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Natural ways to get rid of anemia

Anemia is a condition in which the body does not have enough red blood cells to get enough oxygen to your body tissues. Anemia is a disorder in which blood deficiency occurs. It leads to lack of oxygen in the organs of the body. The most common forms of anemia are the result of a nutritional deficiency. The common types of anemia are as follows.

Iron deficiency anemia: Iron deficiency anemia happens when the body doesn’t have enough iron to produce hemoglobin, causing the red blood cells to shrink.

Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia: A vitamin B12 deficiency anemia produces oversized red blood cells while iron deficiency anemia produces smaller than usual red blood cells. Thus, it makes harder for the body to squeeze the red blood cells through vessels and veins.

Folic acid deficiency anemia: A deficiency of folic acid produces the same oversized red blood cells as a vitamin B12 deficiency. Folic acid deficiency anemia is simply not getting enough in the diet.

Symptoms of anemia

Anemia symptoms include rapid heartbeat, weakness, fatigue, pain in chest, dizziness, headache, ringing in the ears, irritability, pale skin, restless leg syndrome, and confusion.

The main risk factors for anemia are low intake of nutrients in food, small intestine problems, menstruation, pregnancy, chronic conditions, and heredity.

Natural home remedies to get rid of anemia

Beetroot and apple juice for anemia

Apple is rich in iron and beets are high in folic acid as well as fiber and potassium. Have an apple or two in a day, when you mix with beet with apple, your chances of fighting off anemia doubles up. Take 1 in each cup of apple and beet-root juice. Mix them and add honey to this and stir. Have this juice twice a day.

Banana to treat anemia

Banana is rich in iron content that can stimulate the production of hemoglobin. There are some other enzymes called as an essential for the formation of red blood cells. You can also see that there are some other good sources of magnesium that can aid in hemoglobin synthesis. Take a ripe banana with two tablespoons of honey, every day. It is good and works for overcoming anemia.

Sesame seeds to increase RBC

Sesame seeds work to treat anemia. Black sesame seeds are a rich source of iron. There is more than one way to have sesame seeds for anemia. Take 1 tsp of sesame seeds, 1 tsp of honey and water to soak sesame seeds. Soak sesame seeds in water for 2 hours, strain the seeds and crush them to get a paste. Add honey to this sesame seeds paste and mix well. Have this paste twice a day.

You may also have another procedure that take 1 tsp of black sesame seeds, 1 cup of milk, 1-2 tsp of jaggery and warm water to soak sesame seeds. Soak sesame seeds in warm water for 2 hours. Grind it to get into a paste and mix it with a cup of milk. Add honey or jaggery and mix them well. Have it daily.

Amla drink for immune system

Amla is rich in Vitamin C and iron. This is better to cure many ailments. This helps to strengthen the immune system. Eat amla everyday in order to increase the red blood cell count. Mix 60ml of fresh amla juice with 25 ml of honey and drink it every morning to alleviate anemia.

Blackstrap molasses to increase RBC

Blackstrap molasses not only contain high levels of iron, but also flat which is a natural source of folic acid. Molasses can increase red blood cell production efficiency. Take 2 tsp of blackstrap molasses, 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water. Mix molasses with apple cider vinegar and add water into it. Have it once in a day.

Milk to improve hemoglobin

Milk is rich in protein and helps to energize you. This helps to improve your health and increase the hemoglobin level. Milk is good for the deficiency of iron and hemoglobin in the body. Add 5-7 black pepper balls in 200ml of milk and boil them well in an iron vessel.

Spinach for iron deficiency

Take half cup of spinach daily can cure your anemia. This dark green leafy vegetable is high in vitamins A, B9, E and C, iron, fiber, calcium and beta carotene. Half a cup of boiled spinach has 3.2 mg of iron, which is about 20% of the daily iron requirement for a woman! Never forget to boil spinach, even if for a minute because spinach also has oxalic acid in it which interferes with the absorption of iron by the body.

Epsom salt to increase iron

Epsom salt increases the salt content in your body. This helps in suffering from iron deficiency, which leads to anemia. Soak your body in Epsom salt water in bathtub. Take a bath with warm water mixed with Epsom salt. If you wish, you can soak your feet. OR else soak your feet in Epsom salt solution for about 10 – 15 minutes.

Tomatoe juice for iron improvement

Tomatoes are rich sources of vitamin C and Lycopene. Vitamin C is needed by your body to absorb iron. Eat 1-2 raw tomatoes every day. Drink a glass of tomato juice every day. Add tomatoes while making your dishes.

Cold water bath to treat anemia

Take at least two cold water baths a day. This has been found to be beneficial as a home remedy for anemia. Sun bath is beneficial for treating anemia, because sunlight stimulates the body’s production of red blood cells.

Pomegranate to increase hemoglobin

Pomegranate can be a super fruit. It has protein, carbohydrate, fat, fiber and sugars too. It has iron and calcium. It is enriched with minerals like potassium and copper. It excellently increases hemoglobin in your blood and supports healthy blood flow. Have a medium sized pomegranate every morning on an empty stomach. Have a glass of pomegranate juice every day with your breakfast.

Iron pots for anemia prevention

Cook your food in iron pots to get rid of anemia. This is to prepare your foods in iron pots and utensils that are because by using iron utensils. This is more significant to increase the quantity of iron from food. This helps with the intake of high iron content in the food, thus helps to cure anemia faster. Cook your food in iron vessels and pots on a daily basis as it can combat the problem of iron deficiency by increasing the iron in your food.

Parsley to gain iron requirement

Parsley is very high in iron and folic acid. A 100 gram of parsley contains 5.5 mg of iron, which means half a cup of fresh parsley or 1 tablespoon of this dried herb can meet 10% of your body’s daily requirement of iron. Use parsley in your sandwiches and salads. When preparing a juice, add some parsley, say about 1-2 tbsp with it. Prepare tea using parsley by pouring hot water over parsley leaves, steep for a couple of minutes, Add a tsp of honey and have this herbal tea twice or thrice a day.

Figs to enrich your body

Figs are also a great source of iron. Take 3-4 figs daily that they can enrich your body with iron. They can also be consumed after soaking in water during the night and consuming early in the morning, daily.

Dates to produce red blood cells

Delicious palm tree fruits, dates are a rich source of iron. 100 g of dates contain 0.90mg of iron. Dates are rich in minerals as calcium, manganese, copper, and magnesium. Copper is particularly required for the production of red blood cells. It is good to have dates daily.

Soak 2 dry dates in a cup of milk or water. Eat the dates in the morning on an empty stomach and drink the remaining milk or water. Have a handful of dates on an empty stomach in the morning after which drink a cup of milk to remain energetic throughout the day. You may also soak 1 or 2 dates in a cup of warm water for 23 hours and drink this water.

Oil massage for blood circulation

A whole body massage with oils like mustard, olive, or coconut oil can help in increasing the blood circulation of the body. Oil massage is the natural home treatment for anemia. This works better rather than other home remedies. Anemic patients are advised to choose full body massage for at least once or twice a week for about a couple of months. The body full massage helps to improve blood circulation and also increase the production of red blood corpuscles.

Wholegrain, legumes, nuts 

Whole grains, legumes, and nuts are good vegetarian sources of iron and folic acid. Have legumes like kidney beans, lima beans, green peas, chick peas and pinto beans are good sources of iron. Take nuts like peanuts, almonds, and walnuts. Half a cup of walnuts can give you 3.75 mg of iron. Have pulses and wholegrain cereals. Have lots of fruits and vegetables, as their vitamin C and organic acids kept iron in a reduced form.

Bottle gourd soup to cure anemia

Anemia is caused due to nutritional deficiencies. Take 1 bottle gourd, ½ cup of beet-root pieces, 1 cup of spinach, and 2 glasses of water. Cut bottle gourd in pieces and add water, beet-root, and spinach to it. Cover the vessel and let it boil. Boil till the veggies become soft. Once they cooked, take out the soup. Mash the vegetable pieces and discard the pulp. Have this soup daily to cure anemia.

Raisins to prevent anemia

Raisins are an excellent source of various nutrients like calcium, potassium, sodium, protein, fiber, and iron. A 100 g of these dried grapes can provide you with 1.88 mg iron. Take 8-15 raisins, half a cup of water. Soak raisins in water overnight and have them in the morning.

Apples best diet

Apple is rich in micronutrient that includes iron. Anemic patient should eat different varieties of fruits. It is better to daily consume an apple for better improvement of blood. There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is especially for iron deficiency in people. Most of the adult women suffer from iron deficiency as it is an extension part. So, women are advised to consume at least one or two fresh apples a day that are rich in iron. You can eat a fresh apple or drink freshly blended apple juice to counter the negative effects of anemia.

Tips to get rid of anemia

  • Increase your iron intake.
  • Increase foods that can also help the absorption of iron.
  • Avoid drinks that can inhibit iron absorption.
  • Perform handling and treatment if suffer fibroids
  • Visit your doctor or health care center nearby.