Trendy Indian hairstyle ideas for engagement

Saree is one of the most beautiful Indian ethnic wears that can make any women look not only gorgeous but also the most noble. If you are not sure about what to wear on the special day of your engagement, settling for a suitable saree can always make the best option. However, to dazzle on the day, it is not only the saree that you need to be perfect, but you also have to plan about the right accessories, makeup as well as the hairstyle to get a complete look. Hair style plays a very important role in the overall appearance of any women and if you are wearing a saree on the day of your engagement you actually need to settle for the right hairstyle that goes well with the saree and complements the total look. To help you chose the right hairstyle for your engagement here is a collection of hairstyles, of different hair lengths that can go perfectly with a saree. Read on,

Traditional South Indian bride hairstyle

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The simple hairstyle with a front puff decorated with manga tikka. Pin the puff and leave the remaining hair on the side shoulder. Decorate with jewelry and roll the lower end of the hair. Simply, roll at the low hair looks beautiful. Try this stylish hairstyle for the party. The simple side swept front puff hairstyle with lower rolls looks beautiful. This stylish hairstyle is best on saree with a traditional look.

Stylish outdoor wedding hairstyle

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This hairstyle is a Pakistani hairstyle. Simple prepares bangs on both sides and pin the step by step braids which looks as rolled hair. Style your hair with a stylish look. Decorate the hairstyle with flower hair pins. This will add more beauty to your hairstyle. This hairstyle adds more beauty for a wedding party. The hairstyle makes you look stylish and trendy.

Traditional bridal updo hairstyle

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The wedding hairstyle with updo and decorate it with beautiful manga tikka. Style your hair with a braided top updo tight bun. This hairstyle adds more beauty to your face and saree. The hairstyle with two bangs covering the two side foreheads. Thus, the stylish hairstyle makes you look beautiful with makeup. The hairstyle with trendy jewelry adds more beauty.

Trending Indian hairstyle with flowers

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The best hairstyle best suits for a traditional look. The side swept twists and loose braids from mid of the forehead to the side and prepare loose bun with hair streaks. This hairstyle looks awesome with a beautiful flower. So, style your hair with a trendy look and is more with a trendy additional attracting look with your gorgeous dress. This hairstyle with a fashion dress will be more beautiful. Try this hairstyle for party or any other traditional occasion.

Rare bang with puff and crown hairstyle5. 6a4b01e164c6b32b11bf4de530b40812

The pink colored unique saree draping attracts the people more. Along with this the stylish hairstyle with a bang in front and a puff at the mid of the head adds more beauty to the saree. The hairstyle decorated with a beautiful crown and low bun with side strings pinned at bang along with bun. This hairstyle and gorgeous saree draping style are simply superb.

Low bun with back puff hairstyle

Low bun with back puff

This hairstyle can be done on long, medium or even shoulder length hairs. Here the hairs at the front have been parted sideways and the back part has been back brushed to come up with a light puff that covers the whole back of the head. The bun is loose and it lies just on the neck. This hairstyle can give a very soft touch to the look, which is ideal for an engagement and can go nicely with a perfect saree.

Neat back bun with hair accessory for engagement

Neat back bun with hair accessory

If you are wearing a saree on your day of engagement, a neat hair bun packed with layers of hair accessories that match with your saree can always look good. As shown in the picture the neat bun is present in the neck and layers of hair accessories have been used to cover the bun. A single Kundan hair accessory has also been added in the middle of the bun to complete the look. The best thing about this hairstyle is that, even if you have very small hairs, you can easily get this hairstyle with a false bun.

Long plait with light crown puff traditional outfit

Long plait with light crown puff

This hairstyle again looks gorgeous with sarees and the best thing about this hairstyle is that, you can get it irrespective of your hair length if you are ready to use falsies. In this case the hair is parted at the front and the hairs on the crown have been puffed to get the right look. The plait is simple and it has been decorated with garlands of flower at the upper part. This hairstyle can look very well on girls with shorter neck, as this style will expose the neck area fully making it appear longer.

Simple puffed up plait hairstyle on engagement

Simple puffed up plait hairstyle

This retro hairstyle can look really glamorous with saree and can be ideal for an engagement look that is simple and classy. The hair on the crown has been back brushed right from the hairline and then they have been collected at the back to make a simple plait. The hair has been puffed on the crown to get the perfect retro look. This hairstyle can give a very stylish look and can be done with short or long hair.

Doughnut bun with floral decorations hairstyle

Doughnut bun with floral decorations

If using flowers in hairs is a custom in your culture, this engagement hairstyle can be your perfect choice. Here the doughnut bun has been done at a middle position which is not an up do and neither lies over the neck. The bun has been encircled with flower garland and there is also a light puff on the crown. If you have small hairs but you want to don this hairstyle on your engagement because you will be wearing a saree on the day, you can easily opt for a false bun.

Open hair style on saree

Wavy curls

This simple open hairstyle can go perfectly with a saree on your day of engagement. Here the hairs have been parted in the middle and the partition is present across the head. The hairs have been hanged on both the sides from over the shoulders. The hairs have curls starting from the shoulder length, giving the hairstyle a nice cascading look. The addition of the mangtika completes the look; but if you do not want to opt for such a gorgeous mangtika on your engagement, you can easily replace it for a light one without hampering the hairstyle.

Low bun hairstyle with hair accessory

Low bun hairstyle with hair accessory

This low bun hairstyle can nicely complement your engagement look in a saree. In this case the hairs have been collected at the back and the bun has been placed covering the neck nicely. The hairs have been used in sections to cover the bun which gives it a unique look. Light puff is present on the crown. The addition of the hair accessory right on the stalk of the bun completes the look.

Back open hairstyle for sarees at engagement

Back open hairstyle for sarees

This full open hairstyle can look very beautiful with saree. Here the hairs have been neatly combed to the back and has been left flowing unbound for all its length. A layer of plait is present at the back of the head and the addition of the stone based accessory just below the plait line highlights the overall hairstyle. As during engagements in sarees you will most probably not use a veil or dupatta to cover your head, hence this hairstyle can be the right one to pick.

Floral -bud side bun with floral enhancements

Floral -bud side bun with floral enhancements

This hairstyle can be perfect to get the soft pre-wedding look during your engagement. This hairstyle is bun based and can go very well with a saree. This bun has been done on one side of the head, which makes it partly visible even from the front and adds a soft touch to the look. The uniqueness of this hairstyle lies in its floral-bud design which looks absolutely gorgeous. Flowers have been added on the other side of the head to give the total hairstyle a balanced and accentuated look.

Open hairstyle with back puff on saree

Open hairstyle with back puff

This easy hairstyle can look really gorgeous when paired with the right saree. In this case the hairs have been puffed at the back part of the head and one section of the hair comes flowing through one side of the shoulder, while the other section is settled covering the back. The hairs on the crown, before the puff, have been side swept and tresses also rest on the other shoulder to give a voluminous look to the hairs. Soft curls are present in the lower section of the locks.

Side swept open hairstyle with lower curls

Side swept open hairstyle with lower curls

This hairstyle can look simply beautiful on the day of your engagement when paired with the right saree and accessories. Here the whole hair has been back brushed and then side swept to be collected on one shoulder. The hairs have light curls on the lower half of the length and look stylish. This hairstyle can look best on medium length hairs.

Layered hairstyle with saree

Layered hairstyle with saree

If you have long hairs you can go for a layer cut before the day of your engagement and get this hairstyle which will look perfect with a saree. The hairs have been parted at the side and one section has been left flowing over the shoulder through the front while the other section rests on the back. This layered hairstyle can look more beautiful on girls with a long neck.

Side fishbone plait hairstyle for engagement

Side fishbone plait hairstyle for engagement

If you have long hairs, you can opt for a side fishbone plait on your engagement day to get the right look for the occasion. Fishbone plaits look classy and a side plait flowing through one shoulder can actually add the right touch of glamour to your overall look. In this picture the hairs have been puffed at the crown, but you can even go without the puff if you feel so. Again, you can add hair accessories to accentuate the plait or you can just let it flow without any added embellishments to get the simply beautiful look.

Up do bun hairstyle for engagement

Up do bun hairstyle for engagement

This up do can look gorgeous and flawless with saree and makes a perfect hairstyle for the occasion. Here the hairs have been parted at the side at the front and the heavy up do covers the whole of the back side of the head. Use of a plait of hairs to tie up the front of the up do gives the whole hairstyle a special touch. As seen in this picture all the hairs have been pulled at the back to make the bun, but you can also leave a few curled locks flowing at the sides to get a softer look.

Traditional engagement looks of the South Indian bride


Engagement is the best, happiest part of every woman was she is going to start her new life. Looking gorgeous and tuning every ones attention towards you is important. Choosing best saree is not a part of your beautiful look, the hairstyle; makeup and jewelry also play an important role to be good on your special day. So, try this simple hairstyle on your engagement with a saree turns everyone’s attention towards you. Comb your complete hair to back and tie a long strand braid tightly. Decorate with a manga tikka on the middle of hair with simple jewelry look good.

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If you are in a hurry and fixed an engagement suddenly. Don’t worry, you can try this hairstyle that makes you look beautiful even in simple chudihar also. Comb your hair and divide your hair into upper and middle – lower section into two parts. Prepare a front puff by combing your hair back and pin them. Take little part of the hair on the right as a fringe. Braid your hair with side swept your hair. Braid with strands on left shoulder. This hairstyle best suits for medium length hair and semi-curly hair.

Trendy engagement open Indian hairstyle simply superb


The lovely combination of lehenga choli with open hairstyle looks beautiful. Try this simple hairstyle to be perfect on your engagement special day. Not only beautiful perfect color matching,but also the hairstyle and the jewelry you were also important to be gorgeous. So, try this open long waves hairstyle on your special day. Part your hair into front and mid-back sections. Pin your front part hair in the middle and leave your remaining hair. Simply long waves on the right shoulders with beautiful orange and green color dress makes you look beautiful. Try this simple, easy hairstyle of your day and turn all audiences look towards you. Be simple and beautiful with less jewelry and you feel comfortable too. Simply try this hairstyle with long wavy hair and slight fringe on the left also makes you look beautiful.