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Home remedies for shingles| Shingles home treatment & natural cure

Shingles which are medically term termed as herpes zoster is caused due to infection called as varicella zoster virus.  The individual who had suffered from chickenpox at the age of one are at the highest risk. The individual with weak immune system and some suffering from worst health conditions like cancer, HIV, leukemia, etc., are at the highest risk.


The virus can cause chicken pox. Even if the chicken pox vanishes the virus remain dormant body at the time of treatment. The virus gets reactivated and causes shingles disease. Anyone who had suffered from chickenpox can get shingles.


The main symptom of shingle is red patches and even burning sensation in that area. It occurs mainly on the trunk, buttock or on the face. The rashes are generally very itchy and can even produce blisters. Another symptom of shingle is headache, fever, body pain, fatigue and even sensitivity to light. Shingles clear on its own within a few weeks, but still if you feel more pain and discomfort, it is better to have few home remedies that will ease up the discomfort of shingles and even speed up healing process.

Top best home remedies for shingles

Honey to treat shingles with herbal process

Honey is the best treatment for blisters that are associated with shingles. The best and natural effective home remedy to heal due to its skin reviving properties. Honey helps to clear up the blisters and can relieve from pain and irritation, Take some honey and apply it on a bandage. Place that bandage with honey on the affected area. Use some more bandages to cover the area. Replace with some fresh honey for evert few hours. This remedy on continuous usage improves to relieve from shingles. Alternatively, you can also eat one tablespoon of honey daily to boost your immune system for quicker recovery.

Cold water to eliminate shingles naturally

Cold water is best in controlling pain of blisters. It may even cause itching and irritation.

Take a towel in cold water, wring out excess water and gently place on blister. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then remove it. Repeat this process till the pain decrease. It is recommended not to use ice packs and water that are too cold. It is better to wash the towels before and after use.

Sea salt to relive from shingles

Sea salt is the best antiseptic property that helps to treat shingles. This helps to dry up the blisters quickly to recover faster. Take one tablespoon of sea salt and add one half cup of water. You can use a cotton ball and dip it in that mixture. Take out the cotton swab ball and apply the mixture on the affected area. Repeat the process 3 – 4 times a day for one week that helps to heal the blisters. You can also add one half to a cup of sea salt. Use this mixture in your bath water. Soak the body in it for about 30 minutes daily.

Oatmeal to prevent shingles quickly

Oatmeal comprise of anti-irritating and even calming properties that may give relief from irritation, pain and even itchiness from the shingles.

Take two cups of oatmeal in a bathtub filled with lukewarm water. Dip them in bath water for 15 to 20 minutes. Take bath from this water twice to thrice a day, till you see improvement.

Apple cider vinegar treatment to get rid of shingles

Apple cider vinegar is another best remedy for shingles. It will help in drying sores and even help in getting rid of itchiness. It is a natural disinfectant as well as having antiviral property, which help in speedy recovery.

Take an equal volume of apple cider vinegar and water. Soak a cotton cloth in the solution and place it on the affected area. Leave it on till it dries off. Repeat this process twice to thrice a day to heal the shingles.

Capsicin natural pain relievers from zoster

Use natural pain relievers that don’t cause any harm to shingles. Because some creams contain capsaicin that may be useful in reducing pain caused by shingles. Capsaicin is a pepper extract and is used for a century, which is a natural pain reliever. You just follow the directions given on the product and do not apply the cream more than the recommended times in a day. As these creams will not speed up the duration of the shingles, but they may make them less painful and easier to tolerate.

Aloe vera to treat herpes

Aloe vera comprise of soothing as well as calming properties. It is an excellent home remedy that will fight against shingles. It helps in soothing on affected area and even reduce pain and itching sensation and help in recovery soon.

You should take aloe leaf and extract, aloe vera gel from it. Apply it on the affected area and then massage it gently. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with cold water. You can even have a bath of cold. Try this remedy twice to thrice a daily for about a week.

Soothing lotions to heal herpes zoster

Use a soothing lotion that helps to heal and ease the effects of shingles. Don’t use scented or perfumed lotions that may actually be too irritating and can cause additional discomfort. So, it is better to use soothing lotions, like calamine lotion on the affected area. First wash your hands neatly, apply the soothing lotions on the affected area. Then immediately wash your hands after applying it. The risk is small, but you could transmit the virus to another person if you do not thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water.

Licuorice natural cure for shingles

Licuorice comprise of antiviral as well as immune boosting compounds that may help in the treatment of shingles with speedy recovery from all symptoms.

Take a little water with a teaspoon of licuorice powder and make a paste of it. Apply this on the affected area and then allow it to dry. Rinse it off with warm water. Try this remedy twice to thrice a day for one to two weeks.


You should make a tea of licuorice and then allow it to cool and dab the blister using a cotton ball with tea. Try this home remedy twice to thrice a day till a proper improvement is observed.

Wet compresses to get out of zoster

Use a wet compress which is same as cool bath. Cool compress helps to ease pain and irritation of shingles. You just soak a clean towel or cloth with cool water and wring it to remove water out. Then, apply the compress to your rash for several minutes at a time. But, don’t use ice packs as it may harm. Be cautious that do not again reuse that used towel, or cloths that it comes into contact with your rash. Use washed towels to prevent passing on the virus.

Garlic natural way to treat shingles

Garlic is another one of the strongest antiviral food that may treat shingles with speedy recovery of symptoms.

You should take five garlic cloves and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for almost 5 to 10 minutes. Wash it off with warm water. Try this a few times daily for one to two weeks for positive results.

Coconut oil treatment for shingles

Pure coconut oil is rich in its anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. This helps to treat shingles. Take some virgin coconut oil and warm it up. Apply this warm coconut oil on the affected skin. Now, cover the areas with a gauze. Change it for every few hours. You can continue the remedy until you notice the improvement in your condition. Another way is that try to include 2 – 3 tablespoons of coconut oil in your daily diet. Start to take one tablespoon a day. This can gradually increase the amount and is the best way to heal shingles quickly.

Try these few home remedies that will help in speedy recovery of symptoms of shingles and even daily use of the remedy will completely disappear shingles from the body.

Tips to reduce skin sores or shingles

  • Avoid scratching blisters that will crust over and fall off naturally.
  • Apply cornstarch or baking soda to help dry the sores that helps to heal more quickly.
  • Use topical creams that help relieve the inflammation caused by shingles.
  • Use cool and moist compresses, which help ease discomfort. Lotions such as calamine, may be applied after wet compresses.
  • Soak crusted sores with water that helps to clean away the crusts and decease oozing. And then dry, soothe the skin to get rid of shingles.