How to make chocolate lassi – Recipe

Every one like to drink lassi made with yogurt in hot summer but lassi made with chocolate syrup is would become a favorite drink for chocolate lovers.  These beverages have delicious taste and healthy to overcome health problems that are caused in summer. Chocolate lassi is chilled beverage in hot summer which makes our body cool from heat. The main ingredients that are used in preparing chocolate flavoured lassi are yogurt, chocolate syrup, vanilla scoop and choco sticks. Moreover, it is easy and simple to prepare at home. Let us see how to make chocolate lassi..


  • Chocolate syrup- 5 spoons
  • Chocolate pieces- 10
  • Sugar- 1cup
  • Crushed dark chocolate pieces-for garnish
  • Yogurt- 4 cups
  • Vanilla scoops- 4
  • Semi chopped almonds- ┬╝ cup


Step 1: Take a mixer, add yogurt, sugar and chocolate balls

Step 2: Mix them in processor till they become smooth paste.

Step 3: Add some water and mix them well till it turns into thin liquid.

Step 4: Take glasses and spread chocolate syrup equally.

Step 5: Pour chocolate lassi in glasses.

Step 6: keep chocolate lassi in refrigerator for 15min.

Step 7: Add vanilla ice cream scoop to the lassi and sprinkle chopped almonds

Step 8: Garnish with chocolate balls and choco sticks.

Step 9: Serve to drink chocolate flavoured lassi.

Enjoy the taste of chocolate flavoured lassi!!