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Home remedies on how to reduce breast size

Breasts are signs of a women’s beauty as long as they are of perfect size and shape. Sometimes breasts grow much larger than usual.  Large breasts can create health problems which include neck pain, back pain, and shortness of breath. This can lead to loss of confidence, unattractive figure and awkward posture.

Breast size can be reduced by simple changes in lifestyle, changes in diet, inclusion of exercise and some home remedies. A loss of overall fat in the body will also help in reduction of the size of the breasts.

Large breast is the most important beauty assets of every woman, but extra large breasts not only make them feel uncomfortable but sometimes cause a lot of embarrassment. Women want their breasts to be perfectly shaped and sized.

The common causes of enlarged breast are weight gain, obesity, hormonal changes, lactation, genetics, and side effects of drugs. There are natural ways to reduce the breast size. This can cause some health issues like neck pain, breast cancer, arthritis, back pain.

Change in your diet can change the breast size. It can lower your overall body fat. Focus on low impact cardio workouts since most women have very large breasts.

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Homemade tips to reduce breast size

Tips to reduce breast size naturally

Herbal treatment of green tea to reduce breast size

Green tea is effective in weight loss and reduces breast size. Cathechins in green tea promote weight loss by stimulating the body to burn calories and decrease body fat. It helps to reduce breast size. Green tea reduces the risk of breast cancer. Take 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves to a cup of hot water. Cover and steep for a few minutes. Strain the solution and add a little honey. Drink at least 3 – 4 cups of green tea daily for a few months.

Egg white for oversized breast

Egg white helps to reduce breast size. It will help you to get firm breasts and tighten the chest area to make your breasts look smaller. Beat the white portion of one egg thoroughly into a smooth cream like texture. Apply this paste on the bottom of the breasts. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Mix the juice of onion in a glass of water. Use the mixture to rinse off the egg white. Repeat this remedy once daily for a few weeks to see firmer, smaller breasts.

Balanced diet changes for proper weight

Opt for healthy, balanced diet that will aid proper weight that is less fat in your body. It leads to a natural reduction in breast size as well. Include as many fresh, organic fruits in your diet. Fruits are high in water and have antioxidant property that reduces weight and remain healthy. Eat more green vegetables like kale, broccoli, spinach and others. Get your protein from seafood like fish. Fish are low in calories that help with weight loss. Eat more nuts, which are good sources of energy and helps with weight management. Minimize your salt, unhealthy fat and sugar intake. Stay away from processed, fatty, and deep fried foods. Drink plenty of water or fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid soft drinks and juices with artificial sweeteners.

Massage reduces body fat and size of the breast

Massage an age old remedy to reduce overall body fat that will decrease the breast size. When massaging your breasts, give equal time to each breast. Apply warm olive oil or coconut oil on your breasts. Use your middle finger and ring finger; massage your breasts in circular motions and upward direction for about 10 minutes. Repeat the process twice a day for at least 3 months to notice size reduction.

Neem and turmeric mixture for increased breast 

Neem and turmeric helps to reduce inflammation of the breasts during breastfeeding. They contain anti-inflammatory properties. The size of your breasts will automatically reduce the breast size. Boil a handful of neem leaves in 4 cups of water for about 10 minutes, and then strain it. Mix them well and add 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder and a little honey. Drink the herbal water for few months daily.

Flaxseed to decrease estrogen in the body

Flaxseed contains omega 3 fatty acids that help to reduce estrogen levels in the body. A high estrogen level is one of the reasons behind enlarges breasts. It helps to remove harmful toxins from the body. Take a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds in a glass of hot water. Drink it once daily. You can also take 1 – 2 tablespoon of flaxseed oil daily.

Ginger to increase metabolic rate

Ginger is used to reduce breast size that increases the body metabolic rate to help or burn more fat. It affects the breast size that is mostly made of fatty tissues. Boil 1 teaspoon of grated ginger in 1 cup of water. Let it boil for about 10 minutes. Strain the solution and add a little honey to it. Sip it slowly. Drink 2 – 3 cups in a day helps to reduce your breast size.

Cardio exercises for increased breast size

Regular cardio exercises help in reducing the overall weight of the body.  Low impact cardio exercise like a stationary bike, treadmill is good for women with large breasts. Specific strength-training exercises help to tighten the chest muscles and reduce breast size Aerobic exercises help to reduce overall body fat which in turn reduce the size of the breasts. These exercised include stair climbing, cycling and brisk walking.

Dietary changes to reduce body fat

Women with large breasts and heavy figure must stick to a balanced diet with more of fruits and vegetables. Processed and fried foods with high oil content must be avoided. It is better to avoid high calorific drinks as the sugar content in it also increases body fat. Avoid soft drinks and go for natural fresh fruit drinks without sugar, which is good for health.

Fenugreek packs for breast reduction

Fenugreek has many health benefits and is known to enhance the beauty of women by helping in breast reduction. Fenugreek seeds contain some compounds that are helpful in firming and reducing the size of women’s breast. This pack is prepared by making a paste of fenugreek powder and water.  The breasts should be massaged with this paste for 15 minutes and then washed clean with water.

Egg and onion pack in reduction of breast size

Beat an egg white and apply it on the bottom side of the breasts and leave it to dry for half an hour.  Extract the juice from the onion and some water to it. Clean the egg white from the breasts with the onion juice water. This remedy will make the breasts firm and help in the reduction of the size also.

Top best exercises to reduce breast size

How to reduce breast size naturally with push ups


The best common exercise that is very difficult to build up shoulders and chest muscles is by pushups. These pushups can reduce breast size. You should lie down on your stomach and stretch your legs and make sure that the feet are close to each other. Now, place your palms on the ground with the support of the fingers and are apart from each other for balance and support. Push your chest upwards and stay in that position for about two seconds. Repeat the process for at least 10 times, twice a day for better results.

Regular jogging can reduce breast size


The best and effective way to reduce extra fat in the body is by morning and evening jogging in the garden or park or beach. Jogging helps to reduce the oversize breasts, which will work out on the entire body work. Daily at least 20 minutes of jogging can reduce your body fat and reduce breast size.

Swimming exercise for reducing breast size


Swimming is the best and a very good choice for increased breast size. Swimming is more effects of Cardio exercise such as back and front strokes. These will work on your shoulders and chest muscles to reduce the fat of breasts. This will give an attractive good shape for breasts.

Climbing stairs is another exercise for oversize breasts

stair running -woman

The best and most easy exercise that you can enjoy is climbing up and down on stairs. Repeat the exercise for about 15 – 20 minutes in a day. This exercise will be very effective and blissful for your body and also reduces breast size also.

A technique of wall press exercise


You should stand facing the wall and place your palms on the wall. Then, press your palms against the wall which is a good exercise for your pectoral muscles. Practice these exercises to reduce oversized breasts. This also helps to decrease the increased fat in the breasts and keeps you fit.

Hip shifting exercise to reduce breast size fast at home


Do you know that there is a connection to hips to breasts and this exercise can do wonders? The hip shifting exercise makes the connection stronger. You should stand straight and raise your hands in upward direction. The palms are interlocked and make sure to bring them parallel to the ground. Slowly, release your index finger and inhale pushes your hips towards the right side. Exhale your breath while you are bringing your hips back to the starting position. Repeat this exercise for about 10 minutes and you can achieve the best results.

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