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How to reduce sunburn redness – Natural sunburn treatment at home

Sunburn is painful enough and along with it the redness caused due to sunburn can actually make it even more difficult for you to go out of home even when there is no sun. Think you have to go out in the sun for some reasons and there you got this horrible sunburn. You can take care of the pain and you know that it will go away in a few days; but what about the redness? Because you have a party to attend on the next evening and you just cannot appear there red faced. Do not worry, there are a number of home remedies that can help you to get quickly rid of the redness of sunburn. Be it the skin of your face or your back and hands, these treatments can work efficiently.

There are also medications that can reduce the pain and redness of sunburn in a day, but if you want to go the natural way there are a number of treatments present right in your home that can give you quick relief from the redness and also the pain associated with sunburn.

To reduce the redness of sunburn quickly, first take a long bath in slightly colder water, concentrating on the burnt area. Do not rub the skin or use soap for cleaning, simply wash it off for long with water. This can be very effective to control the pain and the redness. As soon as you are out of the bath, get some good dose of water so that your body is not dehydrated and follow with any of the next remedies to get rid of the redness of sunburn quickly. Here, you can see how to reduce sunburn redness.

Home remedies for sunburn redness

Cucumber to reduce sunburn redness

Cucumber is to scorched skin, which gives instant relief. Cucumber has a soothing effect that can burn simply; this is because of its cooling property. Cucumber is rich in antioxidant and analgesic property. This helps to promote healing and relieves from discomfort. Thus, apply it twice a day to reduce swelling, redness and relieves from pain. Take 1 – 2 fresh cucumber that is chilled. Blend them with a knife and cut them into slices. Place the slices on the affected skin. Flips the slices as and when the one side heats up. Similarly, flip a pillow to get the cool side up. If you use chill slices, then it will give a longer lasting effect. This gives a toss in a blender to create a paste. Thus, feel free to add some aloe vera gel or cornstarch if you want to have a little thicker.

Drink more water for quick relief

Sunburn is a burn on your skin that is dried out. This is due to dehydrated. So, it is better to include large amounts of water or keep a tall glass or bottle of ice cold water on hand. This is all times that, make sure you’re keeping into yourself with full of H2O. This helps to heal the damaged skin. You may also use some ice cubes and cool water that helps to treat inflamed skin and sunburn. Apply ice cubes directly to your damaged skin. Wrap some ice cubes in a cloth and slowly tap the red area of your skin. Drink a lot of cold water daily. This keeps you hydrate and your body maintains body temperature that can lower to reduce the burn and inflammation quickly.

Include yogurt into your diet

Yogurt is rich in probiotics and enzymes that help in healing damaged skin. This helps for quick recovery and pain. This reduces sunburn and reduces pain due to the probiotics. Wash your hands and apply yogurt directly to the burned area. Leave it for about 5 minutes and then rinse it off with cool or tepid water. Yogurt helps to heal your sunburn, skin that helps to recover you faster. You can make sure to use a plain yogurt, but not vanilla flavored. Take ½ cup of plain yogurt and use it to treat facial burns.

Aloe vera to reduce sunburn redness

Aloe Vera is a ready-made and most effective natural remedy to reduce the redness and pain of sunburn instantly. However, do not use the Aloe Vera gels that are available in the market; because most of them come with other chemicals, including alcohol and can damage the sunburnt skin even further.

Pluck two fresh Aloe Vera leaves from your kitchen garden. Slice it open and take out the inner pulp. Now apply this pulp directly onto the affected skin and leave on. Aloe Vera gives instant relief from the burning sensation and the redness also reduces over time. Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin optimally helping it to soothe.

Cold sour curd for skin redness

This is another home treatment that is very popular for its effectiveness to reduce the redness of sunburn. It also heals the affected skin and moisturizes it naturally. Using sour curd that has been prepared at home works better.

Take a scoop of the curd from your fridge and apply it directly onto the affected area of the skin. Leave on for as long as you can. Wash off with normal water. The sour curd contains a range of skin friendly elements and has been found to be very effective to reduce the redness of sunburn quickly.

Tea treatment for sunburn 

Tea has high tannic acid content which has been found to be effective to reduce the pain and the redness of sunburn quickly and effectively.

Brew 3-4 tea bags in warm water and let them get cold in the pot. Finally, take the tea bags out and place them on the affected area of the skin. Make sure that the tea bags are not hot anymore before you place them on your skin. Keep the tea, thus prepared, in the fridge during this span and after you have removed the tea bags, wash the affected area repeatedly with this cold tea concoction.

Potato to reduce skin redness

In the rare case that you do not have any of the other three items ready at home; potato can be the best healer. The potato has a high starch content and can provide instant relief in sunburn. It also reduces the redness of the skin efficiently.

Grate a clean and washed potato. Apply the grated pieces directly onto the affected skin or squeeze out the juice, soak a cotton pad in the juice and apply it onto the affected area till they turn black and dry.

Fuller’s earth and cucumber to heal sunburn redness

A pack made of fuller’s earth and cucumber is an instant remedy to reduce the redness of sunburn. Fuller’s earth is natural clay punched with the goodness of several minerals that can be very helpful to give the skin its normal color. Cucumber on the other hand is full of helpful enzymes and has a skin soothing effect which can reduce the pain and inflammation.

Take some fuller’s earth and make a paste by adding adequate water. Grate a cucumber, squeeze out the juice and add it to the fuller’s earth paste. Smear this paste onto the affected skin and try to keep the pack wet as long as possible. Wash off with water without rubbing the skin before the pack gets dry.

Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil for redness

This is an age old remedy to cure the pain and redness of sunburn. ACV helps in the healing of the burnt skin and coconut oil moisturizes the skin, helping it to get back to its healthy self.

Spray some Apple Cider Vinegar on to a clean and soft cotton towel. Compress the affected area of the skin for 10 minutes with this towel without rubbing the skin. Finally, apply an excess of coconut oil to the skin. Do not rub it hard; just spread it properly onto the affected area. If you go to bed with the coconut oil on, you are sure to see a visible reduction in the redness by the morning.

Oatmeal to heal sunburn

Uncooked oatmeal can work to reduce the redness of sunburn. It has natural skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reduction of the condition.

Make a thick paste with oatmeal and water. If you can use cold water to make the paste, it will be even better. Apply this paste onto the sunburnt skin and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Do not let it get dry and finally wash off with plenty of water.

Baking soda to get rid of sunburn redness

You can clear off the pain of sunburn as well as the redness by using baking soda.

Make a slightly runny paste by mixing baking soda with plain water. Apply this paste onto the inflamed skin. Leave on till it gets dry and wash off with water.

Sandalwood and milk to treat sunburn redness

Sandalwood is a plant with great medicinal properties. Sandalwood paste and oil can be highly effective to reduce the pain and redness of sunburn quickly. It is highly healing for the skin. Milk on the other hand, provides moisture to the skin and helps in reducing the skin discoloration.

Make a paste of sandalwood powder and add 2-3 drops of sandalwood essential oil in it and 1 spoon of milk. If you have a sandalwood stick you can directly prepare a runny paste by rubbing it onto the sandstone with milk instead of water. Apply this paste to the inflamed skin, but do not let it get dry. Leave on for as long as you can and wash off before it gets dry.

Tomato and papaya from sunburn redness

The tomato is high in Lycopene and anti-oxidant content and it works magically to reduce any symptoms of sunburn. Papaya on the other hand heals the skin and helps in getting rid of any skin discoloration.

Smash one tomato with 2-3 cubes of papaya and place this paste in the fridge for 5 minutes. Apply this to the inflamed skin and leave on. You will get instant relief from the pain and the redness will also go away with a few usages.

Follow any or any two of the above remedies at a time and repeat them as frequently as possible. You can treat your inflamed skin with Aloe Vera or any other pack as mentioned above immediately after taking the bath and during the day and then use the ACV and Coconut oil remedy before going to the bed to reduce the redness of sunburn visibility within a day. Also make it a point not to let your sunburnt skin becomes exposed to the sun again in the next few days and wear cotton clothes of light fit so that the skin is able to breathe and is not rubbed hard with the cloth which can cause peeling of the skin.