Latest Indian stylish hairstyles for functions

Salwar suits, sarees and lehenga Cholis happen to be some of the most demanded attire for Indian functions. They are added with lovely jewelries and shoes. For the final touch, we also need to make sure that our hairstyle suits the look we want to carry. Hairstyles can actually make a significant difference about our personality and how we carry what we wear. In this article, we will go through some of latest Indian hairstyles which are apt for functions like weddings, festivals, etc. Choose your pick among these to make your look shine out!

Messy bun hairstyle for functions


Buns have always been common with sarees and lehenga Cholis, but there were more of the tidy ones. Messy hairdo is quite common now days, which also includes having messy buns. Let hair till medium-length stays straight while the rest is curled up. Lift the crown area to make a puff and then pin it up. Tie the curls into a bun which should be fastened loosely. This will land at the nape of your neck and feel light. You can add a jeweled clip on the side which secures the hair too.

Messy hair on saree for functions


Previously, straight hair was a lot in trend. No wonder, it actually makes your hair look fuller and manageable. But women are now getting back into their messy hair avatar, because it looks more natural and it contrasts with a perfect saree or lehenga choli. This way your hairstyle is not as predictable as people thought you’d go, and that in turns makes you look different. Simply have your entire hair curled up and part it from the side. The fuller side stays at the back, while the thinner sides fall down your shoulders.

Twisted sides with bun hairstyle for functions


The hairdo with twisted sides has been traditionally common, but they were usually added with mang-tika chains and open hair. In this picture, we see a neatly done up hairstyle, which is nicely tied at the back. At first, you need to part your hair from the middle and then twist the sides, one after another. Pin up the twists properly and then make the bun. Try to lower the bun so that the hairstyle above is not disrupted.

Wavy hair with stylish hairstyle for saree



After the messy hairdo, wavy ones have taken up the space in our hearts. Indian women just love to let their hair be and not go into difficult hairstyles to make a statement. On the contrary, their clothes just fit in with that lustrous long strand and make them look beautiful. If you have curly hair, you have to get it straightened to further style these waves. For the straight haired beauties, it’ll be easy to wave your hair in divisions. Part it from the middle and add on a mang-tika if you like.

Side braid hairstyle with traditional outfit


Regular braids with jewelry and flowers have been in trend for ages.  But those are more common when you dress up traditionally and not trendily. Side braids are what Indian women are fond of more now. Let your locks naturally fall at the sides, while you back-brush the rest of the hair and make a braid. Try to braid a bent braid which curves more on the side of the shoulders you would let it fall. This will also make the strands bend to that side and give a perfect look.

Side braid from the top hairstyle


This is another idea of the side braid hairdo. Here, you have to first part your hair from the side and start off with the braid from the very roots. This braid will then come and join the bigger braid which is done with all the strands from medium-length to the tips. This will make the front of your hair look more attractive and stylish.

Back puff with straight hair


Straight hair is easy and manageable, but at times we can choose to enhance the look of it. In the picture below, we see an easy back puff with the rest of the hair open. Have your hair straightened at first and then start off with the puff. This should make the hair at the back of your crown area puff up and then you can pin it up to fasten the strands. Let the rest of the hair fall on the back, and then you divide some of it and let it go down any of your shoulder.

Straight hair ponytail hairstyle


Pony tails were hairstyles which we left back in our school and college days. It is time to revive one of your most common hairdos of childhood. The straight haired pony tails can never go out of style and they are just so unique when the rest of the people in the party would have regular hairstyles with their Indian wear. Try out a straight hair pony tail, which will make you look different with lehengas and sarees. You can also add jewelry, as you see in the picture below, and make it more festive-like.

Loosely tied braids hair style for traditional dress


There is something immensely sexy about messy and loosely tied hairdos. These are really attractive to people who has the eye to appreciate beauty. In the picture below we see a model, who has a front braid done, and has pinned it up at the same side. The rest of the hair has been brushed to a side, while from the medium-length to the tips, we see a Messy and loose braid.

Natural straight hair on saree


Lehenga Cholis are not very common with straight hairstyles. This is supposedly because it makes the look a little too plain. We see quite a different type, shade and texture for a lehenga choli in the picture below. It makes us feel that fashion has taken a new toll and style has become more diverse than ever. If you ever buy something as quirky as this and you also want to pair it up with an even more unexpected hairdo, you can definitely match a blend of these two. Sometimes, you might also like to pair up straight hairdo with regular lehenga Cholis, which too is pretty uncommon. Her hair has been messed and not smoothed, which is why it looks naturally straight.

Maang tikka open hair with long straight wave hairstyle for functionIndian-Wedding-Hairstyles-With-Headpieces


The hairstyle with long wavy open hair looks beautiful. This adds volume to your hairstyle. This is just like some mousse with the hair products such as maatha patti. The maatha patti is just like a center strand which is obviously being parting your hair in the middle. This mang tikka is with three steps using maatha patti with long loose wavy curls. This is combined with a math patti and can create a really soft and attractive look hairstyle. The straightening, hair curl iron creates some loose with looking waves. Mid part and leave an open straight, wavy hair on shoulders. Decorate it with a mang tikka with three steps with a chain pinned on the back of the ear.

Front puffed lose open step semi curly hairstyle for function


This hairstyle is modern latest and stylish idea to look beautiful. Try this hairstyle likewise to have short and average hairs. Check with your facial shapes and try this type of hairstyle to be special. This hairstyle is to have front puff and leave the remaining hair open. Brush your hair and leave them on the shoulders. Place a simple mang tikka from the lower part of the middle puff. This hairstyle best suits for medium or shoulder length hair with curls. It also best suits with step cut hairstyles. Curl the lower ends and make them to form a side fringe. This hairstyle is simple and can try on any traditional outfit.

Side braid curly open hairstyle for function


Simple side braid curly hairstyle best suits for heart shaped face. Try this simple hairstyle for any of the Indian outfits. So, try them on the ears and away from the face. The simple curly hairstyle is side braid and curled just below the ears that are away from the face. Side swept your hair that is soft and smooth. Leave your hair open with low curly hair on the shoulder. This hairstyle best suits for shoulder length hairstyle. You can try this hairstyle on any traditional outfit and covers your cheek with ear locks.