How to make cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a non-alcoholic drink preferred at the time of cocktail parties. This is a special recipe prepared especially for non-drinkers. Cranberry contains high amount of sugar, it helps to improve the growth of immature cells in our body. Cranberries are used to make cranberries sauce. It is used as toppings for ice creams, in cocktails etc. This juice is mixed with alcoholic drinks. Cranberry juice is a sweet drink with delicious flavour. It is very simple to prepare this drink at home. Let us see how to make cranberry juice.


  • Cranberries- 100gms
  • Apple juice- 100ml
  • Honey- 5ml
  • Maraschino cherries- 1cup
  • Ice cubes- 1 large bowl


Step 1: Clean cranberry with water thoroughly

Step 2: Using mixer grind the cranberries into thin liquid.

Step 3: Sieve the liquid without any pulp.

Step 4: Take a bowl, drop some ice cubes, apple juice and stir it well.

Step 5: Add honey and stir it well with spoon.

Step 6: Add cranberry juice to ice cubes mix.

Step 7: Serve the drink in glasses.

Step 8: Add maraschino cherries as toppings to cranberry juice.

Enjoy the sweet and chilled cranberry juice!!