Awesome stylish Indian hairstyle for heart shaped faces

Heart shaped faces are longer than their width, although their width is wide too. The forehead and jawline have a similar width and the chin is quite pointed. Your cheek line and sides of face taper the jawline. The forehead is quite prominent and round towards the hairline. For hairstyles, you will have to either flaunt your forehead or the sides of your cheeks.

In this article, we will follow some Indian hairstyles which are commonly followed among us. These can either be incorporated with casual wear or for important events. These will help you know which styles suit your face shape and let you look the best.

Straight hair down from one shoulder simple hairstyle

Straight hair down from one shoulder

Straight hairstyles are one of the easiest hairstyles to follow and manage. It not only widens the width of your hair to the maximum but also make it look lustrous. In the picture below, we see a model with a perfect heart-shaped face. She has got her hair straightened and then parted it from one side. The division is not quite away from the middle, but the thicker side is more stressed on. Comb your hair to the thicker side and let the strands fall down that side of the shoulder. If you have a hair cut it layers, it will create a V-shape which looks nice like the picture below.

Side-brush waves for heart shaped face hairstyle

Side-brush waves

This is another style which all of us usually follow, or have followed at least once or twice. Few might you have noticed that your heart-shaped face does suit this style well. When you have long and lustrous hair, you try to create more and more styles and tend to not realize which one actually suits your face. Well, this one is not quite different that the one we saw above. The one difference is that the hair isn’t straight, but has waves. This one also has been brushed back from one side, and let down on from the fuller side of the division.

Middle-parted hair with a ponytail hairstyle

Middle-parted hair with ponytail

This is a nice hairstyle which can be followed quite easily. You have to make sure that flaunting your forehead and your cheek, lets you look good at first. This is because heart-shaped faces are asked to flaunt either of these. Then again, there are buns and braids which you might want to do, and for them you would have to brush your hair in the back. Have your hair straightened and add shine to it. Part it from the middle and tie a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Middle-parted hair with half down curls

Middle-parted hair with half down curls

This is a lovely hairdo which will make you flaunt your facial features really well. Has your hair straightened for the first half. Part it from the middle so that you can continue the style and get the exact look with every step of styling. Use your Instyler to create wriggled curls with adequate spaces. Make sure that the hair, it’s not absolutely curled up. The curls will go half down or differ in the length of your hair.

Side-partition with wavy layers hairstyle

Side-partition with wavy layers

Although this hairstyle is similar to the second one we saw in the article, it has some minute differences to make them look separate. First of all, this hairstyle will need a proper division. The thinner section will be brushed and fall back. The thickest section will fall down the shoulder. With the layered hairstyle you have to make waves with your Instyler. This will make your hair look fuller and get a lift with every layer. This is quite an attractive hairdo which has to be paired with lovely Indian wear for making you look outstanding!

Side-parted section with bouffant and bun Indian hairstyle

Side-parted section with bouffant and bun

Straighten your hair to start with this look. Has your hair parted from a side and let it go extreme and not near the middle area. Push it behind your ears and then carry on. Make a bouffant after back-brushing the hair. After pinning up the bouffant, make the bun and accessorize it if you want. In the picture, we see a garland attached to the lower side of the bun. Add the tika on the side, even if you don’t add the mang-tika.

Half down waves with curls for long Indian hairstyle

Half down waves with curls

We love to flaunt hairstyles where we can keep our hair open. It not only makes it manageable, but also frees us from the tightness of Bobby pins. This hairstyle is another stylish option which you can try over other strenuous hairstyles. Part your hair from the middle and have it straightened half up. This will not have a straighter at the end, due to the wave which you need to add later. Have your haired curled up half down, and the curls should fall to the exterior side.

Middle-parted hair with messy braid Indian hairstyle

Middle-parted hair with messy braid

Braiding is a hairstyle which we follow traditionally. At our present time, we have started experimenting with different styles of braiding. You can surely opt for this style you see below. It covers your forehead only from the side, and makes the heart-shaped facial features look more prominent. Part your hair from the middle and then make a side braid. Tie it like a regular one, but loosely. If you have steps cut, some strands are meant to fall out and give you the messy effect. Take some more strands out on the opposite side of braid, to add the locks.

Middle parted open hair for office hairstyle

Middle parted open hair

Indian hair is blessed with natural waves which gives a natural style and doesn’t have to make us put a lot of effort. This hairstyle is quite easy and good to be carried for casual occasions. Part your hair from the middle and let the hair fall in front from both the sides. Has it styled if your hair doesn’t look like this naturally. It will simply need slight waves and you’re sorted! In addition to some highlighted strands you might enhance the look a little more!

Side-parted hair with a bun hairstyle

Side-parted hair

This is a nice hairstyle to try when you want to opt for buns. This hides a part of your forehead and flaunts the rest of your facial features. Section your hair from the side and let is flowing in front so that it hides the forehead and gets nice exposure. Brush the rest of the hair back and then make a bun. Add mang-tika at the thinner side of the sectioning for the final touch of the style.

Side swept curly bangs for heart shaped face


A heart shaped face with soft curls gives a special attraction. The hairstyle that perfectly suits to the heart shaped face is side swept curly bangs. Comb your hair and side swept the bangs that are narrow at the top of the head. This makes you look emphasize the eyes and cheekbones that’s better to have a different look. The fringe or tendrils of a part of hair will help soften angles to the bottom of the face. Apply a thermal protection and curl on the second day with a large barrel iron. Then divide your hair into four sections such as top, back, and to both sides. Tie ponytail to the back and pin curls from the ponytail up that is rounded at the base of the ponytail. Slightly back comb your top section hair. You just point he top section back. Leave some pieces out and loosely pull the curls from the side back and secure them with pins. Secure with Hairspray.

Best hairstyle with bangs

Best-Bangs-Hairstyles-4 (1)

The face shape is heart shaped that is rather wider forehead and having a narrower chin. People with this face shape can opt for long fringes. You can also bang haircut that you should try which is not be wide. Partition your hair into two in the middle of the head. This will look beautiful. Open your hair and leave some of the hair on right shoulder. Hair with semi curl and fringe makes you look gorgeous. This hairstyle makes you look elegant. Try this hairstyle to officiate that makes you look professional.

Try wavy, curly bangs hairstyles


Try this hairstyle with some waves or curls. It looks fashion and makes you look bold. Try this simple hairstyle with curls and some waves. This will add some wavy hairstyle around the face. You can just make your face appear longer that is advisable for you. You can go for any kind of bangs other than poker straight hair. Straight hair looks simple, if you want to try for a different look, and then try this some wavy curly hairstyle. If you have natural straight hair, then bangs will add more width and can shorten the face. To have a different simple and professional look you can try this side swept wavy low curly hairstyle.

Side swept loose straight hairstyle


The loose long hairstyle with straight hair gives an amazing look. Side swept bang hairstyle with eyelids can make you look unique. The hairstyle turns everyone’s attention to you. This hairstyle looks good for any occasion. Try this hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. The hairstyle with long straight hair make you look with makeup.

Best stylish hairstyle with front small tied bangs


The hairstyle with curly light golden brown hair looks beautiful. The hairstyle with braided small knots at front over the forehead looks trendy. This hairstyle for any occasion turns attention. The curly, wavy hairstyle with two braided little braids looks at both sides and is tied with elastic bands. The curly, wavy hairstyle on shoulders looks beautiful.

Side loose front braided hairstyle


The gray hair color with side braided plait hairstyle looks beautiful. The hairstyle with loose open hair make you look good. The stylish hairstyle with low curls is gorgeous. Gray hair color with fringe haircut is simply superb with low curls. The curly and rolled hair on the shoulder with a sleeveless dress gives a stylish look.

French braided side swept hairstyle with long hair


The french braid plait which is pinned back of the ear looks awesome. The hairstyle with long straight hair looks good. Style your hair with side swept braided hair pinned back. Remaining hair is left open with the stylish hair. Thus, the hairstyle looks beautiful on full long sleeves.

Side bangs open hairstyle


The golden hair color with side bang hairstyle looks beautiful. Style your hair with bangs and are pinned back hair pins. This stylish hairstyle looks beautiful with long left hair on shoulders. The hairstyle looks beautiful with left over side bang hairstyle looks stylish and trendy. This hairstyle is good for heart shaped face.

Loose wavy hairstyle with side bounce


The hairstyle with shoulder length hair looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle with waves and are kept wide open with attention. This hairstyle looks harsh, but turns attention on strong jaw. This gives a stylish hairstyle with bangs and is wide open with rollers from the mid length. This mid length hair ends with that and can be achieved with the same bounciness.