New Indian stylish hairstyles for heart shaped face

God has uniquely created all of us, which make us look different even though when we have the same features. Our face shapes differ that can change according to the size, shape and color. Some of the most common face shapes are oval, round and long. They are further deciphered into shapes like square, diamond and heart. We will go through some of the heart shaped faces with Indian hairstyles. Heart shaped faces look like a heart, as they face shape looks sharp and smooth jaw, while their cheeks looks curved just as we see in a heart shape. There is some hairstyle picture below that will give you some ideas. These are best to choose and suit a hairstyle that will go with the heart shaped face.

Side curves to straight long hair do hairstyle

Side curves to straight long hairdo

The pointy chin as shown in above can be gracefully flaunted by covering curved hair on both the sides. This draws the attention on your face.  The hairstyle makes you look cute. Side part your hair from the side and have it straightened. The hair that falls around your face zone has been curved with a curling comb or a curler. Make sure that it doesn’t become absolutely curled – it just needs the wave. Now, you can leave the rest of the hair as it has to keep it open.

Side braid hairstyle for heart shaped face

Side braid

Indians love braids and it is one of the most commonly used hairstyles for all occasions and regular times. You should part your hair from the front section and a side part thus, and slight lift on both the sides. For this, you can opt for side twists which you can lift and pin it up. Simply, braid the rest of the hair and then let it fall on the side. Let slight locks fall in the front of your face and do not empty out the zone for pretty look. The forehead becomes a ‘flaunty’ feature for the heart shaped face. You can try and have it empty or have a small mang-tika across the separation line.

Side-brushed straight hairstyle for heart shaped face

Side-brushed straight hair

In the picture below we see a pretty lady with a perfect heart shaped face. Here the hair is entirely straightened, but she has a side-brushed it and let it fall on the fuller side of the partition. In order to follow this hairstyle, you don’t need much of tips and tricks, but you simply need to match your attire with straight hair. Once, your hair is straight, you have to part your hair from the side and then back-brush it. The entire hair falling from that side and match some heavy earrings to let flaunt the opposite ear.

Neatly back-brushed bun hairstyle for heart shaped face

Neatly back-brushed bun

Bun hairstyles have been common for Indians over the years. But, lately there have been numerous enhancements. Well, if you have a heart shaped face, then certainly you have a lovely face features. Heart shaped faces boast of their prominent forehead and chin. The curved cheeks are the final touches which are hardly and can give you the need to extravagant hairdos. We see a lady with neatly back-brushed and tied bun in the picture. You can surely try this out with some authentic and subtle sarees.

Middle parted and lifted bun hairstyle for saree

Middle parted and lifted bun

This hairstyle starts off like the side braided hairdo we saw above. Mostly, the only difference is that it is a bun out here while that one had a lovely side braid. Part your hair from the middle for manga tikka and give the side with a slight lift. Make a bun at the back of your hair according to your own suitably. This is due to the beauty of the forehead, we tend to keep hair off it, and let long strands fall as locks on the sides. Add a light mang-tika to dress up the middle portion.

Side bouffant with curls hairstyle for saree

Side bouffant with curls

Bouffants have gained immense popularity over time. Even celebrities have looked back at the retro styles as it is  incorporated with bouffants in their own way. In the picture below, we see a side bouffant, which has been at first side brushed and then lifted for the hairdo. The fuller side of the bouffant then flaunts lovely curls for the lower part of the hair. With this you have to do the bouffant, which needs straight hair for it, you will then have to curl up the rest of the hair to make this hairstyle look cute. Make sure it falls to the heavier side of the bouffant.

Side bouffant with bun for heart shaped face hairstyle

Side bouffant with bun

Bouffants let you flaunt your forehead and gives your hair a separate attention. We see a lovely lady in a kanjeevaram silk saree. She has parted her hair from the side and are then made a side bouffant. Although, the puff isn’t very big, it makes the hair look fuller and neat. You should make a bun with the rest of the hair. Choose any of the bun hairstyles or keep it neatly tied. Make sure that the bun hairdo which doesn’t disrupt the look.

Side parted hair, pinned and then curled hairstyle

Side parted hair

Since keeping hair off the face is one of the first criteria for such face shape, this hairstyle gets quite an appreciation. Thus, it is letting the hair flaunt well too. You have to straighten your hair at first and then start the process. You should part your hair from the side and then back-brush the fuller side. Pin it up like you see in the picture or give it a slight light. Let the rest of the hair fall down one shoulder and fall out infront. Curl up the 1/4th zone of your hair. So, keep the above portion straight. This may vary according to the length of your hair.

Middle part with open curls hairstyle

Middle part with open curls

Part your hair from the middle and have it curled up. The curls look much pretty with the wavering type and are not entirely curled. This makes the look messy and sexy! On the other hand, your hair looks natural with this hairstyle and  are appealing. You can pair it up with a manga-tikka like you see in the picture. This stylish hairstyle best suit for both lehengas and sarees.

Crown bouffant with twisted hair for heart shaped face

Crown bouffant with twisted hair

This is another pretty hairstyle which you can try out with your long hair. With this hairstyle the forehead is slightly covered and is side parted. Make a crown bouffant, which is slightly lifted and are neatly brushed and pinned up. Then the rest of the left open as hair fall down from one shoulder and it curled up in twists. This hairstyle will flaunt your face shape and features. Thus, the hairstyle helps to leave you endless opportunities for accessories.

Loose open hair with straight, wavy hairstyle on saree


The hairstyle for heart shaped face is typical to find and try this loose hairstyle that best suits to you. Try this hairstyle which is simple and easy to wear. Simply brush your hair and side swept your front hair. Simply, comb your hair and leave open with wavy long hair on the shoulder. Remaining hair on the back to have a simple and beautiful look.  This hairstyle on black color saree gives an outstanding look. Black saree with pink border looks more beautiful. Try this hairstyle on a party or festival occasion. Try this hairstyle to have a gorgeous look. This special hairstyle and saree can be worn on any special occasions such as wedding, party etc.

Latest heart shaped face, hair trends fashion


This hairstyle is the latest hair fashion trend that matches with a heart shaped face. This is simply ideal to try and make your hairstyle look beautiful. This hairstyle best suit for heart shaped face as the hair covers the forehead, which is likely to broaden. This hairstyle can be modified with new hair trends easily. Simply, partition your mid hair and side swept both the sides with curls that are at lower hair. So, leave the lower hair and fringes that looks as ear locks on the front and also covers your part of the face. Simply, side swept your hair on both sides that leaves the hair on the shoulders. The hairstyle is simple and semi-curled that gives an elegant look. Try this hairstyle for wedding parties or any other occasion with saree or traditional outfit. Hairstyle with simple make up makes you look beautiful.

Stylish heart shaped face, hair trends for women


The heart shaped face looks as a broad forehead, tall cheek bones, and pointed chin. The short haircut, bob haircut, front hair and pointy chin that gives them to look beautiful. Along with them, they can also try trendy fashion hairstyles that make you look more beautiful in curly hair. This hairstyle covers up your forehead and is likely to be broadening. Try this for a different look with this modify hairstyle. Select a new hair trend hairstyle that is certainly going to appear fresher. Simply, brush your hair with a side swept bang which covers your forehead. Leave the hair open and straight waves on shoulders. Fringe and bangs cover the broad forehead which gives a beautiful look.

Short hairstyle with curly hair


The curly bob haircut that best suits for your heart shaped face. The short hair with curl locks looks pretty cute for a party. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for your face shape. The short curly, wavy hairstyles for this face shape looks stylish and unique. This will add attention and make you look trendy and beautiful. The side fringe curly hairstyle with curls.

Mid parted straight wavy hairstyle up to shoulders


The mid parted straight wavy hairstyle with shoulder length medium hair looks beautiful. The mid parted hairstyle with short wavelength looks pretty cute. The side swept bangs with mid part hair over pinkish cheeks looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle that best suits for outings and parties. The medium length hair with a perfect face shape, make you look gorgeous.

Fringe hairstyle falling on shoulders


The side swept bang hairstyles looks beautiful with straight long hair. The straight hair with long trendy hairstyle looks beautiful with slight make up. The hairstyle best suits for you with fringe haircut. The front hair with the front oval haircut that to as fringe haircut looks beautiful. This hairstyle with stylish, trendy hair looks trendy and fashion.

Mid part wavy fashion, hairstyle with medium length hair


The hairstyle with shoulder length hair looks trendy and fashion. The hairstyle best suits for you with loose wide open wavy hair. Try this trendy fashion, hairstyle with a strong jaw line looks special. The hairstyle of western wears looks stylish. The hairstyle is just being the trendy look with beauty. This gives a youthful, loose wave that keeps your face with attracting hairstyle.