How to prepare creamy mushroom soup

Delicious creamy mushroom soup is a popular recipe easy to cook at home. Mushrooms are cultivated particularly in rainy season. Cultivated mushrooms are more tasty. Mushrooms are of different kinds some may be poisonous too. People who collect mushrooms for consuming are known as mycophagists. China is the largest producer for mushroom.

Mushrooms are used to cook in many ways such as for cooking curries, soups, grilled and for garnish. It is a low calorie food with lot of vitamins and proteins. Many people love to eat the recipes made with mushrooms. These are delicious in taste and easy to cook.  Let us learn how to prepare mushroom soup at home.


  • Chopped mushroom- 250 gms
  • Chopped onions- 3 spoons
  • Chopped garlic- 2 spoons
  • Milk cream- 1 cup
  • Butter- 1 cup
  • Flour- 2 spoons
  • Milk- ½ cup
  • Garnish( chives, parsley, mint)- ¼ cup


Step 1: At low flame heat butter in a small vessel.

Step 2: Fry the chopped mushroom, onions, garlic till they turn into brown shade.

Step 3: Add milk to the mushroom mixture, stir it well.

Step 4: Add flour and stir it well.

Step 5: Add milk cream and mix it well thoroughly.

Step 6: Garnish the mushroom soup with chives, parsley and mint leaves.

Enjoy the taste of creamy mushroom soup!!!