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Flower kaja / Panasa thonalu sweet recipe

Flower kaaja / panasa thonalu is one of the famous Andhra traditional sweet that is prepared during festive season. Why these are called as panasa thonalu? Actually this sweet look like a jackfruit bulb in shape, that’s why it is well called with names panasa thonalu and flower kaaja. These are made with maida flour and used sugar syrup for more sweetness. Some uses jaggery instead of sugar. You can also make this as a hot item by excluding the sugar syrup. Just add ajwain and red chili powder and the process is all the same. These can be stored in air tight container for 1 month. Don’t keep these flower kaajas in containers when hot. Let it cool and fit them in a container.

It’s little difficult to make the kajas in this shape but if you practice you can easily get. We prepared this panasa thonalu on the occasion of diwali. It is formality or tradition that after firing crackers everyone should taste sweet. Children will like to eat this striped sweet layer by layer with lot of fun.

Here is the recipe of HOW TO MAKE flower kaja or panasa thonalu. Preparing of this dessert won’t take much time. It can be prepared easily within 20mins. Why delay? Here we are with amazing sweet panasa thonalu / flower kaajas recipe. Are you?

Flower kaaja / Panasa thonalu recipe

Panasa thonalu recipe


Panasa thonalu recipe ingredients

  • Maida flour – 2cups
  • Rice flour – 4tbsp
  • Sugar – 1 cup
  • Salt – 1 pinch
  • Oil (for deep fry)
  • Cardamom – 3

How to Make

Step 1: Take a dry bowl add maida flour, rice flour and 1 pinch salt to it.

dry bowl add maida flour

dry bowl add maida flour1

Step 2: Add 2 tbsp of oil. Start mixing the flours by adding water slowly.

Start mixing the flours

Step 3: Mix it till it forms smooth dough (like chapathi dough). Keep this a side.

smooth dough

Step 4: Take small jar add cardamom and 2tbsp of sugar to it. Grind it to a fine powder.

Step 5: Take a fry pan and keep it on stove. Give low flame.

Step 6: Add oil required for deep fry. Let the oil get hot.

Let the oil get hot

Step 7: Meanwhile spread some maida flour on the surface where you want to make chapathis.

some maida flour

Step 8: Now make balls from maida dough. Take one maida dough ball and starts pressing with chapathi stick. (Press likes how you make chapathis)

make balls from maida dough

Step 9: After making round chapathis, take knife and make 5 slits / straight lines (as shown in figure).

making round chapathis

making round chapathis1

Step 10: Twist them while rolling in circular motion by joining edges. (look the image)

rolling in circular motion

rolling in circular motion1

rolling in circular motion2

Step 11: Do it for remaining dough balls also.

Do it for remaining dough balls

Step 12: Now leave these flower kaaja or panasa thonalu into hot oil.

flower kaaja or panasa thonalu

flower kaaja or panasa thonalu1

Step 13: Fry them nicely till golden yellow color. Collect them and keep a side.

nicely till golden yellow color

Step 14: Next we need to make sugar syrup. For the sugar syrup take a pan or vessel on stove. Give low flame.

Step 15: Add sugar and pour ½ cup of water. Heat it.

Add sugar and pour

Add sugar and pour1

Step 16: Stir the liquid till it forms into a string consistency. Now put the cardamom and sugar powder into the sugar syrup.

string consistency

string consistency1

Step 17: Now dip the fried flower kaaja or panasa thonalu into this sugar syrup.

dip the fried flower kaaja

Step 18: Make sure the flower kaaja should dip nicely. Collect them into a plate.

Step 19: Dip remaining panasa thonalu also into the sugar syrup.

panasa thonalu

Sweet flower kaaja or panasa thonalu are ready to taste.