How to make butterscotch pudding

Butterscotch pudding is vanilla flavored dessert with caramel topping. It is also called as caramel butterscotch pudding. Everyone enjoy the taste of cookies, cakes especially desserts. Preparing desserts at home is easy. Desserts are of different types these are prepared using different recipes in different flavors. Let us learn how to prepare the butterscotch pudding at home.


  • Milk- 2 cups
  • Sugar- ¾ cup
  • Brown sugar- ¼ cup
  • Eggs yolks – 2
  • Unsalted butter- 3 spoons
  • Vanilla essence- ½ spoon
  • Whisky- ½ spoon
  • Whipped cream- ¼ cup
  • Water- 2 cups
  • Kosher salt – ½ spoon
  • Corn flour- ¼ cup
  • Cocoa powder- ½ spoon
  • dry nuts- 1/4 cup


To prepare caramel mixture:

Step 1: At medium flame, take a pan add sugar and water. Stir it well.

Step 2: Boil it well until the caramel mixture turns into brown colour.

Step 3: Off the flame, add whipped cream by mixing it well and keep aside.

To prepare pudding:

Step 4: Take another pan, heat milk, brown sugar, corn flour and kosher salt. Mix it well.

Step 5: Heat it well until it starts bubbling.

Step 6: Add egg yolks mixture to it and stir it well.

Step 7: Now add vanilla essence and whisky to the mixture and mix well.

Step 8: Add unsalted butter and stir it well, heat the mixture until it turns to thick paste.

Step 9: Pour pudding into a small cups and store in refrigerator for 2 hrs.

Step 10: Add caramel mixture to the pudding as topping and sprinkle the cocoa powder.

Step 11: Add dry nuts and serve the chilled butterscotch pudding.

Enjoy the taste of vanilla flavored butterscotch pudding..