Lemon pickle / Nimakaya uragaya pachadi – Nimboo ka achar recipe

Lemon pickle is called in different names like Nimboo ka Achar or Nimakayala uragaya pachadi. I am great pickle lover. Without the pickle my meal would be incomplete. Not only me most of the people start their meal with tasty red chili pickles. So for all the pickle lovers we are presenting the famous lemon pickle which is sour in taste. This can be eaten as a side dish in tiffins or in hot white rice or in curd rice. In Andhra if you order the curd rice in restaurants then they serve the curd rice with lemon pickle. This is best combination for curd rice. Nimakaya pachadi is tongue tickling pickle. Some won’t use oil in making of this pickle but I have taken it as an ingredient. Little piece of pickle can make the meal more interesting. Pickle is the model part for any Indian meal.

We use lemon more during summers in making sharbats as refreshment and for instant energy. The aroma of this yellow color round lemons will be awesome. Some people smell the lemon in travelling to avoid vomiting sensations. Readymade pickles are lot floating in the market but the taste which we made at home and prepared by others would be completely different. Don’t know what actually they use the ingredients in making and storing the pickles that why I always prefer eating the pickles which are homemade.

I have grabbed this lemon pickle recipe from my mom and started preparing at home. You can’t make this pickle instantly because it is time taking process. Why because the lemons skin will be hard. Before adding the spices the lemon pieces are soaked by adding salt and turmeric. The technique lies in how you cut the pieces and amount of salt and red chili powder. So follow the procedure and ingredients list carefully.

Nimakaya nilava uragaya pachadi / lemon pickle

nimmakaya nilava pachadi


ingredients for lemon pickle

  • Fresh lemons – 10
  • Red chili powder – ½ cup
  • Salt (required)
  • Oil – ½ cup
  • Garlic cloves – 20
  • Turmeric – 1tbsp
  • Mustard seed powder (if you like) – 1tbsp

How to make nimmakaya nilava uragaya pachadi

Step 1: Wash the lemons and rub the lemons in dry cloth.

Step 2: Let the lemons dry for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Clean the cutter with cloth so that no water content present on the cutter.

Step 4: Now start cutting the lemons into pieces as shown in image.

cut the lemon pieces


Step 5: Take a glass jar or plastic container. Put the lemon pieces into it.

Step 6: Add turmeric, red chili powder, garlic cloves, mustard seed powder, oil and salt to the pieces.

add the spices


Step 7: Mix well all the ingredients.

Step 8: Close the container with lid and keep it stored for 3 days.

Step 9: Take 6 lemons, squeeze the juice of it.

store the lemons


Step 10: Pour this juice into the lemon jar or container after 3 days.

Step 11: Mix them all. Taste the salt if required add it.

Step 12: Leave it for 10 days. Then start tasting the pickle.

lemon pickle nimakaya pachadi


It can be stored for 3 – 4 months if you store with proper order. Water content should not touch to this pickle. So be careful while taking the pickle out from container. Close the container with tight lids. Make sure that the containers, spoons and jar which you are using to store the pickle are moisture free, if not the pickle will get spoiled.

Do you know that pickles are also a source of probiotics. So lemon is one of the popular citrus fruit which we use for making pickle. The citric acid in lemons helps in maintaining the digestive system healthy and dissolves kidney stones. Lemon pickle doesn’t consist of cholesterol or fats but it is rich source of dietary fiber. Vitamin C is the main health benefits that release from lemon. It is very powerful water soluble natural anti oxidant. Consuming of vitamin C foods fights the infectious agents and keeps away the allergies attacking to the body.