Curly hairstyle for long face shape – Ideas for long face hairstyle

Most of the models and ladies belonging to fashion world have a long face. Even the girl next door to you might have a long face. If the lady has curly hair over her long face, some hairstyles work really well. If you have a long face, it means the cheek bones are narrow and both the jaw and forehead are steeper. The hairstyle must be chosen in such an order that can make your face fuller or roundish.  Both short and long hairstyles can suit you as you don’t have to think about your broad cheeks. This article to speak about some of the interesting hairstyles that will prefer individuals with a long face. 

Hairstyles for curly hair long face 

Ombre wavy hairstyle for long hair

1. Ombre-Wavy-Hairstyles-for-Long-Hair

The Ombre wavy, curly hairstyle gives an amazing look. The curly hairstyle for long hair looks special and attracting.  This stylish hairstyle with blunt bangs and light, low curly hair is beautiful. Style your hair with this stylish look. Try this beautiful hairstyle to look beautiful. This wavy hairstyle with blonde highlights adds more beauty to your long face.

Curly hairstyle for long face

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The hairstyle looks blessed with natural curly hair. Try this hairstyle for a longer need due to the helps of the flat iron. This stylish hairstyle looks trendy and is beautiful with a modern trendy look. Lighter colored soft hair with this hairstyle attracts the people with a pleasant look. This is one among the curly hairstyle that best suits for your long face shape.

Pure curly long face shape

LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 24: attends the British Academy Television Awards and British Academy Television Craft Nominees Party at The Corintia Hotel on April 24, 2014 in London, England. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

The hairstyle best suits for oval face shape which is similar to long face shape. This hairstyle best suits for long face also. The curls in golden hair color look beautiful with fair skin tone. The complete curls with a bouncy hair are awesome. Use the curling iron tool to curl your hair for a pleasant look. Try this stylish hairstyle with golden brown hair color.

Natural wavy low curly hairstyle for long face

4. 16-sideparted-wavy-lob

The natural waves look great for the women who has short on time. This is the best hairstyle to look elegant and takes less time when you rush to the office. This hairstyle is simple and is quite low curls are attracting. Wash your hair air dry with a bit of product that is worked into the ends of your locks for some of the statement texture. This is simple and good looking.

Rounded fringe hairstyle with wavy hair

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The natural beautiful wavy thick dark hair best suits for longer face shape. The hair is deep, gentle waves and is thick rounded with a fringe which is a perfect look for your face shape. The hairstyle is best with the fringe and its length of the cut with a wavy texture will help to frame the face. This can add a width and can detracting with the length of hair.

Short messy mob hairstyle

Short messy mob hairstyle

Even if you have a long face cutting, a short messy bob can be a wonderful consideration as the hair will be volumized with a limit till your cheeks and will make the sides of face much more attractive. This will make your long face look fuller and attractive.

Ring style updo hairstyle

Ring style updo hairstyle


Ladies with longer face can go for an updo when they wish to look different on their wedding ceremony. Since their hair is already curly, they don’t need to use a heating iron to make rings over the updo’s. These are the random curled locks, accompanied by an attractive hair styling pin.

Curled out the styles for 40’s hairstyle

Curled out the styles for 40’s hairstyle


Even if you have crossed 40 years of age, adopting great hairstyles should be always in fashion. If you have a long face and medium curly hair this particular hairstyle can also be tried as it is really easy to be maintained because of its length and also the style fits you really well.

Layered gentle curls hairstyle

Layered gentle curls

Ladies with longer face can also try out the layered hairstyle as this ideally suite their face cutting in making them look volumized.  This hairstyle can also be adopted by all those who have crossed 50 years of age. Look how beautiful this elderly lady looks with this hairstyle.

Spiral cuts hairstyle

Spiral cut

It is really amazing to look when you have adopted a spiral cut hair when you have a longer variation of face as this will create a roundish circumference and depict an illusion that your face is broader and roundish. This hairstyle can be adopted by people with coarse, curly as well as medium curl hair shape along with a long face.

Messy medium curl hairstyle

Messy medium curl

The options for long faced women with curly hair are also open when they wish to adopt the messy medium curl on their hair. After having a hair cut from the professional hair stylist, it will be important to make a re frame of hair with the hot blowers and create an absolute messy look.

French plate braid hairstyle 

French plate braid hairstyle

The hairstyle named as French plate looks really great when you have a curly hair and a long face as this would not make any single hair strand to appear over your face and make your face look fuller and attractive even if you have any trouble with your long face.

Horizontal half French and braid hairstyle

Horizontal half French and braid

Look how beautiful the lady looks from the back with the attractive Horizontal half French and braid hair style. The curly hair looks really attractive at the back where the horizontal half French and braid is constructed. This hairstyle can be adopted by yourself or you can ask your friend to do it.

French braid with curls hairstyle

French braid with curls hairstyle


If you have curly hair that is just a bit above in length over the waist, getting a French braid from one side of the hair and pull it to the other side. It looks just like a hair band from the back. The long curly hair must be open wide at the back. You can get a wonderful look from the back.

A twist to form a lump with French hairstyle

A twist to form a lump with French

Make a French plate from one corner of your head that makes the diagonal plate that drops down to a corner of the back. A lump will be formed in one corner of the hair right at one corner. It will be like a messy bun where some hair is falling out and some are molded. This looks really attractive for individuals with curly hair.

Simple loose bun hairstyle

Simple loose bun hairstyle


Ladies with a long face also look great when they tie their hair forming a bun at the back. This hairstyle will be really wonderful when you are going to make yourself indulged in a variety of occasions. You can take it as casual attire as well. This goes really well with the western as well as traditional dress.

Loose red carpet hairstyle

Loose red carpet hairstyle

It is always not mandatory that ladies going to get a red carpet image should get a neat and tied hair. The loose red carpet look will really suit well. The ladies with medium curl hair can go for this look if they have longer face. Create a loose hair with a pin at the back to get a red carpet touch.

Wedding Updo hairstyle

Wedding Updo

During the wedding season, you must be looking out for the hairstyle, those suits you the purpose. A fantastic wedding updo makes you look really attractive when you have a long face. This attractive updo is also quite similar to that of the classic updos. You can try this to surprise your guests.

Latest fashion long & loose hairstyle for long face


The hairstyle that best for long face shape is loose hair or bob haircut. The long face shape feels they should try this short hair that is because of long hair. This hairstyle can drag their faces down. The long layers are styled in soft waves that are definitely work and can benefit you. So, create a volume on the sides of your face. These hairstyles are better and are flattering hairstyle. The long face has widths of brow, cheekbones, and jaw line. The length of your face from forehead to chin is simple. So, try this hairstyle that best suits you.

Streaky straight & wavy hairstyle for long face

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The unstructured haircuts make your looks wider and thicker. So, try the time saving hairstyles that make you look cute. The hair cuts with neat, one length, and sophisticated hairstyle suit for long face and will also give an edge of sleek glam. The hairstyle is best supplier and sassy. The uber on trend for long bob is perfect for a long face. Try full of volume and body that to add width to the face. Yet the super smooth and sleek to seal the style. The blunt fringe hairstyle can detract the length as the sensational red coloring around adds more dimensions and texture to your long face. This essential long shaped face will give  a more beautiful look to you.

Toffee curly hairstyle for long face shape


The best up do’s that are best and are common for formal occasions is sleek and bouncy curls. This hairstyle with a polished style adds more glamour to your face shape. Sometimes, the best to just stick to the tried and true hairdos which make you look more beautiful. This hairstyle best suits for your face shape. The hairstyle can add layers and can stop past the chin. The hairstyle is perfect complement to long faces. These hairstyles for long face shape and break up the length with any king of hair length and volume. Some of the hairstyles can add an increased volume look to your hair.