How to make this christmas so special

Christmas is the commercial festival of tradition from the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas traditions perhaps accumulate the beginning followed by the Christmas tree. Europeans marked the year for longest night –winter solstice as the beginning for long days and rebirth of sun.The celebration consists of carnival, period of feasting, gambling, gifts giving and upended positions. By the fourth century Christians need a December holiday to rival celebrations Christmas gained a ground over seven hundred years ago. Christmas is the full fledged festival with lot of traditions like Santa clause visiting house to give gifts, Christmas tree, star in front of house. People wait for this festival to enjoy with all the near and dear ones.

Christmas season is really a special time to make fun around. People believe to think in positive manner and remember the true meaning of the season. The decorations that are made by us at home makes us feel Christmas season. Children play a major role in every ones house they even love to enjoy all the time. In school, at this particular season management will provide holidays for this huge festival.  Children love to enjoy at this festival time.

Christmas music is very important part of the Christmas festival. Keep all the devotional Christmas songs blasting on the stereo on Christmas feel you great.

  • Send Christmas cards to family members, friends and colleague’s etc. Send as many cards as possible to share the happiness.
  • Purchasing gifts at Christmas time for our family of our own taste, color and size makes us feel good with lot of memories.
  • Plan a great Christmas meal according to our own taste.  We can get our favorite foods, deserts, drinks etc.
  • Go to church in the morning spend some time in church which means the Christmas festival. In the evening go out to spend the Christmas day.