How to make indian sweet rice cakes / ariselu

Rice cakes are most beautiful, tasty, yummy among the sweets. It is famous south indian sweet dish. There is no festival without ariselu/rice cakes. It is prepared mostly in sankranthi festival season. It is called with different names in different locations. It is called Arisa in Andhra, Adhirasam in tamil nadu, Kajaya in kannada. So lets see how to make this delicious sweet.


  • Old fat rice = 2kgs
  • Jaggery (Bellam) = 1kg
  • Seasame seeds (Nuvvulu) = 100grms
  • Oil or ghee = 1 kg
  • Wooden presser (Arisela chakkalu)

How to prepare rice cake / ariselu

Step 1 : Take the rice and soak it for two to three days.

Step 2: Clean the rice 2 times for a day. This result to avoid odd smell.

Step 3 : Remove the soaked rice and place the rice on a clean dry cloth and make it dry for 15min.

Step 4 : Grind or blend the wet rice to smooth powder.

Step 5: Take 1 ltr of water in a pan and mix the water with jaggery by continuously mixing.

Step 6 : Let that liquid make strong. Check the strongness by touching the liquid.

Step 7 : Off the flame and add 2 tbsp of ghee and Seasame seeds

Step 8: Now mix the rice flour into the jaggery liquid slowly till it becomes thick.

Step 9: Mean while heat the oil in small pan.

Step 10: The paste is now ready and it should be the medium thicker.

Step 11: Now take some paste into vessel.(This all done when the paste is hot)

Step 12: Take a thick plastic cover apply some oil on to it for preparing ariselu.

Step 13: Prepare rounds with hand and press that paste on the cover.

Step 14: Leave that ariselu into oil pan slowly and fry it till it gets golden brown.

Step 15: Remove the ariselu from the pan and place them on the wooden presser to extract the excess oil.

Step 16: Now place the ariselu on an tissue paper so that the remaining oil will be absorbed.

Tasty tasty ariselu / rice cakes are now ready to eat. Enjoy the festival with this beautiful sweet.