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Amaranthus / chavuli / thotakura rotis – Tasty and healthy Green leafy amaranth leaves rotis recipe

Today How to make is going to introduce you the healthy and tasty green leafy vegetable rotis. Hope you have seen a lot of varieties of rotis but tasting Amaranthus or thotakura or chavuli rotis gives you a chance to taste different flavor on tongue. Thotakura / Amaranthus is the famous green leafy vegetable which is having lot of proteins and vitamins. People are taking more care on their health due to pollutions and dramatic changes in weather. Eating of food outside is not been so preferable now a days. So HOW TO MAKE offering you this recipe Thotakura rottelu or Amaranthus rotis and we wish you to be healthy.

When I am travelling in train first time I have seen this Amaranthus rotis or thorakura rottelu in one of the north Indian passengers hand who is sitting just beside me. She asked me to taste this rotis or rottelu. After tasting these Amaranthus rotis i immediately started asking the recipe. Then she said the recipe of how to make Amaranthus rotis. She even replied that since they are having two to three days of journey these rotis would fill their stomach and stays longer time. So after reaching home I have started preparing this tasty Amaranthus rotis.

Here you go with the healthy green leafy vegeatable amaranthus rotis or thotakura rottelu recipe.

Amarnthus / chavuli / thotakura rotis



Amarnthus ingredients

  • Amaranthus – 2 bunches
  • Wheat flour – 3 cups
  • Ginger – Medium piece
  • Red chili powder – ½ tbsp
  • Cumin seeds – 3tbsp
  • Oil – 6tbsp
  • Salt (required)

How to Make

Step 1: Wash the Amaranthus or thotakura in a big vessel with fresh water for at least 3 times. So that it will wash out the soil.

Step 2: Drain the Amaranthus or thotakura from water and collect it into a vessel. Keep this a side. The Amaranthus leaves should get dry so that put the wet leaves into a dry cloth and rub the leaves. The water in the Amaranthus leaves will get absorbed by the cloth.

Amaranthus leaves

Step 3: Take the scissor and start cutting the leaves into small pieces as shown in figure. Keep it a side.

Step 4: Now add cuming seeds and ginger piece into a small jar.

add cuming seeds and ginger piece

Step 5: Grind it into a paste. Keep this a side.

Grind it into a paste

Step 6: Take a pan on stove and put 3tbsp of oil into a pan.

pan on stove

Step 7: Give a medium flame.

Step 8: After oil getting hot add Amaranthus leaves to the oil.

hot add Amaranthus leaves

Step 9: Add 1 pinch of salt to the leaves.

pinch of salt

Step 10: After 2mins add red chili powder and grinded ginger cumin powder to the frying leaves.

add red chili powder and grinded ginger cumin

add red chili powder and grinded ginger cumin 1

Step 11: Mix it well for 1 min and turn off the flame.

and turn off the flame

Step 12: Now take a bowl and add wheat flour and salt.

bowl and add wheat flour

Step 13: Put the fried Amaranthus leaves or thotakura to the wheat flour.

fried Amaranthus leaves

Step 14: Start making dough by adding water. Remember don’t add too much of water. You need mix this flour like how you will make chapathi dough.

dough by adding water

Step 15: Now take a chapathi pressure or chapathi stick for making rotis with this Amaranthus leaves dough.

chapathi pressure or chapathi stick

Step 16: Make a round medium size balls with the Amaranthus leaves dough.

Step 17: Spread some wheat flour on the round surface and start making rotis with chapathi stick. (Like how you press chapathis).

wheat flour on the round surface

wheat flour on the round surface1

Step 18: Follow the same procedure for remaining dough also.

remaining dough

Step 19: Now put a chapatti pan or thick bottom non stick pan on stove.

Step 20: Give a medium flame and add oil to the pan.

medium flame and add oil

Step 21: After oil getting little hot slowly leave the Amaranthus leaves roti into the pan.

oil getting little hot slowly

Step 22: Fry the rotis by turning both sides. After frying collect it into serving plate.

rotis by turning both sides

Step 23: You can add onions and tomato as a combination while eating rotis.

add onions and tomato
Tasty and healthy Amaranthus rotis or thotakura rottelu are ready to eat.

Eating of Green leafy vegetables gives lot of health benefits. Amaranth leaves will come under the green leafy vegetables. Do you know how much Amaranthus leaves are helpful for health? Consuming of amaranth leaves provides energy because it is packed with vitamin K, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, riboflavin and carbohydrates. Amaranth leaves also prevents Electrolyte imbalance, improves digestion, reduces bad cholesterol, good for anemic patients, fights from cancer and aids in weight management. People prefer eating rotis daily for losing weight. So why cant you prefer this tasty amaranths leaves rotis which are made with wheat flour. Enjoy eating tasty and healthy food.