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Pudina pachadi / Mint pickle – How to make Mint chutney recipe

How to make Mint chutney recipe

Mint or pudina is the special zing that is used as an ingredient in curries, biryani or chutney. It is also used to garnish the dishes. It is scientifically called as menthe. Mint leaves are used as medicinal properties from hundreds of years. Compared with all food mint consists of high antioxidant capacities. Mint leaves consist of strong aroma which stimulates the brain functioning and cures nausea. Now days we can see lot of tooth paste using the mint in making. This mint not only gives refreshment but also fights against tooth decay and wash away the bad breath.

While coming to the food the mint leaves are used to garnish or to make pickles or in dishes for good fragrance. You can find the mint leaves in highly spiced food, soups and biryanis. Even dried mint leaves also used in preparing recipes, curries, chutneys, salads, juices and many more.

Today we are going to discuss the Mint pickle / pudina pachadi which is spicy and tastier. The textures used in making of this pickle are less and mint leaves place a major role. Once the pickle is made that can be stored for two weeks. This pachadi can be eaten in plain rice or in curd rice. If you want to enjoy the real flavors of the dish then eat along with hot rice by adding little ghee. Mint pickle / pudina pachadi flavors touch the taste buds on tounge and sure you will enjoy each ingredient flavor. Check out our recipe and prepare this at home. Mint pickle or podina pachadi can serve it as a side dish for dosa or idly.

Pudina pachadi / Mint pickle

mint pickleIngredients

pudina pickle ingredients

  • Mint / Podina – 2cups
  • Red chilies – 15
  • Tamarind – 10grms
  • Oil – 5tbsp
  • Tomato – 1
  • Salt (required)
  • Garlic cloves – 10
  • Poppy seeds – 4tbsp

How to Make

Step 1: Take a pan on stove; add 2tbsp of oil to it.

Step 2: Heat it in low flame. Now add poppy seeds to the hot oil.

pudina poppy seeds

Step 3: Fry it for 2 minutes and add red chilies.

Step 4: Fry it for 5 minutes till the color of red chilies changes.

red chilies changes

Step 5: Collect them into a jar along with poppy seeds.

Step 6: In the same pan add 2tbsp of oil.

Step 7: After oil getting heat add mint leaves / pudina leaves to it.

add mint leaves

Step 8: Fry the leaves nicely. Collect them into separate bowl and keep a side.

Step 9: Cut the tomatoes into small pieces.

tomatoes into small pieces

Step 10: Add remaining oil to the pan and put this tomato pieces.

Step 11: Fry them for 5 minutes. Collect this and keep it a side.

tomato pieces

Step 12: Take the red chilies jar which we kept a side before and add salt, tamarind and garlic cloves to it.

red chilies jar

Step 13: Grind these all into fine powder.

Step 14: Now add fried mint leaves or pudina leaves into this jar containing powder.

Step 15: Add tomatoes also to the jar.

Step 16: Grind this nicely it will form as a paste.


Step 17: Collect it into a bowl.

If you like you can pop this pickle.

Health benefits of eating Mint / Pudina

  • Mint / pudina consist of menthol which helps the enzymes for proper digestion.
  • Lot of pain balms use mint as the ingredient because this gives a cooling effect and numbs the affected area.
  • Mint gives an instant relief from itchy skin. The anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties do wonders on acne prone skin.
  • It boosts immunity because the mint is packed with lot of nutrients like vitamin C, D, E, phosphorous, calcium and small amount of vitamin B complex.
  • Phytochemical in mint prevent various types of cancers.

Mint leaves are a tender herb is preferred to add at the end of cooking to maintain good texture and flavors.