How to make aate ka halwa / wheat flour halwa

Aate ka halwa is the delicious sweet dish which is easy to make at home.  Halwa contains rich nutrients. Whenever you feel to eat something sweet then it is the best thought to choose the aata ka halwa. The actual meaning of Aate ka halwa in English is wheat flour halwa. Let’s see how to make the wheat flour halwa / Atta ka halwa.

How to cook aate ka halwa / wheat flour halwa


  • Ghee = ¼ cup
  • Wheat = 100 gms
  • Chopped Cashews = 20
  • Sugar = ½ cup
  • Chopped Cardamom = 5
  • Raisins = 25 (separate the stems)

Method of preparation

Step 1: Take a pan and pre heat it for 5mins. Add ½ tbsp ghee to the pan.

Step 2: Add wheat flour to the ghee and stir it nicely till the flour becomes golden brown.

Step 3: Now pour the water thrice to the quantity of the flour.

Step 4: Add sugar to the water and stir it nicely so that the sugar dissolves completely into the water and flour.

Step 5: Mix it well till the content becomes lightly thick.

Step 6: Add the Chopped cashews and raisins to it.

Step 7: Once the halwa mix gets thick then add the remaining ghee and Cardamom. Mix it well.

Step 8: Now the halwa is ready to eat. Serve it to the bowl and garnish with cashews.

Enjoy the tasty aate ka halwa.