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How to cook baby uttapam at home

Baby uttapam is tasty snack item cooked at home. Topping used for baby uttapam depends on your taste. Baby uttapam is served with tomato sauce or any chutney. It is delicious snack prepared at home easily. Moreover it is famous South Indian recipe.


  • Rice-  2 cup
  • Butter- ½ cup
  • Chopped onions- ¼ cup
  • Chopped tomato- ¼ cup
  • Green chili- 2 spoons
  • Urad dhal- 1 cup
  • Grated carrot-1/4 cup
  • water
  • oil -1/4 cup


Step 1: Soak rice and urad dhal in water whole night.

Step 2: Next day,clean both the ingredients with fresh water.

Step 3: Grind both the ingredients into thick paste.

Step 4: leave the wet flour for 5- 6 hrs for fermentation.

Step 5: Add some salt and little amount of water to the flour after fermentation.

Step 6: Take a pan, Heat a spoon of oil and butter.

Step 7: Take wet flour using round bowl and add toppings such as tomato, onion, chili and grated carrot.

Step 8: Bake baby uttapam on low flame till it changes into brown color. Bake on both sides if u need.

Enjoy the taste of baby uttapam. Serve it with tomato sauce or chutney