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Home remedies for burning feet

Burning sensation in feet can be considered as regular issue an individual face in day today life due to continuous work. It may be even due to age. The burning sensation can run from being extreme to intense. Burning sensation in feet is because of something that can affect the harm or brokenness in sensory system. This issue can be connected to with different diseases like diabetes, constant liquor use an even presentation to specific poisons. Different types of reasons that can incorporate burning feet can be due to lacks of vitamin B, folic corrosive, thiamine or calcium, unending kidney ailment and even vascular ailment. The side effects observed with the burning feet is redness, swelling, expanded sweating, dull hurt, peeling skin, change in shading and surface of the skin and even expanded impression of temperature. Try few home remedies in getting rid of burning feet.

Home remedies for burning feet naturally

Cold water best home remedy for burning feet

Cold water is one of the best home solutions for burning feet. The cool water gives snappy alleviation from the shivering, deadness and swelling of the feet.

Fill a tub with cool water.  Dip your feet it for a couple of minutes. Give your feet some rest and afterward splash once more. Repeat a few times each day.


Try not to dip your feet cold water for more than a couple of minutes. Likewise, don’t have any significant bearing ice or an ice pack straightforwardly on your feet.

Apple cider vinegar to get rid of burning feet

Apple juice vinegar will help in adjustment of pH level of body, which can be likewise utilised in the treatment of burning feet.

Blend one to two tablespoons of crude and unfiltered apple fruit extract vinegar in a glass of warm water. Drink it once every day for best results.


You can likewise fill a tub with boiling point water and include two tablespoons of apple fruit extract vinegar to it. Additionally blend in some o Epsom salt. Absorb your feet it for around 20 minutes twice day by day.

Turmeric to reduce burning sensation

Turmeric comprise of a decent measure of a compound known as cucumin, which help in enhancement of blood stream and course all through body. Turmeric has calming properties that may help in diminishing the burning sensation and also moisturise your feet too.

Blend one to two teaspoons of turmeric in a glass of warm water and beverage it. Do this twice day by day for best results.


Make a turmeric paste by taking about two tablespoons of turmeric and enough water and apply it on the influenced territory more than once every day for a couple of days. However, remember that this cure can recolor your feet.

Epsom salt to get relieve from burning feet

Epsom salt can help relieve your feet and give moment of alleviation from burning sensations. Made out of magnesium sulfate, it can help decrease aggravation and pain. In addition, it can help nerves work legitimately.

Put some Epsom salt in a tub sufficiently enormous to cover your feet. Pour luke warm water in the tub and blend it well. Dip your feet this answer for 10 to 15 minutes. Take after this cure once every day for a couple of days. Note: Epsom salt drenches may not be suitable for those with diabetes, hypertension or coronary illness, so counsel your specialist before attempting this cure.

Ginger to prevent burning feet

Ginger is another successful solution for blazing sensation in your feet. Ginger help expanding blood flow in body, which help in getting rid of burning sensations.

Blend one teaspoon of ginger juice with some warm coconut oil or olive oil. Knead your feet and legs with this blend for 10 to 15 minutes once day by day.


Then again, you can drink ginger tea every day. You can even attempt a warm ginger tea splash to decrease swelling and agony.

Thyme best herb to treat burning feet

Thyme is the herb to treat circulation problems. Thus, use a foot soak that is made off with thyme and helps to ease the constricted blood vessels. This helps to relieve from burning feet. Thyme herb is best recommended for burning feet. This works better with a number of fronts and helps to increase blood circulation. This is an easing blood vessels that may be constricted. Soak thyme in cold water and not to use hot water. Add half of container filled with hot water and half of the container filled with cold water. First fill it with hot water and then leave it for about 3 – 5 minutes. Then, soak them in a tub and then switch it to the other. Repeat the process for about 20 minutes. This helps to relieve from burning feet.

Vitamin B3 to prevent burning feet

Vitamin B3 is also known as a niacin that helps to treat burning feet. Vitamin B3 strengthens the nerves and can prevent the nerve from breaking under pressure. Vitamin B3 supplements are best and is the best taken diet that helps to be enriched with foods such as whole grains, peas, beans, milk, yogurt, egg yolk, green vegetables, beans, etc. This helps to reduce the severe condition and can treat it completely depending upon how to be far with the damaged nerves. Vitamin deficiency can contribute and is best for burning feet. This improves overall health and ease pain. This is helpful for promoting blood circulation and also helps to strengthen nerves.

Hawthorne for burning feet

Hawthorne is the best herb that helps to increase blood circulation of the body. This is the best treatment to prevent burning legs. Hawthorne helps to dilate the blood vessels and aids in proper flow of blood to the organs and feet. Take a tablespoon of Hawthorne and add a cup of boiling water. Steep them for about 15 minutes and drink it once a day. This is best and important drink of this tea for 2 – 3 times a day, which is more effective for better results.

Use this home remedies in order to carry on your life without the pain, irritation and burning sensation of feet. Use of these home remedies will rapidly decrease the burning sensation of feet and make you feel comfortable while performing the different activities of routine. Try this home remedies and make your life comfortable and easy.