Best stylish hairstyle ideas for jeans and tops – Hairstyles for jeans and shirt

The most flattering hairstyles for jeans and shirt. The western culture has left quite an impact in our country. From the modern outlook to the clothes we wear has gone through drastic changes. Most of them have made life more comfortable. The introduction of jeans and top was greatly accepted in the last two decades, where women chose to shift from regular Indian wear to this attire. In this article, we will go through some of the best hairstyle ideas which match our regular jeans and top. These are more versatile than what you thought they could be, so scroll through the snaps, and take some tips to have them done!

Fish-tail braids hairstyle on jeans

Fish-tail braids

Braids happen to be one of the hairstyles which Indian women prefer. But they have mostly paired it up with Indian attire like suits and sarees. In the picture below, we see a fish tail braided hairstyle which matches nicely with the loose black top and blue denims. Surprisingly, braids do suit this combination of clothes and looks unique enough to make you stand out. If you want to give people an unexpected awe, you can surely try this out.

Middle-parted open hair on jeans and tops

Middle-parted open hair

In the picture below, we see a sexy lady in a white cropped top and a pair of torn jeans. She is sassy enough to carry that look and she has definitely paired it up with the best hairstyle possible. The hair remains straight yet messy, and gives the strands a slight wave. It has been parted from the middle and left open. The hair has also been brought down from both the shoulders equally. The longer the hair the prettier the style would look.

Straight hair to have a stylish look

Straight hair

The over-sized gray top along with the prints in black look casual and stylish. She pairs it up with a dark blue denims and this too is torn. For the hairdo, she has had it absolutely straightened. The hair is slightly parted from the middle and then combed to fall down from the fuller share of partition. What adds to the beauty of the hair is the dual color which shines under the sun. Although the coloring bit is optional, and this is just to justify that you can match your straight hairdo with your casual look!

Half-up and half-down braid hairstyle

Half-up and half-down braid

This is a lovely braided hairstyle which you can experiment with your casual attire. Part your hair from the side and then starts braiding from the very roots of the fuller side of your partition. This braid should only include one section of your hair, which finally joined the rest of the hair around the nape of your neck. You must have some locks falling out on both the sides of your hair, which will make the look messy and trendy. Due to the side-partition, the second braid should fall down from the side and not remain at the back.

Authentically Bob hairstyle

Authentically Bob

Although there are numerous styles to be done with a simple bob haircut, we get to see the most authentic type and it surely does suit the attire. Short hairdos have to be managed with a lot of difficulty when it comes to Indian clothes, but you can surely have a lot to do when you want to wear jeans and a top. If you have short hair, or it is growing to the length appropriate for a bob cut, you can definitely try this out. It simply needs a side partition and looks fuller on the heavier side. The back of the hair has shorter strands or are usually curled for the lesser length.

Top knot hairstyle on jeans and tops

Top Knot

Just as the braids are uncommon for casual wear, even buns of different kinds, are not the first thought to match jeans and top. In the picture below, we are made to realize that top knots could be one kind of a bun hairstyle, which can suit this attire. You need to comb your hair and then wriggle them in rounds like you do for a regular bun. The only difference here is that you have to tie it on the crown area of your head. This will surely suit some over-sized tops with skinny or torn denims!

Medium-length curved hairstyle

Medium-length curved hairstyle

From short, medium to long, you need less worries, when you have to choose a proper hair length with your casual clothes. They can be suited with almost all kinds of hairstyles, and we’re just trying to differentiate hair length and styles. In the picture below, we see a lady with a baggy top and a pair of blue jeans. She has medium-length hair and has parted it from the middle. The hair is left open and the only style that it necessarily needs is the internal curve with a drier or Instyler!

Ponytail hairstyles to try on jeans

Ponytails hairstyles

It is time that we revive the hairstyle which we left back in our school days. Ponytails are definitely one of the cutest hairstyles that you can try with jeans and a top. You have a lot of style with this simple hairdo. From a neatly back-brushed hair and highly tied pony, to a messy pony or a braided scalp pony, the list simply doesn’t end! In the picture below, we have chosen the easiest ponytail, but you can make your own enhancements according to your attire and face shape.

Forehead fringes hairstyles

Forehead fringes

Straight hair with forehead fringes isn’t a very uncommon hairstyle with regular wear. They definitely look classy and cute. In the picture below, we see a lady with blonde and shiny hair. She has straight hair, which has been chopped in fringes above the forehead. The rest of the hair is kept open and they fall to the sides. It is surely one of the styles you can try, if you have sharp facial features to carry it.

Medium-long messy hair to try

Medium-length messy hair

You can also flaunt your regular hair with your regular clothes! They go hand it hand and they don’t need much effort. At the end of your look, you should be presentable and trendy. Women love messy hairstyles which make them look sexy and attractive. If you have medium-length hair and you’re going to carry some loose T-shirts and jeans, you can surely have your hair parted from one side and let the fuller side go all messed up. Comb it back and forth to make the strands get the unfinished look. Carry it as it is and carry your charm!

Side swept fish tail hairstyle for street outfits


Simply braid with an outfit of jeans and top.  Side braids the hairstyle with a fish tail to the end.  Side swept your hair and braid your hair from the mid of head to the hair ends like a fish tail. Part your hair into two sections and braid like a fish tail by forming layers on top and then to normal braid with lower hair. This hairstyle is best for casual wear and is a street style for rendering which gives a cool look. Tie this hairstyle on your own with practice. Try this cool hairstyle to have a different look from routine normal look.

Best street style fashion trends to try on jeans and tops

Street Styles Fashion 3

This hairstyle best suits to have a trendy fashion look. Try this hairstyle on jeans and tops. This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair and semi-curl hair. This street style fashion trends for all teenage girls.  Side partition your hair and simple open your hair. Front fringe gives a good look and is suitable for oval face shape. Try this simple, easy, quick hairstyle to have a beautiful look. Simple jewelry to hands and necks gives a fashion look to street girls. Try something new and different, when you feel bored of routine works and tight schedules. This makes you look different and be unique.

Gingham print disco jeans to try with a long wavy hairstyle


Try this new trendy fancy gingham print jeans. This gives a traditional look to have a fancy look. This is something different and new to everyone. Try these new trendy fashion jeans with long hair. This hairstyle gives a traditional look with long wavy open hair, with white top and printed jeans. Try this open hairstyle with different outfits.  Simply side swept your hair to fall all your hair on the shoulder. Leave your hair open with waves. Frontal hair forms a fringe and gives a beautiful look. Try this new hairstyle to form a great look with fashion outfits. Try a new look with these teens and printed jeans.