Best hair highlights ideas | Hair color trends for 2016

When you are planning to give your look a fresh touch, but you are not actually interested about going for a full hair color, the hair highlights can serve you best. Hair highlights can be done in different ways, with different colors and through different techniques to get different looks and the best thing about it is that they do not need a complete long time commitment. Hair highlights, when done according to your skin tone, facial features and natural hair color, can look gorgeous, and can easily add that extra edge to your overall appearance and personality.

Hair highlighting is a popular trend now and it is certainly our celebrities who have brought this style into the limelight. There is huge scope of experimentation with hair highlighting and it can suit anyone starting from the youngsters in their teens to the matured ladies. So, if you are interested to add something new to your looks without going through a lot of hassles, hair highlighting can certainly make your best choice. Here is a bunch of hair highlighting ideas that can help you to make the right choice.

Nice hair highlight color for brown hair

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The best light brown hair highlights on black hair looks beautiful. The highlights on black hair with low curls looks amazing. The best hair color suits for fair skin tone and adds a beautiful look to your. Try this natural hair color with highlights on curly shoulder length hair. The golden hair color highlights, mid part and fringe haircut look awesome. Try this stylish hairstyle with highlights that can add more beauty at you. The low curls with a beautiful look adds a trendy look.

Brown hair highlights

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The brown hair highlight ideas with a long brown hair is beautiful. Try this stylish hair highlight that can give a long brown hair look. The hair highlights with a light brown idea with short hair is looking amazing. The hairstyle with long brown hair, highlights and is three colored such as brown, golden and black hair color idea adds a trendy look to your face.

Burgundy streaks hair highlights

40 best hair color ideas hair trends 2015 | caramel highlights within black hair with burgundy streaks Stylish As well as Stunning black hair with burgundy streaks Intended for Your hairstyle

The stylish look with a stunning black hair and burgundy streaks is intended for your hairstyle. This can add a level of haircut with a popular haircut. The hairstyle seems to be straightforward and is never monotonous. Thus, contribute a number of versions that can suit your style with a plush look of your hair. Thus, the various methods help to create your hair and is better to look more stunning as well as wonderful. Thus the most crucial factor that is usually exchanged and can outdated hairstyle. This helps to locate different stylish look. The hair is looking stunning black hair with a burgundy streaks that are intended for your hairstyle.

Balayage highlighting

Hair highlight idea #1

Balayage highlighting is in trend and the best thing about it is that it can have so many variations. This light brunette balayage highlighting on brown hairs look absolutely gorgeous. The highlighting is more prominent towards the ends and follows a natural, but a streaky pattern at the upper part to get the lavish look.

Blonde with light silver highlights

Hair highlight idea #2

This one is a perfect example of blonde highlighting. Here the light silver highlights have been used to give the locks an edgy and highly defined appearance. The balayage pattern gives the highlights a totally new dimension. This style of highlight can be perfect to get a casually beautiful look.

Blonde highlights with copper low lights

Hair highlight idea #3

When it comes to hair highlights you can actually play with the shades even without going too bold. This highlight idea presents a perfect combination of rusk copper low lights with blonde highlights. The highlighting and low lighting makes the curls more prominent and can be an ideal hair highlight idea for the winter.

Brown highlights

Hair highlight #4

When you are planning to add a new definition to your hairs, shifting from the monotone to a more lively shade can always help. Here brown highlights have been used for natural black hairs. The highlights match very naturally with the natural hair color and look absolutely gorgeous even without adding any high tone to the hairs.

Purple winter hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #5

Well, this purple highlight on the black hairs does not look natural, but when you are putting on purple color of your hairs you surely not meant it to look natural but gorgeous and trendy. Here the purple highlights are deeper in the middle section of the hairs and become more subtle towards the ends. This highlighting can be a perfect winter highlight for any college going student.

Luxurious hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #6

Going subtle with your hair highlights can add a naturally luxurious look to your hairs. This subtle warm highlight looks natural and can give your hairs a totally new dimension adding to your overall appearance. This hair highlight gives your natural hair color more depth and vibrancy by adding a warm touch to the hairs.

Caramel highlights with natural hair color

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This one is a perfect example of the Ombre highlighting technique. Here light caramel highlights have been added to a deeper natural hair color. The highlights cover the ends of the locks completely and also focus on face framing. This one can be a perfect summer highlight for your hairs.

Hair weaves highlights

Hair highlight idea #8

Hair weave highlights look absolutely gorgeous on any hair length and hair color. The specialty of this hair highlighting is that hair the shade of the highlight graduates sidewise on a particular bunch of hairs instead of graduating according to the length. This type of highlighting can be ideal to get a new ravishing look that can add a lot to your overall appearance.

Flat blonde highlights

Hair highlight idea #9

Flat blonde highlights look absolutely gorgeous on dark hairs. Here the highlighting has been done to accentuate the curls on the hairs and the natural color of the hairs works as a perfect lowlight beside the highlight. This one can be a perfect hair highlighting for the summers or winter to get a fresh look.

Caramel dark brown hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #10

This subtle caramel highlights on dark brown hairs looks just perfect. The point to notice here is that the caramel highlights are more concentrated towards the middle section of the hair length and not towards the ends. This hair highlight can give you a perfect look for any special occasion and can be ideal to add more definition to the curls.

Low light balayage hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #11

This is a perfect example of low light balayage highlighting. Here the caramel highlights graduate lengthwise as well as side, wise on the hair locks. The highlight starts as streaks from the top and finally covers the whole of the volume by the end. The natural deeper hair color works as a natural lowlight against the highlighting making the hair look gorgeous and different.

Multi highlight with light caramel on brown hairs

Hair highlight #12

This chunky multi highlight with light caramel on brown hairs looks gorgeous, and can give anyone a completely different look. Here the highlights have been used on particular bunches of locks and covers most of those bunches. Use of the caramel highlight on the face framing locks completes the look.

Red and violet hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #13

If you love experimenting with new trends, this hair highlighting with red and violet can actually be the right one for you to opt for. The streaky red and violet highlights on the natural black hair color looks absolutely gorgeous and vibrant. This hair highlighting might not be the right choice for ages, ladies, but can make the best one to go with for teenagers and college goers. So, give this new trend a try and you might actually like it.

Cherry red highlight on black hair

Hair highlight idea #14

This cherry red highlight on natural black hairs looks absolutely classy and gorgeous. It gives a very trendy look without adding any much high note. The hair highlight covers the locks more towards the ends, but it never covers the whole of the volume. This hair highlight idea can be just perfect for fall-winter and can add a lot to your overall looks. If you have a special occasion to attend, this hair highlighting style can actually get you lots of compliments.

Peek-a-boo highlights with red, purple and blue

Hair highlight idea #15

If you love colors on your hairs, this hair highlighting idea can actually make your best choice. Here light blonde highlights have been used along with peek-a-boo highlights with red, purple and blue. The caramel highlight has been used throughout the length and the multiple colors have been added at different sections of the hairs to give it a more vibrant and defined look. This colorful highlighting idea can be the best fit for college goers.

Peak-a-boo caramel highlights

Hair highlight idea #16

This bright red ombre hair color with peak-a-boo caramel highlights look absolutely gorgeous, and can add a totally new dimension to your overall appearance. This hair highlighting adds definition and more volume to the hairs and can be ideal for short to medium length hairs to get during winter or fall.

Balayage lighter shade of caramel on dark hair color highlights

Hair highlight idea #17

Subtle balayage highlights with lighter shades of caramel on darker hair colors can look not only classy but is sure to add totally new definition to your overall look. Here the highlights have been used sparsely, more as a hint to get the right look. If you are planning to get hair highlights for the first time, this type of subtle use of caramel highlights on dark hair color can be the right pick for you in any season.

Pink dip-dye highlighting on blonde hairs

Hair highlight #18

You must have already heard about the dip-dyed hair highlighting style, and this one is a perfect example of pink dip-dye highlighting on blonde hairs. This highlight style can update your overall look and is actually easy to get. Dip-dye hair highlights are now in trend and you can get them even in your home, which is certainly one of the primary reasons for their popularity.

Chocolate dark hair color highlights

Hair highlight idea #19

Perfect chocolate highlights on dark hairs can look gorgeous and natural. Here the highlight adds dimension and volume to the hairs and can give a fresh look to the beauties with olive skin tone.

Face framing brown hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #20

Face framing highlights can always make your best choice if you are planning to add that fresh look to your overall appearance. Here the light caramel shade has been used for the whole length of the locks framing the face and on the lower sections of the length on the hairs at the back.

Caramel black hair highlights

Hair highlight idea #21

This caramel highlighting on the black hairs looks gorgeous, and can give a new definition to your overall look. The highlights follow balayage technique and are more concentrated on the locks framing the face.