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Home remedies to manage curly hair | Natural home treatment for curly hair

Curly hairs, which are never out of fashion, can sometime be only a dream for some women. When it comes to inner anatomy the curly structure of being due to curved state of hair follicle. The more the curves the more will be twisted. Curly hair can be considered as gift by many individuals, whom they are naturally gifted. Curly hair is voluminous, bouncy and even wonderful. It needs regular care and is exceptionally very hard to oversee it as its part of the glow. The main and a serious issue with the curly hair is that it becomes frizzy soon. It is inclined soon to get closures and breakage. The first way to get curled hairs is to get away from the fizziness. There are many hair care cosmetics easily available in the market, which will help in twisting your hair and look bunchy. Such items will get quick results, but may damage the hairs. Home remedies seems more useful as compared to market cosmetics.

Home remedies for managing curly hair naturally

Carbonated water rinse for long curly hair

The humidity is the most common reason and cause for hair curls, which is difficult to undo. This can be treated with carbonated water. Carbonated water is a solution that helps and works for you to reduce fuzziness. This helps to make your hair soft, shiny and smooth. Carbonated water is actually plain water that is imparted with carbon dioxide. It has a low pH level that helps to reduce curls in the hair. But make sure that don’t use carbonated water directly onto your hair. This is a little dangerous. This is the best way to use by diluting them with plain water in your bathtub. Shampoo your hair and rinse it off with plain water. After that, use the diluted carbonated and plain water for a final rinse for your hair. This really works well for a long curly hair.

Apple cider vinegar for dry curly hair

To get better twist the best cure is the use of apple juice vinegar mixture. It is acidic mixture that will keep the common pH level to normal hair. It will give a voluminous appearance and give an extraordinary spark to the body. It will give the hair clarifier type appearance and help in getting better appearance.

Combine equivalent measures of apple fruit extract vinegar and water.

Combine apple fruit extract vinegar with that of water. Then cleanse your hair, utilizing the mixture as a hair wash. Leave it for a couple of minutes and then wash it off with cool water. Try this cure weekly almost for a month for best results.

Aloe vera gel to get rid of dry curly hair naturally

Aloe vera gel helps to smoothen the hair from their cuticles. This helps to promote and shine your hair for moisture. This is rich in water content and is fully loaded with 20 minerals, 12 vitamins and 18 amino acids. This helps and is rich in nutrients, which is good for overall health and hair strand. Take out some fresh aloe vera gel and gently massage it over your hair and scalp. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo. Alternatively, prepare a thick paste of four tablespoons of aloe vera gel and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Add three tablespoons of plain yogurt. Mix them well and apply this paste on your hair. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Try this home remedy once or twice a week for healthy hair.

Hot oil massage to get rid of frizzy hair

A good quality of hot oil massage if best to get curly hair as it will help in inclining drying property of hair. It will also moisturize hair. For this type of treatment usage you can use olive oil, coconut oil or even almond oil is better.

Warm the oil for two to four minutes. Later permit it to cool at room temperature. Apply the oil and delicately massage on hair and even on the scalp from root to tip. Put the shower cap after massage and then wrap the head with a hot towel. Leave it on for hour and then afterwards cleanser and condition your hair.

Home remedy for dry curly hair with eggs 

Eggs are considered as the best home remedy for curly hair. It comprises of high protein and fat substance in the eggs may help in getting moisturizing and restoring the strength of hair.

Whip one egg and olive oil and even add mayonnaise to it. Apply the paste on hair and even abandon it on for almost 30 minutes. Then wash hair with cool water.


Blend one egg, two tablespoons of olive oil and pureed cucumber. Massage this blend into your hair from scalp to finish, then cover your hair with a shower top. Leave it on for 30 minutes and after that cleanse your hair. Utilize both of these cures, once per week.

Avocado to manage curly hair

Avocado can be considered as one of the most successful solution for wavy hair. The moisturizing property of avocado will leave twist hydrated, sparkling and attractive.

Blend avocado and yogurt to make a smooth, rich paste. Apply this paste on your hair and let it sit for around 60 minutes. Then wash it out and cleanser not surprisingly.

Beer for dry and frizzy hair

Beer helps to replenish the hair moisture. This helps to revitalize curls. This makes your hair softer and shinier. Thus, the curly hair helps to be recommended and used for dark and non-alcoholic beer. Rinse your hair using regular shampoo and rinse it with water. Slowly pour beer on your hair and make sure to wet each hair strand to get coated with beer. Let it sit on your hair for about 5 minutes as it can easily penetrate into your hair shafts. Wash off your hair with cold water. Repeat this home remedy once for every two weeks for best results.

Fenugreek seeds to manage frizzy hair

An incredible best natural solution for curly hair is fenugreek seeds. They comprise of lecithin, which is an emulsifying agent. This helps in moisturizing the hair and makes the hair full and curlier.

Drench three to five tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. The following morning, granulate the splashed seeds to make a thick paste. Blend of plain yogurt and one tablespoon of olive oil into the paste. Massage the paste onto the scalp and all through your hair. Leave it on for no less than one hour prior to washing it off with warm water and shampooing your hair.  Repeat it on a few times every week.

Now, curly hair doesn’t need long hair treatments and any type of chemicals, yet few hours at home with kitchen ingredients and you have curly hairs which are sparkling and attractive for better personality.