Walking is the super food of fitness – Expert says

Recent research reveals that the simple exercise is even better than you thought and is easier than doing exercise. Fitness experts said that walking is a “super food” when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Many people believe that walking is a great way to stay fit.

Walking gives every movement of a body. It’s easier to get movement than it is to get exercise. Many researchers said that altering physical activity with inactivity is more damaging to heart disease than physical activity alone. Walking will get rid from stress i.e., daily movement over workouts and an active lifestyle over weekends of warrior games. This is to suggest you that combined physical activity and inactivity may be more important for chronic disease.

“Actively sedentary is a new category of people who are fit for one hour but sitting around the rest of the day,” Bowman said. “You can’t offset 10 hours of stillness with one hour of exercise.”

Median training time was six-and-a-half hours per week, while median total sitting time was eight to 10.75 hours a day. This suggests that even these dedicated runners are both highly sedentary and highly active.

Leslie Sansone, creator of the “Walk at Home: Mix & Match Walk Blasters” DVD, said too many people believe that spending grueling hours at the gym is the only way to fitness.

Sansone recommends starting with three miles of walking in an hour, increasing to four miles. She also said that in a week, one should get involved with a minimum of 150 minutes of activity. ‘There’s this ‘Biggest Loser’ idea out there that if you’re not throwing up and crying you’re not getting fit,’ she said, referring to the popular television weight-loss show.

She added that a small study of non-obese men published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise by scientists at Indiana University suggests that three five-minute walks done throughout three hours of prolonged sitting reverses the harmful effects of prolonged sitting on arteries in the legs.

Dr. Carol Ewing Garber, president of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), notes that fitness-walking guidelines of 10,000 steps per day may be too much for many.

Garber, a professor of movement sciences at Columbia University in New York says that walking is great for overall health, but recognizes that it is less beneficial for your bones than running. He also suggests that even one bout of exercise causes beneficial physiological effects.


How to treat your hands – Home made remedies

Your hands reveal your age before the rest of your body does. The skin on your hands is actually managing the household, taking care of the kids and other chores around the home, which means you are washing your hands frequently, and this inevitably leads to hand skin that looks older than you really care. The soaps and other cleaning products we use today can cause your hands to look discolored, wrinkly and rough.

You should try to keep your hands beautiful as they speak a lot about the kind of person you are and the basic hygiene that you maintain. The homemade hand treatment recipes are one of those convenient yet inexpensive ways to pamper your hands. If done regularly, your hands will look great and feel soft.

Tips to young looking hands for longer

  • Cover from sun out, Cover up
  • Overnight care
  • Scrubbing the hands with a hand scrub
  • Opting for a hand soak, once in a while
  • Not drinking enough water can cause your skin to get dry, rough and patchy. Our bodies are made up of 70% water.
  • Eat foods for glowing skin like avocadoes and nuts, the vitamins and nutrients will give your skin a natural glow.
  • Gently massage your fingers, palms and top of your hands. This will help the ingredients sink in and also improve blood circulation.

Homemade treatments

Brown sugar hand exfoliant and softener

Take two spoons of brown sugar and mix it with a spoon of baby oil. You can use virgin olive oil instead of baby oil. Use this mixture to rub your hands in washing motion. Do this for 1 minute and then wash off with lukewarm water.

Honey-olive oil hand mask

Mix honey and olive oil in equal quantities and apply it over your hands. Leave it for about 30 minutes until it gets dried and rinse off. You may also choose to wear cotton gloves while using this hand mask. It makes your hand feel soft and nourished.

Castor-Olive oil hand lotion/soak

Mix castor oil and olive oil in equal quantities. Heat the mixture and now be warmed a bit. Add a dash of lemon juice. It is best taken in adequate quantity in a bowl, where you can soak your hands for about 20 minutes. Massage your hands as you soak them. It helps you to boost blood circulation naturally when you get soft glowing hands.

Shea butter-beeswax hand cream

Take 4 spoons of beeswax and 8 spoons of Shea butter should be melted together. About 8 spoons of primrose oil need to be added along with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Transfer the mixture in a jar and leave it to solidify. It has a long shelf life. Use it to treat chapped and extremely dry hands.

Honey – banana hand moisturizing mask

If you are suffering from excessively dry and coarse hands then use this mask. Mix pureed banana, pure honey, lemon juice and butter in equal quantities. Apply the mask on your hands and leave it for about 15 minutes. Rinse off with water.

Glycerin – rosewater hand nourishing lotion

Mix two spoons of rose water with a spoon of glycerin. Apply it on your hands and massage gently. This can be done as often as you want.

Lime-tomato hand softener

Mix lime and tomato juice in equal quantities. Add a spoon of glycerin to that mixture. Massage the concoction on your hands for five minutes. Rinse with trepid water. If your hand feels rough, this treatment will surely soothe the skin.

Lemon-Sugar hand scrub

Mix two spoons of sugar with the juice of half a lemon. Rub your hands thoroughly with the scrub. It is best to do at night when you are going to bed. Apart from making your hands feel smooth, it adds some glow as well. It also takes care of dark patches and rough knuckles.

To give your hands a well-rounded look of health, give apply some cuticles to your hands as well. Massage them with cuticle cream or oil weekly and gently push the cuticles back once they have softened, for best results.


Basic beauty tips for face – You should follow

Woman’s face has always been number one priority in all ages. And to have a pretty face, you need to take a good care of it. Including cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing. Cleaning the skin of the dirt and grime of the daily life, removing the dead skin cells and making sure that you don’t leave the pores open to more dirt accumulation is essential. This procedure we all know includes cleansing, scrubbing/ exfoliating, toning and moisturizing.

  • Skin gets exposed to varied amount of pollution, dust and smoke which leads to dryness, dullness. Cleansing ensure that the radiance of the skin with facial masks.
  • Exfoliating is to remove the dead skin which gives very smooth and fresh skin. Once a week is a must and if your skin is oily then do it as many times as necessary.
  • Toning will remove all the remaining bits of oil, dirt left behind by the cleanser. It will help to soothe, nourish your skin.

Common face problems

Dark circles

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and thinner than most other areas of the face. Dark circles around the eyes can also develop due to lack of sleep, illness, stress, hereditary factors and nutritional deficiencies.

Home remedies to control dark circles, reduce fatigue and brighten the eyes.

Cucumber juice: Blend cucumber juice and apply daily around eyes and leave it for 15 minute. Wash off with plain water.

Cucumber and lemon: Mix cucumber juice with lemon juice in equal quantities. Apply this daily and leave it for 15 minute. Wash off with water.

Potato and cucumber: Mix potato juice with cucumber juice in equal quantities and apply it on puffy eyes with dark circles. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash off with water.

Tomato juice: Blend tomato juice and apply on dark circles and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash off with water. It is used to lighten skin color.

Milk/Water: Apply compress of iced water or cold milk directly over closed lids for 15-20 minutes. It will decrease dark circles.


Salty water: Wash your face with salty water to leave oil from your face. Repeat it twice a day to remove acne scars.

Methi: Prepare paste of methi leaves and apply it over the face every night for 10-15 minutes and then wash with warm water. It will remove acne, pimples, wrinkles and blackheads.

Lemon and Rose water: Extract juice of 1 lemon and mix it with rose water in equal quantities. Apply this mixture on the face and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash the face with fresh water. Within 15 days application helps to cure acne, pimples and reduces blemishes and scars.

Honey and cinnamon: Prepare a paste by mixing 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it in the next morning with warm water. Repeat it for 2 weeks, pimples will disappear.


Wrinkles are a natural, if not pesky, part of aging caused by sun exposure, face muscle contraction and smoking.

Apple anti-aging cream: Take 2 teaspoon apple juice, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoon buttermilk, 1 tablespoon rosemary oil, 3 seedless grapes, half apple and 2 egg whites.

Mix all the ingredients and apply it over entire face using a cotton ball. Allow it to dry completely and then rinse with cool water. Repeat twice a week for best results. Refrigerate leftover mixture for up to one week.

Honey: Honey is one of the best skin care products in many anti aging skin care products. This homemade skin care ingredient works as a humectants (helps to retain moisture) to keep your skin well hydrated. Application of honey on to the face will help you get rid of acne and also provides moisturizing anti-aging benefits.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is one of the best skin care products for anti aging and anti wrinkle skin care. Vitamin C helps in protecting the skin against sun and free radical damages, and improves the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Egg white: Egg whites are best for natural anti-aging skin care. Apply egg white mask to the lines under your eyes to get rid of under eye wrinkles and restore skin elasticity.


Easy weight loss Tips – Painless ways

Every woman desires to lose weight and look beautiful but temptation and laziness always gets in the way. Obesity is a common problem; it is a chronic disease like diabetes and heart ailments because it is really difficult to cure obesity. The dangerous part is obesity leads to many other health complications, so it has to stop anyhow. Blame all amazing restaurants, junk food joints and ice cream parlours with their lip-smacking food for this situation.

Causes of weight loss

  • Improper diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Depressed
  • Bored
  • Angry
  • Incorrect lifestyle

These expert tips will make it easy for you to lose the weight quickly.

Drink plenty of water

Water is the main factor in any weight loss treatment. Water has no calories and sodium which makes you slim. Consumption of water cleanses the toxins from the body in the form of urine. Different bodies have different requirements of water. Track how much water your body needs in a day is to divide your weight by 20.

Hot water with lemon and honey

Hot water with lemon reduces your weight. Mix a spoon of lime juice and half a spoon of honey to lukewarm water. Drink it on an empty stomach to your weight loss in 10 days.

Black pepper, lemon juice and honey

Take 1 glass of lukewarm water. Mix 1 tea spoon of black pepper powder, 1 tea spoon of honey and 4 teaspoons of lemon juice in to that water. Drink it daily on empty stomach.

Green tea instead of coffee or tea

Green tea on an empty stomach can cleanse the toxins in your body. It has low calories and starting your day with green tea is very good for weight loss.

Increase protein intake

Protein is the macronutrient that contributes most to fullness and eating adequate protein can raise your metabolism. Protein food includes meat, fish, seafood and eggs. Protein is a muscle builder that can effectively reduce the fat in our body.

Reduce the intake of carbohydrates

People in India mostly South Indians will eat rice in major quantities. They start their day with idly or dosa which contains a lot of calories and carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight reduce these carbohydrates and replace it with wheat flour or rice.

Increase fiber intake

Consume foods that contain soluble fibers that dissolve in water and form a gel like substance inside the body which slows down digestion. The slow stomach emptying helps to check blood sugar levels and this has a positive impact. The fiber contains in incorporate oatmeal, lentils, apples, oranges, pears, oat bran, strawberries, nuts, flaxseeds, cucumber and carrot. Soluble fibers don’t interfere with the absorption of dietary cholesterol that is good for health.

Avoid junk food

Avoid junk food like burgers, sausages, pizza etc., which does not contain any nutritive value. Junk food will put on weight. Processed food and fast food are delicious no doubt; it is good to have once in a week. Junk food can damage liver due to contamination of course it may reduce your weight but it’s not healthy.

Proper exercise

Working out is very important to lose weight. You can start simple exercises like sit ups or skipping for about 10-15 minutes a day. You can also go for morning or evening walks and jogging.

Consume calorie-less food

The trick to losing weight in 10 days is to consume calorie-less food to reduce weight. Add boiled food to your diet and avoid foods that are sweet, rich in fats or fried.

Avoid rice, sugar, salt

You should be in control of the consumption of rice, sugar and salt. Control on consumption quantity of them will reduce your weight.

Never skip your meals

You people think that skipping a meal might lose weight, you actually gain weight. This is because the hunger stays in your body leads to consume twice the quantity of the normal meal.

Consume fruits with high water content and less calories

Fruits are best suited for weight loss as they have more water and fewer calories. Fruits and vegetables like water melon, cucumber and papaya have very less calories. They can be consumed for brunch or evening salads.

Body Care

How to Fade Acne Scars – Home Remedies

Acne and acne scars impact people’s social lives and make them feel insecure. Acne scars make an unwelcome appearance when acne gets popped or broken, leaving behind a layer of damages skin. The contaminated material which parts outs into dermis & annihilates healthy skin tissue and this gets to be as scars on the skin.

Commonly used home remedies for acne scars are as follows.

Sandalwood paste

Sandalwood helps to remove the scars and blemishes from your face. Mix Sandalwood and rosewater into a fine paste. Use it as a facial mask and leave it for 1 hour. After that wash off with cold water.


Ice is a very simple way to soothe irritated, inflamed scars and promote healing. Hold an ice cube over the acne scab for 10-15 minutes once a day. After a few days pass the scar should shrink significantly.

Tomato slices

Rubbing tomato slices on scars to reduce the appearance of the marks or scars. This is partially due to the vitamin A and carotenes in tomatoes, which not only provide the red color, but are also antioxidant compounds that can heal damaged tissues and promote the healthy regrowth of cells.

Cucumber juice

Cucumber is great in keeping the skin smooth, skin toner and supple. Cucumbers reduce inflammation, soothe the skin and heal the scars caused by acne.

Egg white

Egg white is a powerful healer that helps in lightening and getting rid of acne scars and marks. Apply egg white to cleansed skin concentrating on affected areas using a cotton ball or your fingers and spread evenly. Leave it for about 15 minutes, till it gets dries completely. Rinse with warm water.


Turmeric has an orient beauty product. Apply turmeric paste on the skin or ingesting turmeric is effective in the management of acne scars.

Aloe vera & sage

Sage and Aloe Vera are healing agents that can bring relief to acne scars. Soak sage in hot water and allow it to cool. Apply it on the skin. Aloe Vera can be applied directly to the skin.


Lemon is natural bleach. Take a fresh lemon and squeeze out its juice. Apply this juice directly with finger tips. If your skin is very sensitive, dilute lemon juice by mixing some rose water and then apply on your scars.

Apple cider vinegar

Vinegar is abrasive and has antiseptic properties. Dilute apple cider vinegar with upto equal parts of water. Dab this solution onto your acne scars using a cotton ball and rinse it off after a few hours, using lukewarm water. Avoid directly applying vinegar; it may cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains a whole vitamins (A, D, E, V, B1 and B2), iron and antioxidants. The anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil also help to remove acne scars. Massage your face with olive oil. Massage for a few minutes till the time you can feel that all the oil has been absorbed by your skin. Now take a clean towel and drape it into warm water. Put the warm wet cloth on to your face to get the steam. Now wipe away the excess oil gently with the cloth. Don’t rub though. After 1-2 minutes, wash off your face with normal water.


Honey treats acne scars. Apply honey on the scars and leave it overnight. Wash off in the morning. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with quarter cup of oatmeal. Apply this mixture gently on pimple scars. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water. Add half teaspoon of cinnamon powder with 1 tablespoon of honey and apply on scars. Leave it for an hour. You can even use it overnight. Then wash off.


Water is probably best available natural method to treat acne scars. Water helps in shedding dead skin cells and the formation of healthy skin. Drinking lukewarm water in the morning specially helps in flushing out toxins.

Rosehip seed oil

Rosehip seed oil can reduce acne scars and lessen discoloration. It reduces wrinkles and regenerates the skin. Massage the skin with this oil 2 times a day.


Home made skin care tips for healthy and beautiful skin

Skin care is one of the most important components of natural beauty, no matter what your age, skin tone or skin type. We aim to provide you with all the resources you need to take good care of your skin.

All the beauty products out there ranging from natural (fruits and vegetables) to laboratory synthetics cannot make your skin glow if you are stressed, sleep-deprives, eating junk food and sedentary. You should know your skin type to maximize yourself care.

  • Oily: Oily skin is when you start to feel some oil on your face. Most people can fell a little oil by late afternoon but if you have oily skin you feel oil around midday.
  • Dry: Dry skin can be flaky and easily irritated. The skin looks dehydrated and is sensitive skin
  • Dry and Oily: Dry skin matches your cheeks and oily skin matches your “T-zone” like nose, brow area primarily so that you have combination skin.

The basic of proper skin care includes daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing treatment suitable for your skin type.

Homemade face masks for dry skin

Egg yolk and olive oil

Mix 1 tablespoon of olive oil with one egg yolk and apply it on your face. Leave it for about 5-10 minutes. Wash off with warm, then cold water. Your skin will feel soft, supple and nourished.

Yogurt and honey

Mix 1 tablespoon full fat, plain yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply it and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wipe with a warm washcloth.

Honey and milk

Mix 2 table spoons of milk with 1 tea spoon of honey and wipe your face with this mix using a cotton pad. Wait for some time (don’t wait until the mask is completely dry) and then rinse.

Recipes of face masks for oily skin

Banana face

Take 1 over ripe banana, 1 tablespoon of honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Mix all ingredients until smooth and apply. Leave it for about 15 minutes and then wipe clean with a warm washcloth.

Mud and clay

Apply mud and clay which is very effective on oily skin.

Clay, egg and oil

Prepare a mixture of 1 table spoon of white clay with 1 egg white and 1 table spoon of jojoba oil. Apply this mix on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm, then cold water.

Banana and yogurt

Take half mashed banana, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and mix them well. Apply on face excluding the eyes and leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

Yogurt and orange

Take 1 tablespoon of yogurt and blend juice from quarter of an orange. Mix them well to be applied on face avoiding the eye region. Leave it for about 5 minutes before rinsing it with normal water.

Recipe of face mask for normal skin

Oatmeal and olive oil

Mix 2 tablespoons of oats with a little bit of warm water and wait until it gets supple. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water.

Chamomile facial cleansing gel (For all skin types)

The oats in this cleansing gel help to gently exfoliate your skin. Bring the water to a boil in a saucepan, turn off heat, and drop in the tea bag. Allow to steep for 5 minutes, then remove the bag and add the flax seeds. Return to a boil, lower heat and simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat and allow it to cool. Strain into a glass jar. Sprinkle a small amount of ground rolled oats in the palm of your hand, and mix with a small amount of the flax gel. Scrub face gently, and rinse well. Store the gel and the oats separately in the refrigerator.

Lemon and yoghurt whitening mask

Many drugstore skin lighteners contain hydroquinone, which readily kills melanin making cells to remove skin coloration. It is highly beneficial in fading acne marks due to the bleaching property of lemon. The mixture smooths the skin and let it glow.


How to get relieve from dry skin – Home remedies

Dry skin is one of the most frustrating and common skin problems that each of us face at some point. Pollution, harmful rays and constant weather changes wreak havoc on the skin and make the skin dry and sensitive. When skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its flexibility and becomes cracked, scaly and sometimes itchy.

Dry and flaky skin is a common complaint in the winter time. Cold, dry winter air sucks the life out of silky, smooth skin. Other factors that contribute to dry skin include aging, nutritional deficiencies, and a genetic predisposition.

There are many lotions and moisturizers on the market to combat dry skin. But most of them come with a big price tag. Natural home remedies are not only cheap, but also quite effective in nourishing and hydrating dry skin back to a healthy state.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains antioxidants and healthy fatty acids that are good for your skin. Dab a thin layer of extra olive oil under your regular moisturizer about half an hour before taking a shower. Rub olive oil on your hands, legs and other area with dry skin and massage lightly. Take a shower and then apply a light moisturizer.

Take equal amounts of olive oil and brown sugar. Rub this homemade scrub on your dry skin using light circular motions for a few minutes. Take a shower and then apply a light moisturizer.

Milk cream

Milk cream helps exfoliate dry skin and an excellent moisturizer. Mix a few drops of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of milk and 2 teaspoon of milk cream. Rub it on your hands and legs. Leave it on for a while before you take a shower, do this once daily.


Milk has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Soak a washcloth in cold milk and put the cloth on your dry skin for 5-7 minutes. Gently wash off the milk with another cloth soaked in lukewarm water. Do it once in two days.


Honey is loaded with antioxidant, antimicrobial and humectants properties. Rub honey all over your body and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before taking bath. Repeat it daily.


Yogurt has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help soothe dry and itchy skin. Apply yogurt on your hands, face and legs and gently massaging it into your skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then take bath. Do it once daily as yogurt will remove dry skin and leave your skin refreshed.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has good amounts of fatty acids that make up moisture from the skin. Apply warm coconut oil all over your body before going to sleep. Wash off in the morning, do this daily for best results.


Avocado and honey are good sources of sterolin and humectants to treat the misery brought on by having a dry skin. Apply a mask prepared by half a cup of honey with half a mashed avocado and leave the mixture for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with water.


Oatmeal is used to moisturize and relieve dry skin. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are good for the overall health of your skin. Pour one sup of plain oatmeal into your bathtub filled with warm water. Add few drops of lavender oil. Soak in the bath water for 15-30 minutes. Repeat it once a week.

Almond oil

Almond oil is a source of vitamin E and it is the best emollient and lubricator for scorched skin. Gently massage almond oil onto your face for 3-5 minutes and then leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has soothing, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. Cut and open a fresh aloe vera leaf and squeeze the gel out of it. Apply the gel on your dry skin. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat it twice a day.

Lemon juice and sugar

Lemon juice and sugar leaves your skin soft and glowing. With a circular massage of the skin with this beauty scrub, rough spots on the face become even. Mix a teaspoon of sugar and mix it with juice of half a lemon, use cotton balls to scrub all over the face. Put a jar of it on your nightstand and apply it regularly.


How to get rid of seasonal allergies – Home remedies

Whether is the long – awaited change of winter into spring or the quite fading of summer into fall. It signals the start of seasonal allergies. When plants pollinate, they send pollen into the air. Some people’s immune systems respond by producing antibodies that attach to cells in the nose, eyes, and lungs that release histamine, the chemical that causes the symptoms.

There are three types of allergies. Firstly, people who have allergy to respiratory might get sneezing, coughing, running nose or watery eyes and asthma. Secondly, food allergies result in flatulence, skin rashes, eczema, Diarrhea, Throat swelling. Finally, contact allergies give itching inflammation, burning sensation, blisters.

There are simple natural remedies can be very effective for allergy relief. Different people seem to benefit from different remedies.

Natural treatments to allergies

Carrot juice, beetroot juice and cucumber juice

Mix carrot juice of 250ml, beetroot juice of 100ml and cucumber juice of 100ml and drink it once daily to reduce allergic reaction.

Lemon and honey

Lemon removes toxins from the body due to its antibiotic and anti-allergic properties. Mix half lemon and 1 teaspoon of honey with 1 glass lukewarm water. Mix them well and take on empty stomach.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar used for allergy relief and to reduce mucous production and cleanse the lymphatic system males it is useful for allergies. Mix a teaspoon of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink this 3 times a day. It prevents allergy attacks.

Neti pot and saline rinse

You can use a Neti pot filled with a sterile saline solution to flush out the sinuses of allergens and irritations. Either use a pre made saline rinse or make your own by dissolving 1 teaspoon of sea salt in a quart of boiled distilled water. Cool completely and put in the Neti Pot. Pour through one nostril and let it drain out the other.


Quercetin is a natural bioflavonoid that is said to help stabilize mast cells to keep them from releasing histamine. It is also a potent antioxidant that is said to help reduce inflammation. It is best used as a long term remedy and many people start taking it about 4-6 weeks before allergy season to help prevent allergy symptoms.

Quercetin is a naturally found in foods like citrus and broccoli, it is very difficult to get the amount needed to relive allergies from food alone. A supplemental dose can be helpful for preventing allergies or helping acute symptoms. It is not recommended during pregnancy.

Nettle leaf

Nettle leaf is natural antihistamine that can be very effective as it naturally blocks the body’s ability to produce histamine. Capsules made from dried nettle leaves gives relief from allergy.

Nettle leaf can also be used in combination with other herbs to make a soothing herbal tea for allergy relief. It is often mixed with peppermint leaf and sometimes red raspberry leaf to make a refreshing allergy relief tea.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus Oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of steaming water, or to the floor of the shower before you step in. Just don’t swallow the oil or apply it directly to your skin; it’s toxic in concentrated amounts.


The menthol in peppermint tea for instance seems to work as a decongestant and expectorant i.e., it can break up mucus and help clear it out of your nose and throat.

Green tea

Green tea contains a compound that has antioxidant properties that inhibit allergic reactions. These may not necessarily translate into noticeable symptom relief for spring allergy sufferers.

Local honey

Eating honey can help relieve allergies. If you eat a little honey every day you’ll gradually become inoculated against the irritating effects of pollen.


Inhaling steam – store – bought vaporizers for instance can flush out mucus and moisten dry nasal passages nearly as well as a shower.

Pour boiling water into a bowl, drape a towel over your head to form a tent, and inhale deeply through your nose for 5-10 minutes. If you find yourself really clogged up, this may be more convenient than taking several showers a day.

Home Remedies

Home remedies for cold, flu and cough – Common cold

Cold is the most common illness that affects infants and elderly alike. Cold weather is not the cause of colds. There are 200 types of viruses, which cause cold. Some of the common symptoms of a cold are headache, runny nose, cough, high fever, itchy eyes, sore throat, body aches and so on.

Many natural treatments offer effective relief from the various symptoms of a common cold without any side effects. There are reasons which might give common cold to an individual include are viral infection in respiratory tract, spread from one person to another through sneezing, allergic disorders, change in weather.

Home remedies for cold


Garlic is good for the immune system and helps to open up respiratory passages. Antibacterial and antiviral properties present in garlic help to get rid of cold.

Mix together one crushed garlic clove to 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon honey and half a teaspoon cayenne pepper or red chilli powder. Consume it daily.

Saute a few garlic cloves in ghee and consume when they are warm. It may sound like a bitter concoction, but it can help you fight the common cold and cough.

Boil 4-5 chopped garlic cloves in a cup of water and add one teaspoon of honey. Drink it 2-3 times a day.


Honey is a powerful soothing and healing agent. Honey is an excellent cold medicine because of its antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial nutrients. Consume a mixture of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of honey. Take it every 2 hours to get immense relief from your cold and sore throat.

Spice tea

Add tulsi, ginger and black pepper while preparing your tea to get rid of common cold.

Dry roast and grind a quarter cup of coriander seeds, one a half tablespoons each of cumin and fennel seeds and quarter teaspoon of fenugreek seeds. Boil a cup of water and add one and a half tablespoon of this spice powder and one a half teaspoon of rock candy. Let it simmer for 3-4 minutes. Then add 2 tablespoons of milk boil it and strain. Sip it while it is hot; drink it daily until the symptoms subside.


Ginger has antiviral, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties in treating common cold. Cut ginger into slices and add salt to it. Chew on these ginger slices to fight cold, cough and a sore throat. Take it 2 times a day.

Eat raw ginger or drink ginger tea several times a day. You can also mix equal amounts of dry ginger powder, ghee and jaggery. Consume this mixture daily on an empty stomach.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup might help to relieve from cold and flu symptoms as an anti-inflammatory by inhibiting the movement of neutrophils and relieve congestion.

Red onion

Take 2-3 red onion horizontal slices. Put one slice onion in a bowl and add raw honey until the bowl is full. Cover it and leave it for 12-15 hours. When you open the bowl, there will be thick liquid like syrup. Drink a spoonful of the syrup several times a day to get relief from cold.


The capsaicin’s present in pepper helps to thin the mucus. Boil water with black pepper; add cumin and jaggery to it. Drink it you will get relied from chest.

Put pepper on your food when you eat a meal. You can also gargle with a teaspoon of black pepper mixed in a glass of warm water.


Take warm milk and adding turmeric is an effective way to fight a cough. This combination gives healthy ingredients needed for healthy living.


Prepare syrup of lemon and cinnamon to prevent a common cold. Put some honey in a pan, fill it to half and use a double boiler until it is thin. Then add a pinch of cinnamon and add lemon. Have this syrup to fight a cold.

Turmeric powder, milk, black pepper powder

Take 1 glass warm milk, 1 teaspoon of turmeric and 1 teaspoon of black pepper powder. Mix all the ingredients and drink twice a day.

Carom seeds

Take 1 tablespoon of carom seeds and make it into a fine powder to be placed in a clean cloth has to be tied in the form of a bundle. Held close to the nose and inhaled.


Health tips – Most unhealthy cancer causing foods to avoid

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases of the modern age and diet plays an important role in causing cancer, apart from other factors such as genetics, exposure to chemicals and life style.  To avoid cancer risk one should have basic knowledge about the food items that are harmful to our body.  Eating good food is very important to keep healthier. Today’s world even homemade food is not completely safe. So avoid fast food, parties and junk food.

The unhealthiest, cancer causing foods that you should never eat again.

Genetically- modified organisms (GMOs)

The development of biotechnology has led to the increased production of genetically modified organisms for food. The genetically modified vegetables, fish and poultry are produced using chemicals that promote rapid growth of tumors in humans. Genetically modified corn, tomatoes, potatoes, soybeans, canola, salmons poses threat to our health and hence should not be considered as cancer free diet. Be cautions in selecting food items which are certified as non-GMO foods or organic foods produced using natural methods.

Processed meats

Meats preserved by smoking, curing/salting, or chemical preservatives that make them appear fresh, are linked to an increased risk of colon cancer. Both sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate have been linked to significantly increasing the risk of colon and other forms of cancer, so be sure to choose only uncured meat products made without nitrates, and preferably from grass-fed sources

Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn might be convenient but the lining of the microwave popcorn bag contain perfluoroctanoic acid (PFOA) which belongs to a class of compounds that is linked to liver, testicular and pancreatic cancers. When the bag is microwave, the chemicals vaporize and get absorbed by the popcorn which will ultimately reach your body.

Soda pop

Like processed meats, soda pop has been shown to cause cancer. It’s loaded with sugar, food chemicals and colorings; soda acidifies the body and literally feeds cancer cells. Common soda pop chemicals like caramel color and its derivative 4-methylimidazole (4-MI) have also specifically been linked to causing cancer.

Diet Foods, beverages

A recent scientific review issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is more than 20 separate research studies found that aspartame, one of the most common artificial sweeteners, causes a range of illnesses including birth defects and cancer. Sucralose, saccharin and various other artificial sweeteners have also been linked to causing cancer. Sweetened and carbonated beverages like soda and other drinks sold commercially have high levels of refined sugar, added color and preservatives.

Refined white flours

Refined flour is a common ingredient in processed foods, but its excess carbohydrate content is a serious cause for concern. Regular consumption of refined carbohydrates was linked to a 220 percent increase in breast cancer among women. High-glycemic foods in general have also been shown to rapidly raise blood sugar levels in the body, which directly feeds cancer cell growth and spread.

Refined sugars

Refined sugars rend to rapidly spike insulin levels and feed the growth of cancer cells. Fructose-rich sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) are particularly offensive, as cancer cells have been shown to quickly and easily metabolize them in order to proliferate. And since cookies, cakes, pies, sodas, juices, sauces, cereals, and many other popular, mostly processed, food items are loaded with HFCS which leads to cancer.

Conventional apples, grapes and other dirty fruits

Many people think they are eating healthy when they buy apples, grapes, or strawberries from the store. But unless these fruits are organic or verified to be pesticide-free, there could be a major cancer risk.

Hydrogenated oils

Hydrogenated oils are used for preparing the food which needs a longer shelf life. Hydrogenated vegetable oils can change the structure of the cell membrane and make them more susceptible to diseases like cancer. These trans-fats are still used by commercial food manufacturing units. Check the food labels to make sure that they are free of hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Canned tomatoes

Canned tomatoes have a chemical ingredient called Bisphenol-A known to cause heart disease, infertility and intestinal damage.

Framed salmon

Framed Salmon is a well-known Cancer-causing food. If you like Salmon you should eat a fresh one that has greater vitamin D content. There are many carcinogens and pesticides in framed salmon.


How to get rid of belly fat – Exercises

Working out can be quite painful and tiring. Along with diet, you need to do some exercises to reduce your belly fat. A change in diet and lifestyle might make you want to back out with belly fat. The best way to get a slim waistline is exercising. Forget your favorite food with high calories; instead focus on green leafy vegetables and high fiber foods.

If you really want to lose weight, you need to include an hour of exercise in your daily routine for reducing belly fat.


The better exercise that you can think of to reduce belly fat can be done by crunches.

  • Lie down flat on a mat. Lift your feet 90 degrees to the floor. Lift your hands and keep them crossed on your chest.
  • Take a deep breath and lift your upper torso off the floor and exhale when you are lifting your body. Again inhale as you get back down and exhale as you come up.
  • Do this for 10 times and repeat it or 2-3 sets.

Twist crunches

Twist crunch is the slight modification of the basic crunches. Here you have to rotate your shoulder in the direction of the other shoulder.

  • Lie down on the mat with your hands behind your head. Bend your knees and make sure that your feet do not touch the floor.
  • Unlike crunch, you have to lift your right shoulder towards the left and keep your left torso on the floor. Repeat the same with your left shoulder lifting towards the right and keep your right torso on the floor.
  • Repeat the same for 10-20 times.

Side crunch

The side crunch will be same as twist crunch exercise.

  • The only thing that you to do is lift your right leg up when you are tilting your left shoulder towards the right shoulder and vice versa.
  • Repeat for 10-12 times each side for 2 consecutive sets.

Reverse crunches

This is same as the twist crunch exercise. Tilt your legs to the same side simultaneously with your shoulders. The side crunch focuses on the muscles on your sides.

  • Lie flat on a mat with your hands by your side and palms facing the floor. Lift your feet in such a way that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and your feet are off the floor.
  • Now lift your hips such that your knees bend towards your chest. Loosen your legs and again bring them to your chest
  • Repeat this for 10 times and for two more sets.

Vertical leg crunch

  • Lie flat on the mat. Extend your legs towards the ceiling and make sure that you across one knee over the other
  • Do the same as you would have done in case of crunches by positioning your body perfectly
  • Repeat this for 10-15 times for three consecutive sets.

Bicycle exercise

  • Lie flat on the floor and keep your hands behind your head
  • Lift both your legs off the floor and bend them at the knees
  • Bring your right knee close to your chest keeping your left leg out
  • Take your right leg out and bring your left leg close to your chest
  • Alternate bending your knees this way as if you are paddling a bicycle.

Lunge twist

  • Stand with your legs apart. Bend your knees slightly
  • Lift both your hands in front of you aligning them with your shoulders and parallel to the floor
  • Lunge forward as shown in the picture. Take a big step forward with your right leg and sit down as if on a chair so that your knees are at a 90 degrees angle from the floor. The left leg should be positioned backwards supported by the toes.
  • The spine should be kept straight. Don’t bend your spine forward. That is incorrect way of performing lunges
  • First twist your torso to the right and then to the left. Twist just the torso, not your legs.

Stomach vacuum

The pose is similar to cat stretch pose.

  • You come down on the floor to sit on all fours. Support your body on hands and knees.
  • Now take a deep breath in to loosen your abdomen. As you breathe out, contract the abdomen muscles to tighten them.
  • Hold this position for 15-30 seconds and then relax. Repeat the procedure.

Home made remedies to treat diabetes

Now-a-days diabetes has become a common health problem due to lack of insulin production to manage glucose levels in your body. Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Types of diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes: The body does not produce insulin seen in early age i.e., before 40 years. It can be controlled by regular exercises and diet control.

Type 2 Diabetes: The body does not produce enough insulin for proper function seen in ageing older.

Gestational Diabetes: Rise in glucose levels due to lack of transportation of glucose to other cells. It is seen in females during pregnancy. It can be controlled with exercise, diet and blood glucose controlled medications.

Blood sugar chart

Category Fasting Value (mg/dl)   Post Prandial (mg/dl)
  Minimum Value Maximum Value Value 2 hours after consuming glucose
Fasting Plasma Glucose 70 100 Less than 140
Plasma Glucose 101 126 140 to 200
Hyperglycemia More than 126 More than 200

The complications of diabetes are heart, eye, foot, skin, hypertension, neuropathy, stroke, male impotence. Diabetes has no permanent cure or medication.

Home remedies to treat diabetes

If you follow these natural remedies for diabetes you can live a totally normal life.

Fig leaves

Fig leaves can be chewed directly on an empty stomach or leaves can be boiled in water and take that water like tea. On regular basis insulin gets reduced.


A teaspoon-full of seeds should be soaked in a glass of water over night, take that water along with seeds on empty stomach. After taking this water you should not take any food or medicine for the next 30 minutes. Continue this for 2 – 3 times per week.


Take half spoon of cinnamon power everyday in warm water or chewing naturally to get the desired effect. Boil two to four cinnamon sticks in one cup of water and allow it to steep for 20 minutes. Drink this solution daily to lower the blood glucose level.

Grape seed extract

A person can take 300mg per day or these seeds are ground and placed in capsules to reduce the blood sugar level. Grape seed are rich in vitamin E and flavonoids.

Olive oil

Cook food daily with edible olive oil effect on long run to reduce blood sugar level. It affects in reducing the cholesterol and triglycerides level in blood.

Bitter gourd

Bitter guard juice effects more when taken on empty stomach once in three days or take at least in the form of curry once in a week will decrease the sugar level in blood.

Vitamin C

Consuming vitamin C up to 600mg daily or in the form of fruits, vegetables can help to control blood sugar.


Garlic has anti-diabetic and cholesterol reducing effect. Eat 3-4 raw garlic buds thus the Allicin chemical is to have hypoglycemic effects.

Aloe vera

Mix one to two teaspoons of ground bay leaves, one teaspoon of turmeric and one teaspoon of aloe vera gel. Drink this solution daily before and after dinner. This combination helps in controlling blood sugar.


A neem tree has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-diabetic properties. Drink juice of neem leaves on an empty stomach reduce insulin requirements by up to 50%

Indian gooseberry (Amla)

Take two to three Indian gooseberries grind it and squeeze out the juice. Mix two tablespoon of the juice in one cup to water and drink it daily on an empty stomach.


Soak 10 to 15 mango leaves in a glass of water overnight. Filter the water and drink on an empty stomach or dry the leaves in the shade and grind them, eat one-half teaspoon of powder two times daily

Holy basil (Tulsi)

Eat two to three tulsi leaves daily or one tablespoon of its juice on an empty stomach can lower blood sugar.

Lady’s finger

Soak one lady’s fingers slit it in the middle in a glass of water overnight and consume it on an empty stomach.


Soybean is filled with fiber, proteins, calcium and vitamin A will help to control blood sugar levels.


Eating guava can be helpful in maintain the blood sugar level as it consists of vitamin C and high fiber content.


Add vinegar to foods in your regular diet can be palatable and reduces sugar concentration in blood.


Consume papaya on a daily basis as it has natural blood sugar controlling capability.

Health Care

How to control high blood pressure – Home made remedies

The force of blood against the walls of arteries is blood pressure. High Blood Pressure (HBP) causes due to overstretching of the arterial walls and tiny tears in the blood vessels. HPB, also known as hypertension induce kidney failure, heart attacks and even dementia.

“Small changes can yield big benefits. Be control and lower high blood pressure naturally”

Here are some lifestyle changes that lower your blood pressure

Exercise regularly

It’s a better idea to get advice from your doctor before going to start exercise regularly. 30 minutes walk or exercise a day can keep your heart healthy and lower your blood pressure. Check with your doctor is you are over are 40 (men) or 50 (women). Increasing your exercise level can lower your blood pressure within just a few weeks.

Lose extra pounds

Extra weight increases your blood pressure leads to heart attack. The more weight you lose, the lower your blood pressure will be. The best way to achieve your target weight from your doctor lowers your blood pressure. Losing weight will help you to reduce your health problems.

Choosing low fat, low calorie foods and physical activities are the best ways to lose your weight. Your doctor or nurses will be able to advice about your weight by a calculation called Body Mass Index (BMI). BMI tells you what weight you should be for your height. Number of BMI calculators is available on the Internet.

You can calculate your own body mass index, for this you need to know your height in meters and your weight in kilograms.

  • Divide your weight by your height
  • Divide the obtained number by your height

BMI Table for Adults: BMI values for adults age 18 or older.

Category BMI range – kg/m2
Severe Thinness < 16
Moderate Thinness 16 – 17
Mild Thinness 17 – 18.5
Normal 18.5 – 25
Overweight 25 – 30
Obese Class I 30 – 35
Obese Class II 35 – 40
Obese Class III > 40

BMI Table for Children and Teens: BMI categorization for children, teens between ages 2 and 20.

Category Percentile Range
Underweight <5%
Healthy weight 5% – 85%
At risk of overweight 85% – 95%
Overweight >95%

Limit the amount of alcohol you drink

The less you drink, the lower your blood pressure will drop. Consume moderate amounts of alcohol. Drinking alcohol can raise your blood pressure, so avoid too much alcohol. If you don’t drink alcohol, you shouldn’t start drinking because it may cause more potential harm than benefit.

  • Men should have not more than 2 drinks per day where as women only 1. The effect will be different for each person.
  • Alcohol in small amounts can potentially lower your blood pressure by 2 to 4mm Hg.

Healthy diet

Eating more vegetable, fruits, pulses will help to lower your blood pressure. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, potassium and fiber to keep your body healthy.

Adults should eat at least 5 different portions of fruits and vegetables per day. Change your eating habits; you can adopt a healthy diet.

  • Dairy Products: Add low fatty dairy products into your diet
  • Potassium: Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take food that is low in salt and high in potassium
  • Fiber: Add leafy greens, fruits, whole grain products, nuts and legumes into your diet which are high fiber

Reduce sodium in your diet

People with high blood pressure cut back on salt prevent blood pressure from rising. Choose foods low in salt and sodium. 2.4 grams of sodium a day equals 6 grams i.e., about one teaspoon of table salt a day. To add more flavor to your foods use herbs or spices, garlic and onions rather than salt.

Stop smoking

Cigarette smoking like nicotine can affect not only blood pressure but also lung cancer. The nicotine in tobacco products can raise your blood pressure by 10 mm Hg or more up to an hour after you smoke.

Inhaling smoke from others, secondhand smoking puts you at risk of health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Cutback on caffeine

Avoid caffeine, much chocolate, sugar, candy, drinks and excessive dietary fats. Drinking caffeinated beverages can affect temporary or long lasting.

  • Two cups of coffee can raise blood pressure
  • 4 caffeinated drinks per day prevent withdrawal symptoms such as headaches

Check your pressure within 30 minutes of drinking a cup of coffee or any other caffeinated beverage increases by five to 10 points; you may be sensitive to blood pressure raise with the effect of caffeine.

Reduce your stress

Stress can make blood pressure go up, and over time may contribute to the cause of high blood pressure. Temporary rise in blood pressure, overweight or family history of hypertension tend to stress. Stress rises because of your adrenal gland releases stress hormones which tend to cause your cardiovascular system to overwork.

Stress hormone increases your pulse, respiration and heart rate that you are in need of fighting or running. So try some relaxation techniques:

  1. Long walk to take the edge off a stressful day long before go to bed
  2. Set the time around 30 minutes before bed to finish the day must do tasks, personal hygiene things and try deep breathing or meditation

Monitor your blood pressure at home

Monitor you blood pressure by using a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. Note down the different ranges in reading your blood pressure.

  • Normal blood pressure – 120/80 and below
  • Pre-Hypertension blood pressure – 120-139/80-89
  • First stage hypertension – 140-159/90-99
  • Second stage hypertension – 160/100 and above

If your doctor asks you to take your blood pressure at home, keep in mind:

  • Ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist to see which monitor you need and to show you how to use it
  • Avoid smoking, exercise, and caffeine 30 minutes before checking your blood pressure
  • Make sure you are sitting with your feet on the floor and your back is against something
  • Relax quietly for 5 minutes before checking your blood pressure
  • Keep a list of your blood pressure numbers to share with your doctor, physicians or nurse
  • Take your home monitor to the doctor’s office to make sure your monitor is working right

Get support from family and friends

It’s not always easy to lose weight, and you can quickly get bored or give up without encouragement. You need support from your family and friends. This puts you in touch with people who can give you an emotional or morale boost and offer practical tips to cope with your condition.