Home remedies for puffy eyes | How to get rid of dark circles

Many times when you get up you observe yourself in the mirror with puffy, red eyes bulging out. It may be recognized as you may be suffering from any type of health issues. Puffy eyes may look swelling type which may include reasons like top crying, unnecessary physical anxiety, some hereditary qualities, dermatitis, some hormonal changes in the body, uneven climate changes, sinus issues, headaches, awful eating routine, due to restlessness and sometime hypersensitive response too. When observed puffy eyes can look drained and sick. Home remedies are best while treatment for delicate organ like eyes, as it may be effective and helpful, following are few home remedies.

Home remedies for puffy eyes

Strawberries for puffy eyes

Strawberries are rich in alpha hydroxyl acid, which helps to make your skin look smooth and young. This helps to reduce under eye puffiness and swelling. Take a fresh strawberry and refrigerate it for about 30 minutes. Remove its tops and slice it into thick pieces. Place the slices under your eyes for several minutes.

Massage your eyes with hands

This helps to reduce eye puffs. Puffiness under eyes are caused due to excessive fluids that has trapped around your eyes. Gently massage the area around your eyes. This helps to displace the trapped fluid that makes it go away from under the eyes. Massage in the right way as followed. Close your eyes and lightly press the ring finger under your eye. Move the finger in arch shape from inside corner of your eye towards outside. Do it for 10 – 15 rounds. Gentle enough, it’s because eyes are sensitive organs. Repeat the massage movements for other eye too. You should make it as a habit to massage your eyes as every morning before you get out of your bed.

Tomato paste to reduce puffiness

The tomato is rich to reduce puffiness. This household and easily available home remedy. This is not used as food preparation, but also quick home remedy. The tomato has best concoctions that can treat dark circles for the eyes. Tale some freshly blended tomato paste, squeeze out fresh lemon juice and a small amount of turmeric powder and gram flour. Mix them well and spread this mixture around your eyes. Allow it to be like that for about 15 minutes. Repeat this natural home remedy daily basis and its results as apparent in time. This can reduce puffiness and dark circles that can eventually go away.

Orange juice to reduce dark circle

Orange is rich in Vitamin C that can serve as a convenient preparation. This helps to eradicate any sign of tiredness in the eyes. The orange juice helps to get rid of dark circles and eye puffiness. Prepare a mixture of orange juice and glycerin. Mix them well and dab this mixture on the affected area. Apply it three times a week for better results. You can find better improvement around your eyes with this natural home remedy quickly.

Water to reduce eye puffiness

One of the most used and a straightforward approach in disposing of puffy eyes is staying hydrated. There is less risk of water maintenance in the territory of eyes and even different parts of the body which may lead to swelling. Water may flush of the poison out from the body.

To stay hydrated, drink more water such as 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. With water, take care of the salt content in your diet too, as maintain the water balance in the body. It also energizes body and keeps it out from drying.

Tea bags to get rid of eye bags

Be it green tea packs or dark tea sacks, both can help mitigate puffy and aggravated eyes. They contain against aggravation properties that help decrease swelling around your eyes. They can likewise calm redness and irritation.

Let it be green tea pack can help in getting rid of puffy and aggravated eyes. They contain aggravation properties that will help in decreasing the swelling around the eyes. It also helps in the reduction of redness and irritation of the eyes.

Dip 2 tea bags in high temperature water for a couple of minutes, then take them out and let them chill off. Rests, put the tea sacks over your eyelids and spread them with a delicate fabric. Leave them set up for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat a couple times each day.

Cucumbers to remove puffy eyes

Chilled cucumber can be the best treatment in getting rid of puffy eyes. The proteins and the antiseptic properties in cucumber may help in lessening the irritation and help in fixing the skin. It will also help in disposing of the wrinkles and even dark circles around the eyes.

Cut a cucumber into thick cuts. Cool the cuts in the icebox for 10 minutes. Place the cool cuts on your eyelids for around 10 minutes or until they turn out to be warm. Repeat the procedure a few times each day.

Egg whites to reduce dark circles

Egg whites have skin fixing properties that will reduce the puffy eyes and may also help in avoiding wrinkles.

Separate the yolks from 2 eggs and put the whites in a dish. Whip the egg whites completely until you get a solid consistency. Include a couple drops of witch hazel, a characteristic skin-fixing antiseptic. Utilize a brush or delicate material to apply this blend under your eyes and permit it to dry. Leave it on for around 15 minutes. Do this day by day for a couple of days.

Potatoes for eye bag reduction

Like that of cucumbers, potatoes are best viable in disposing of with the puffy eyes. The starch which is in potatoes has a pain reducing properties that will help in decreasing the swollen eyes. The cure is also useful in getting rid of dark circles of the eyes.

Peel, wash and dry a medium-size potato. Grate the potato and put the slices in a tidy fabric and tie it up. Place this fabric over your eyelids for a few minutes. Repeat the procedure a few times until the puffiness dies down.

Icy water to reduce eye puffiness

If you are facing restless night and is left with puffy eyes, frosty water is best remedy to treat them. It chokes up veins and lessens the swelling.

Wash your face with a few sprinkles of super cold water. Do this a couple times for the duration of the day as required. You can likewise utilize a little pack loaded with ice, wrap it in a washcloth and spot it on your eyes. Repeat as essential until the swelling is no more.

Try these home remedies and get rid of redness, irritation, swelling and pain of puffy eyes in few minutes. Do try and make your eyes back to normal again.