Trending North Indian bride hairstyle ideas to try in wedding

India is a cosmopolitan country which is diversified into various regions. Each region has there own traditional beliefs and values. Weddings are one of the main events which differentiate the procedures of how people get their rituals done, and how they differ according to regions, religions and customs. In this article, we will follow some of the latest North Indian bridal hairstyles which are becoming increasingly popular over time. Unlike South Indian traditions where brides love to jewel their braids or buns, North Indian prefers keeping their hair open and trying newer styles. Let us go, through the following, and see if you can take some hairdo tips, for this auspicious day in your life.

Side down hair with curls hairstyle

When you will have an odhni or Aanchal over your head, why put the entire hair at the back and lose its charm? Try out this side-down hairstyle which is quite in trend. At first you have to side part your hair. Back-brush the fuller side and pin up properly. The longer strands should fall down the opposite shoulder of the pinning up. Curl up the lower zone to make it look more attractive. The opposite side of the side-down look should have bangs falling. This hairstyle can be followed irrespective of the odhni or aanchal you need to carry.

Back-brushed hair with twisted curls hairstyle

When you want to keep your hair out of your face, but you want it to look the best, you can try these quirky hairstyles which make you look perfect! This bridal hairstyle is to neatly back-brush the entire hair and pin up below the crown zone. You can preferably choose to puff up your hair and then start with the twisting process. The strands of your hair, which fall to the back, has been to be divided in equal sections and twisted accordingly. You can surely add a hair accessory along with the pins.

Curly hairdo with side mang-tika hairstyle

Mang-tikas are surely one very important accessory for beautifying bridal hairstyle. In the picture below, we see a lady having curly hair and enhancing the look with a lovely side mang-tika. Side mang-tikas are surely chosen according to one’s tradition and customs, but you can try out this absolute curly hairdo. Leave the first three inches of your hair as it is and then start curling.  Curl to the tips and then put in from the side. Add the side mang-tika to the thinner section of the partition. If you have a straight mang-tika, the chain will hide amidst the thick partition.

Bouffant hairdo with open curls

In the picture below, we see a lovely and lustrous hairdo, which can beat any traditional style. This has a slight bouffant in the crown zone, while the rest of the hair falls down in curls. If you have naturally wavy hair, you have to spare some strands in the front and let it fall from your face. You can also have that portion straightened. The bouffant shouldn’t go too high, so keep it slightly up and full. Let the rest of the hair stay open, while you brush it to one side. Curl it all up and let it look heavenly.

Half way straight and half way curled hairstyle

This is an easy hairdo which won’t take much of your time and effort. Have your hair straightened for the first half, while the second is nicely curled. Part it from the side and pin it up by the side-brushing the fuller part of the partition. Let all the strands of the hair fall down both the shoulders so that you can flaunt your curled up hair. This gives you a blend of straight hair and curls. The mang-tika in the middle accessorizes the look and the chain is hidden under the fuller side of your partition.

Messy braided hairdo hairstyle on traditional outfit

Braids are popular for Punjabi women, and the best thing is that they love to experiment with braids rather than keeping it simple. In the picture below, we see a lovely bouffant hairdo, which has been followed by a braid. The hair has been brush from a side, which is why the bouffant too bends that way. The braid has been loosely tied and has been accessorized with small studs. It has been let down from the opposite direction of the bouffant. Finally, there are bangs on both sides, making a perfect finishing!

High bouffant with curls hairstyle in wedding dress

This is a prim-and-proper hairdo which will leave you with awe. Although the lady has an odhni put over her head, the hairstyle doesn’t get disrupted and looks better instead. The first section of the hair has been parted from the middle for the mang-tika to fall. The next zone has been lifted like a heavy bouffant and has been pinned up well. The rest of her hair goes all curly and falls equally from both sides of her shoulders. The odhni has been placed just after the puff, which is why you cannot have a very pushed-back puff.

Middle parted bun hairdo for wedding

Indian weddings will call for moments when you would have to have your odhni run over your head. Some brides just make the most of it, but such lovely bun hairstyles. In the picture below, we see a beautiful Punjabi bride, who has parted her hair from the middle and has made a loose bun at the back. The hair has been straightened and then adds a lift with proper Hairspray and combing. After this you will have to part it and add the mang-tika. Bun it up the way you want it and add jewels if preferred.

Twisted bun hairdo on saree for wedding

Buns are surely one of the best choices for Indian weddings, because they keep the hair intact and manageable. Rather than sticking to an ordinary bun you can enhance the look of it with messy or twisted bun styles. In the picture below, we see a lovely Sikh bride, who has curled up her entire hair and then let the bun happen! When you have curly strands, you can have their intertwined and then form a bun. Loosely tie it up and add some jewelry if you prefer.

Puffed bun with jewelry for wedding

The puffed hairdo makes your hair look fuller. It also section out the different zones of your hair, so you know how to place your mang-tika chains and how to go about the bun. The first half of your hair should be straight, while the second half is slightly curled. Part your hair from the middle so that the mang-tika falls comfortably. Back-brush the rest of the hair to make a bouffant. Now make a suitable bun and add a jewel to it.

North Indian bridal hairstyle ideas with a long braid

Hair accessories

The North Indian bridal hairstyle is best with the long braid hairstyle. Try this hairstyle on your wedding to have a beautiful look. Simply brush your hair back and braid with three sections of hair to the end. Tie he braid tightly not to loosen up easily. Decorate it with hair accessories with simple flowers and a chain to connect them.  Tie a long round mang tikka with the simple chain flower in the hair. This braid hairstyle, make you look gorgeous and turns everyone’s attention at you. Tie the chain under the duppata and cover it on your head, which is a North Indian tradition. Decorate with the same accessories to your neck and bangles as it complexly matches to the saree. The saree is of a Bandini type with small dots of green, red with mirrors.

Long loose open hair with beautiful accessories


The simple traditional hairstyle to try on the wedding day. Try this hairstyle that best suits for you. Grand designer lehenga choli on wedding day gives a traditional look. Hairstyle with grand accessories makes them look gorgeous. Simply brush your hair back with a small section of front hair parted mid to place a mang tikka. Leave the fringe on both sides. Brush your hair back and pin it in the middle and leave them open. The long hair is left open wavy on the back. Cover your hair with a duppata which is an important tradition in North India. Designer blouse with beads as hanging at the hands and netted duppata gives amazing look.

Simple top bun up braid hairstyle for wedding


The simple traditional look of Indian style gives a gorgeous look. Printed blouse with long and short necklace gives a beautiful look. Simply mid part your hair and tie a big bun on the mid of the head. This hairstyle best suits for long hair. Place a mang tikka in the mid of head and tie the knots to the back of the ear. Cover your head with duppata. The grand designed duppata on your hairstyle looks more beautiful. Style your hair with different hairstyle to look beautiful. Simple designer accessories with colored beads such as red and green matches the traditional outfit and are more attractive.