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Home remedies for multiple sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis is mainly observed nowadays in many women. The exact cause of such disease are still not known. The immune system has a main role when it comes to multiple sclerosis with the attack of myelin, the fatty substance which may coat and protect the nerve fibres in the brain and even spinal cord too. Without the myelin, there is no communication between the spinal cord and the brain in the body. It is mainly diagnosed at the tender age of 20 to 30 but this is observed in all ages too but it is rare. The risk of multiple sclerosis increases due to viral infection, deficiency of vitamin D, while living in temperate climates, smoking and even other disease like thyroid disease, diabetes and other bowel disease too.

Sclerosis symptoms

Common symptoms observed in an individual suffering from multiple sclerosis is spasms, blurred vision, dizziness, bowel control, infection in the urinary tract, lack of concentration and other health related problems. There is no medication available for multiple sclerosis for curing purposes. Doctors prescribe many drugs that will slow down the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Lifetime changes and few home remedies can help in speedy recovery from many symptoms.

Here are few home remedies that will help in getting rid of multiple sclerosis.

Home remedies for multiple sclerosis

Apple cider vinegar to treat MS

Apple cider vinegar is best for health issue, especially people suffering from multiple sclerosis. It comprises of acetic acid contents that will help with absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food that will consume food. It helps in bodily health and may control infections too, that may help in triggering Multiple sclerosis.

Add two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water. Mix honey in it. Drink this mixture for almost twice a day.

Ginkgo biloba best herbal treatment

Several herbalists believe that ginkgo biloba is an effective treatment of various MS symptoms. It helps in fighting fatigue that helps to reduce muscle pain and improve cognitive functions. People can safely take ginkgo biloba in supplement form. But, you should follow the standard dosage of 40 – 80 mg 3 times daily. As ginkgo biloba interact with certain medications. It is best to consult your doctor for taking this supplement.

Natural home remedy with ginger

Ginger is the best when dealing with multiple sclerosis. It has been playing an essential role in ruling brain against stress and other neurological diseases. An individual who consumes ginger daily will be prevented from multiple sclerosis.

Make a tea of ginger. Add 1 teaspoon of grated ginger root in boiling water and then drain it in a few minutes of boiling. You may add honey as an option. Grated ginger can be used in salad dressing too.

Exercise to reduce MS

Regular exercise helps to lower stress and help you to be more relaxed and increase energy with balance and flexibility. Regular exercise helps to strengthen muscles and reduce spasticity. It is recommended to do mild exercise like walking, strengthening, and stretching exercises. You can do low impact aerobics and stationary bicycling. Swimming and other water exercises are also good for MS. Avoid swimming in heated pools and exercise on your own or any physical therapist.

Yoga is also the best exercise tip to get rid of MS. Yoga, tai chi and listening to music  can also be beneficial in reducing MS symptoms.

Chamomile to treat multiple sclerosis

Chamomile is best home remedy for treatment of multiple sclerosis because it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even immune-boosting properties.

Take dried chamomile dried one and then add it a hot cup of water. Cover it and then let it boil for 5 minutes. Strain it, and then drink the tea for almost twice to thrice a day.

Indian Gooseberry (Amla) for immune system

Amla is very best and easily helpful in treatment of symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It has many different types of nutrients and comprise of the rich amount of Vitamin C and acts as powerful anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant agent. It also strengthens the immune system that will enable in the functioning of the body.

Use Alma as intake for almost 1 to 2 amla daily. You may also intake amla juice.


Take amla powder in the hot water mix it completely and drink it with empty stomach.

Vitamin D for proper treatment

Vitamin D acts as prevention and treatment of MS, by maintaining a proper level of it. Vitamin D deficiency can contribute to the onset of MS as well as symptom flare ups. The body needs Vitamin D to absorb calcium and fight osteoporosis, which is a common MS complication. The main source of Vitamin D is the sun and enjoys 15 – 20 minutes of early morning sunlight days. Include foods that are rich in Vitamin D into your diet. Foods that are rich in Vitamin D are fatty fish, mushrooms, fortified milk, fortified cereals, orange juice, and cod liver oil.

Turmeric prevents multiple sclerosis

Turmeric is the best spice in the treatment of health related problems because it comprises of neuro-protective and even anti-inflammatory property that will help in the alleviation of Multiple Scelrosis symptoms and even other diseases too.

Use turmeric in your daily diet. Or Warm the milk and add one teaspoon turmeric to it. Honey can be added as an optional.

Ashwagandha herbal treatment

The most used and best remedy for treatment of multiple sclerosis is Ashwagandha. It helps in the stimulation of the brain and even boost the immune system. It helps in reduction of pain, fatigue, stress and even anxiety.

Take a teaspoon of Ashwagandha powder, add it to one glass of warm water and drink it every morning.

It is advisable to consult a doctor before the use of Ashwagandha because it may decrease the blood pressure.

Try this few home remedies, this will in reducing the symptoms of the multiple sclerosis and help in even curing it, if it is identified earlier. So try these home remedies to get rid of the problem of multiple sclerosis.

Omega 3 fatty acids to protect nervous system

Omega 3 fatty acids, which is called as DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) helps to improve blood flow, muscle activity and brain function. It helps to protect the eh central nervous system; it is useful in the treatment of MS. Take fish oil as supplements daily to get rid of this problem. You can take DHA supplements under the guidance of a physician. Include more fatty fish, eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, walnuts, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds in your diet to increase your intake of essential fatty acids.

Cranberry juice for multiple sclerosis

Cranberry juice is unsweetened juice, but not cocktail that is mixed with any other juices. You can find a rich mixture of antioxidant and organic compounds in cranberry that can be trusted to remedy certain symptoms of MS. This is the best home remedy that helps for the people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis. This is difficulties with bladder control, but cranberry juice, which is an effective treatment that can improve the bladder function. This helps to boost quality of life for MS patients. Cranberry tablets are mostly used to treat urinary tract infections. This helps to benefit and lessen the sclerosis. Thus, cranberry juice is more advantageous with a bladder dysfunction.

Peppermint to prevent multiple sclerosis

Peppermint is the best soothing herb that is used to treat several health conditions. This will be ranging from headaches and nausea to nervous system impairments. This also helps to reduce depression. So, it is limited and is a direct pathway to treat multiple sclerosis. Peppermint oil is the most effective in treating certain symptoms, which includes bowel disorders and are often accompany multiple sclerosis.

Cool treatment for MS symptoms

MS symptoms are most often to get worse when you’re overheated. This helps to tend and improve with cooling. The simple and best strategies of work are by drinking cold beverages and staying inside with the air conditioning. This is best and most important to treat multiple sclerosis. It is better to wear designed cooling garments to reduce body heat. Cooling improves while walking and is in the vision. This can be possibly improve thinking, strength and fatigue. Thus providing a cooling effect to the people who are suffering with MS is very easily and can see quick results.

Avoid cow’s milk to for multiple sclerosis

This is the best source that in addition to the saturated fat content, the cow’s milk is detrimental to the people who has MS. In the study, it is found that the other researchers don’t believe that the cow’s milk is not strong enough to give up other nutrients that are present in milk. So, it is better to eliminate milk from your diet. Make sure to have other sources of calcium, Vitamin D and protein.