Home remedies for Optic neuritis

Neuritis can be called as an inflammation of the nerves, it may cause in a single nerve or in a group of nerves.  It all depends on the inflammation on which the neuritis can be predicted like Lumbosacral neuritis (Nerves which are in lower legs), Occipital neuritis (inflation in scalp, neck or on back of head), Vestibular neuritis (infection in respiratory tract) and even optical neuritis (Inflammation of nerves in eyes). There occurs a tingling or burning sensation on the affected area and even shooting pain. There can be loss in sensation as well as paralysis in the surrounding muscles. The cause of optical neuritis may be due to presence of toxins in blood and even other bodily fluids. It may be caused due to chronic acidosis which is due to formation of excessive acid in blood as well as bodily fluids. It may be due to nutritional deficiencies like vitamin B, Vitamin C as well as Vitamin D.  There are few home remedies that will help in getting rid of optical neuritis.

Effective home remedies for optic neuritis

Soya bean milk for optic neuritis

One of the best home remedy in the treatment of optical neuritis is soya bean milk.  It comprise of special types of components that decrease the nutritional deficiencies that may lead to vitamin deficiencies if not consumed. It comprise of glutamic acid, lecithin as well as vitamin B12 that help in toning the nervous system.

Take a cup of soya bean milk then add in it honey almost a teaspoon. This must be taken every night. This milk is prepared by dipping the soya beans for almost 12 to 24 hours in milk. The skin of the soya beans should be removed and then make a paste of it. This paste must be boiled in slow fire and must be stirred constantly. Must be cooled down and strain and add sugar to it.

Yogurt to get rid of optic nuritis

Yogurt is best in formation of bacteria in intestine that will produce vitamin B1 as well as vitamin B12 which are both essential in treatment of optical neuritis. It also comprise of lactic acid that is best in treating the optical neuritis. It has best benefit in reducing the pain and irritation caused due to optical neuritis.

Use yogurt in your daily diet like buttermilk, lassi, etc. Consume yogurt in daily diet as it will help in benefitting from pain as well as irritation caused due to optical neuritis.

Barley brew to relieve from optic neuritis

It is very essential treatment for the cause of optical neuritis.  Barley Brew comprise of special components that will help in getting rid of pain as well as irritation and inflammation caused due to optical neuritis.

Take a quarter cup of barley and boil it with half cup of water that will make barley brew. When water gets reduced to quarter strain it. This brew can be consumed with half a glass of buttermilk and even with lime juice, which will give you a better as well as positive results.

Beetroot natural home remedy

Beetroot comprise of Pantothenic acid as well as essential type of vitamin content that are very much beneficial in the natural treatment of optical neuritis.

Make a decoction of beetroot in water and strain it is very effective home remedy that will be useful for optical neuritis.


You can even use beetroot powder mixed with water. Take this in diet for almost twice a day and get rid of optical neuritis.

Carrot and spinach juice for treatment

It is effective as well as excellent remedy that will help in treatment of neuritis. It is very rich in elements as well as help in getting rid of deficiencies that may cause the worst conditions. The patient will be greatly benefited if he/she intake it daily.

Make carrot or spinach juice by boiling them and grinding them and adding water to it in appropriate amount. Try this daily as it will not only get rid of optical neuritis but also boost up your energy levels too.

Orange flowers natural treatment

It is best treatment in the neuritis. The water drained from flowers of orange is very much refreshing a well as stimulating that is very beneficial for patient suffering from optical neuritis.

Take fresh flowers of orange and boil them with a glass of water. Strain the water and consume it twice a day. This is best treatment for getting rid of optical neuritis.

Try this few home remedies and make your vision healthier with natural treatments.

Bean sprouts to treat optic neuritis

Bean sprouted are rich in Vitamin C, B, iron and potassium. They are used to prepare salads and are mixed with a variety of contents such as onion, cabbage, coriander leaves, beetroot, carrot, garlic and green capsicum. These are best based on your season salad with lemon juice and or grated as lemon, black pepper and a pinch of salt. Thus, the salads not only open your taste buds, but also works effectively with a natural home treatment for neuritis.

Baking soda for optic neuritis

The best way of treatment is that too much of acid in blood and tissues are blamed for neuritis for a long time. Thus, the proportion of acid in the body is brought down with an effect of neuritis that can be somewhat negated. Thus, the perspective way is that have baking soda. This is rich in alkaline compound and is used for beauty and health problems. Consume a glass of water with a pinch of baking soda every day. This solution slowly increases the pH of your body. Thus, there will be an alleviation as the symptoms of neuritis slowly, but steadily.

Vitamin B treatment for optic neuritis

The foods that are rich in Vitamin B are best and gainful home remedy for optic neuritis treatment. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B12 are best and calm for short coming and has an amazing agony inside an hour. The foods that are rich in Vitamin B12 are mussels, fish, lobster, buttermilk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, milk, crab and lean chicken. This is moderate to sum and are useful in treating neuritis. Thus, the heart patients are encouraged to keep away from these foods to treat optic neuritis. Vitamin B food consumption helps to relieve extreme pain, weakness and numbness within an hour.

Walnut profits for optic neuritis treatment

Walnuts are effective home treatment of neuritis. This is rich in source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for eyes. They are rich in Vitamin E, that helps to fight against inflammation. Walnuts are the best natural key foods. These are effective home treatment for neuritis. This helps to get rich wellspring of omega-3 unsaturated fats. This is good for eyes. Thus, the omega – 3 unsaturated fats are best and are pressed with cell reinforcements with Vitamin E. This helps to fight against inflammation. Eat walnuts every day that are danger with the natural inflammation of optic nerves.