How to make Indian pizza at home

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes. Pizza is simply made with good and healthy ingredients. Every one often makes pizza in oven. If you don’t have oven you can use pan to make pizza. This is easy snack option with different varieties.  Making pizza at home is quite easy and healthy too. The recipes used in making the pizza can be varied according to the tastes.


  1. 1 Pizza base
  2. 2 table spoon pizza sauce
  3. 2 tablespoons butter
  4. 1 onion thinly chopped
  5. 2  chopped green chilies
  6. 1/2cupof thinly chopped capsicum
  7. ½ cup of chopped tomato
  8. 2 table spoons of sweet corn.
  9. 1 table spoon of olive oil
  10. Salt as per taste.
  11. ½ table spoon of ginger.


Step 1: Heat the little amount of oil in the non-stick pan. Add chopped onion, chopped green chilies for 2 min.

Step 2: Add chopped capsicum, tomato to the mixture and leave it for few seconds.

Step 3: Add boiled sweet corn of table spoons to the mixture and leave it for 3 min. later keep aside

Step 4: Now take one pizza base. Apply butter in even proportions to the base of pizza.

Step 5: Add the mixture on the top of pizza. Finally top pizza cheese on pizza.

Step 6: Keep it in oven for five minutes.


Step 7: Heat the pan for 5-10min .place the pizza on pan for 5min.

Step 8: Check in between whether the cheese melted .serve the pizza in plate.

Step 9: Add chili flakes or sauce to pizza to eat

Step 10: Enjoy the true taste of Indian pizza in a simple manner.