is usually produced due to hormonal changes like in teenage, during pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. Of course, when we eat a lot of fried foods and use low quality oil based cosmetic products!

The common causes of black heads are stress, hormonal changes, inheritance, unclean skin, cosmetics and caffeine. Here you have natural ways to drive out blackheads.

Home remedies to get rid of blackheads naturally

Baking soda paste to remove blackheads

Baking soda is rich in antiseptic property. This helps to remove blackheads and works naturally to prevent clogging skin pores. Baking soda has natural exfoliating property of anti-bacterial and antifungal agent. This is an effective home remedy for blackheads and pimples. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with a little amount of purified water. Apply this paste for around 25 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Lemon juice to get rid of blackheads

Lemon juice is rich in alpha-hydroxy acid and citric acid, which helps to remove dead skin. This has unstopping clogged pores. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidant that helps to stimulate collagen production. This helps to improve skin health and reduces scarring from acne. Blend juice from lemon and add a little amount of sugar into it to make a paste. Gently rub this paste on the affected area and you will notice the glow on your skin.

Almond and besan scrub to remove dead skin cells

Almonds are natural exfoliators that help to remove dead cells. This helps to get rid of skin and germs with excess oil. This causes clogged pores to be open and remove blackheads. Almonds are good for all skin types. Soak and grind some almonds for blackhead face mask. Gram flour or besan helps to remove blackheads and removed dead skin cells. Take almonds and crush them. Mix besan into crushed almonds to make it into a smooth paste. Apply this paste daily and you will notice the change. This treatment is best for nose.

Honey pack to get natural glowing skin

Honey is rich in anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. This is a great choice of acne related blackheads. Honey naturally cures and heal skin ailments for all skin types. It has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It has clogged up pores and pulls it out. Honey is good for both oily skin and blackheads. It doesn’t hydrate the skin. But, it can tighten the skin pores, thereby acting as an effective mask against blackheads. Apply honey to your face and leave it until it dries. Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Rose water pack to unclog skin pores

Rose water is really good for the skin as it removes skin clogs and blackheads. Rose water helps to lighten the skin and removes dead skin cells on the skin. It reduces stickiness from the face. You can also mix a few drops of lemon into it and rinse your face daily with it. You will notice the difference.

Green tea to treat oily skin

Green tea is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. This helps to break up excess oil and can reduce inflammation of acne prone skin. Green tea removes oil from the skin as well as in unclogging the pores. Prepare a paste of one teaspoon of dried green tea leaves with a little water. Apply this paste or rub it on your skin. Then wash off gently with water.

Oatmeal scrub for blackheads

Oatmeal helps to soothe irritation and removes dead skin cells. This also removes excess oil and helps to clarify the skin complexion. Blend juice from 4 tomatoes and take 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix sufficient quantity of oatmeal into 1 teaspoon of honey and juice of 4 tomatoes. Gently scrub this paste on your skin. Leave it for about 10 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat the process every other day until the blackheads are totally removed.

Fenugreek to eliminate blackheads

Fenugreek helps in eliminating blackheads. Fenugreek is good for the body and is a topical application for oral consumption. This consists of powerful antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and emollient properties. This helps to clear blackheads and whiteheads from your skin. Crush fenu greek leaves (Methi) and make it into a fine paste by adding water. Apply this paste for blackheads on your face to clear blackheads. Repeat it regularly to get rid of blackheads at home naturally.

Oatmeal, yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil for blackheads

Take 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, 3 tablespoons of yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil. Prepare a mixture of oatmeal and yogurt is good for the skin and helps banish blackheads. Mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with 3 tablespoons of yogurt, add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and olive oil to it, mix all these ingredients well till it forms a paste. Apply the mixture on the face, leave it for about 10-15 minutes and wash your face with cold water. Then feel the difference.

Raw egg and honey to remove blackheads fast

Egg white helps to tighten the skin pores. This reduces chances of blackheads and can lessen drying and rich nutrition. Egg white protects your skin from getting tremendously greasy. This helps to remove current blackheads and can tighten the skin pores.  Honey is rich in antibacterial property. It has essential properties to treat blackheads. Raw eggs are an effective home remedy to get rid of blackheads. Break one to two eggs and separate egg whites, mixed with one tablespoon of honey. Apply this mixture over the area of blackheads, leave it for about 30 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

How to get rid of black heads with tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in antibacterial properties to dry up blackheads. This is rich in lycopene with exerts that are strong. This is also rich in anti-oxidant. This helps to remove all free radicals that cause damage to your skin. Mash a Tomato and apply it over your blackheads. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse off with water. Follow this home remedy regularly to get rid of blackheads.

Turmeric best home remedy for blackheads

Turmeric is natural healing ingredient. This is rich in curcumin component, which is antimicrobial and helps to remove the bacteria that are present in the skin’s pores. Turmeric has an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property that helps to improve your skin texture. Turmeric acts as an antibiotic and also it is to be a great healing ingredient that reduces blackhead. Prepare a mixture of mint juice and apply it on the affected area that will help you to remove blackheads.

Cleansing sugar scrub to treat blackheads

Take 1 cup of sugar, 4 tablespoons of jojoba oil, an airtight glass jar and essential oils. Mix 4 tablespoons of oil in a cup of sugar, stirring until everything is fully dissolved. Add several drops of essential oil for fragrance if you like. Store in a cool and dark place in a glass jar for up to the shelf-life of the oil you chose to use. Stir before using and then wet faces, applies some scrub onto your fingertips, and massage it over your skin in circular motions. Rinse with water and moisturize as usual. Repeat this not more than 2-3 times a week, otherwise you risk drying out and/or irritating your skin.